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HRW called on Vietnam to free activists of Hoa Hao Buddhism


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                                                       Mr. Nguyen Van Lia, Hoa Hao Buddhists 

There is more Hoa Hao Buddhists sentenced to 5 years in prison just for missionaries. Mr. Pham Van Lia 71, a Hoa Hao Buddhists were sentenced by the Vietnam Communist authorities  under Article 258 of the Penal Code on charges of "abusing the right to Freedom and Democracy infringe upon the interests of the state" . Vietnam's communist government has long nurtured the thought hostile to any religion that they believe is the most influential of the citizens and detrimental to the policy guidelines of the Vietnamese Party and State. From the Catholic Church, the Unified Buddhist, Protestant, Hoa Hao, Cao Dai Buddhism .... to anyone who thought and have behavior to support to Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights most of to call for a multi-party polity in Vietnam will be judged according to the terms of 258, the 79 and Article 88 of the criminal code, what is said about vague so long is unclear which was the International Human Rights organizations and Western countries condemned and criticized. 

On 10-12 of Human Rights recently, Vietnam has received many messages from the recommended International Human Rights Organization, representatives of countries like the United States, Norway, Canada, Switzerland and much of other part of the European community. However, Vietnam's communist government has ignored all the warnings and continue to violate human rights more and more serious. Perhaps pressure from countries such as Britain, France, the United States and the European community has not yet determined and strong enough to be able to put pressure on the Hanoi government to force them to respect human rights and stop all Religious oppression action. Every effort and attempt of the communist government of Vietnam to cover up and deceive the public about violations of their human rights are increasingly becoming failures. 

Vietnam government can not continue to create the trust before the international community when announced to improve human rights has continued repression and acts of abuse. However, any international effort to stop the violation of Vietnam's not feasible for heavily enough to form should not deter the leaders of totalitarian communist party and state this. We can not continue to rely on international intervention that Vietnam each one of us should endeavor, to unite into a mass on a larger, stronger through associate Religion. Links parties, mass organizations and foreign organizations into a new common action can be powerful enough to prevent all acts of religious persecution and human rights violations of the atheist communist regime at present. 



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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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 Tuesday, December 13, 2011
HRW called on Vietnam to free activists of Hoa Hao Buddhism 

Picture: REUTERS 
The government in Hanoi, said that Vietnam only detained those who violate the law.

International human rights organization Human Rights Watch called on Vietnam to release Mr Nguyen Van Lia, a Hoa Hao Buddhist movement was arrested in April and charged with being called the "abuse of freedom democratic infringe upon the interests of the state. "

The call was held with headquarters in New York made the announcement on December 12 threads, a day before the fighter 71-year-old was taken to court in An Giang province for trial on charges of violation of Article 258 the Criminal Law.

Statement quoted Phil Robertson, Director of the Asia division at Human Rights Watch, said that "all signs are present there is religious persecution in this case." Mr. Robertson said, adding that "Mr. Nguyen Van Lia was known mainly through the mobilization of the Hoa Hao and presented to foreign diplomats on the issue of this sect suppressed, and these actions are completely protected under the constitution as well as the means international human rights case of Vietnam. "

During the hearing on 13/12, Nguyen Van Lia was sentenced five years in prison after he claimed in court that he did not commit crimes. A fellow-worshipper and co-operation was executed with his general court Lia, Tran Hoai An, being lighter project, 3 years in prison, because sincere attitude guilty.

Mr. Nguyen the Lu, his only relatives Lia attend the hearing today, the Voice of America said:

"My family, there have been allowed for me only. All the siblings, uncles, and even my parents are blocked. They did say who is not on duty is not permited. On paper they say open court public trial, the essence of the trial participants who have the invitation. The other participants are the district union, women, and the police. They pretend to be people attended the hearing but turned out to be the force of state agencies for only. In addition to the court, police staging block all the streets that go to court. The way around the court, all activity ceased. People are not back and forth, stick around, only the police only. They read the sentence is complete, the father said. Her father said that he was falsely accused and not accept. He said the constitution and laws, as well as with international authorities say that for religious freedom, but not really free. But the judge told not to say rambling, time to ask what it says. According to Tran Hoai An publication was 3 years. Is implied by his own confession, as he said: 'The defendant also find mistakes.' Maybe so, but the publication of his lighter project. "

According to a statement of the Executive Board of the Overseas Hoa Hao Buddhist, Nguyen Van Lia is a faithful believers, who fight for religious freedom and many times by the Foreign Ministry invited U.S. Consulate General building in Saigon Gon to present the status of Hoa Hao Buddhist oppression, as well as interviews by newspapers overseas, he is the object of hostile Communist regime.

In 2003, he was sentenced Lia had three years in prison after holding a memorial of his death Huynh Phu So, director of the Hoa Hao enlightenment. The sentence which was later reduced to one-half years.

Mr. Phil Roberston of Human Rights Watch said in Vietnam, the suppression of religious groups not recognized by the government, including Hoa Hao Buddhism, is a systematic and serious.

The government in Hanoi has long rejected accusations of human rights violations and consistently said that Vietnam only detained those who violate the law.

(Source: HRW, Hoa Hao, VOA)

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