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Communist government of VIETNAM slanders Thai Ha parish PEOPLE Disruptive

                                           Priests. Vu Khoi Phung 
                                  Fr Redemptorist parish of Thai Ha. 


Interview with parish priest superior of Thai Ha 

Update: 04:16 GMT - Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The priest Vu Khoi Phung, superior of Thai Ha parish, talking to BBC on the allegations published in media criticism lay in the mess. 

Vietnam's communist government to use the online media, the media distort the truth, slander and defame the image Priests, Religious and laity in the parish of Thai Ha voiced their needs and aspirations their legitimate peaceful. These vile act on the still commonly found in a series of suppressed people to the streets to show patriotism against foreign aggressors invaded China's territory, territorial Sea, but then they have been slandered distorted What is a blatant disorderly society, abused, was enticed, dragged there incite anti-government, anti-regime ... v.. v. .. 

In fact, the patriotic citizens that the ordinary citizen, class workers, intellectuals, religious people and non-religious, even including elements previously lived and fought for so-called "communist ideology" was very protective of a socialist state. They are veterans, veteran revolutionaries, the retired personnel of the State public authorities but of conscious Fatherland was in danger, the Chinese invaders are day and night stalking , poised to swallow when Vietnam's communist government in Vietnam, then back away from this mistake to all other errors. They can make down the road, the thought is simple wish to contribute what little strength to defend the country by attitude, by the will and its voice in the movement was peaceful but unfortunately, patriot act goodwill that was met with the violent crackdown from the government and followed by receiving a series of slanderous and distorted in a systematic way from the media, state radio reported. Typically the August VTV1 television recently broadcast reports to be broadcast live in public, in which they were dressed in the patriotic citizens that these words are familiar, such as the forces were engaging enemy, taking advantage of action against the government, disturbing public order and security, even taking the top two words from them even "reactionary". 

The people of the country is now so familiar with humble deeds and fraudulently return of Vietnam's communist government. So nobody saw astonished or surprised when the two official newspapers of the state newspaper New Hanoi and An Ninh Thu Do newspaper for the post: Thai Ha parish lay disturbing public order Thursday 02 - 12-2011 against the more they feel ashamed before and laments often brazen act of government. Attitudes and the wrongful act of the communist government of Vietnam, more and more to create a gap between people and government as well as the people are gradually pushed to pose a direct confrontation with the government when they immediately both expressed their political views peacefully demanding freedom, democracy, respect for human rights claims and claim to be defended to the homeland. 

'Thai Ha absolute no disturbances
Update: 11:19 GMT - Monday, December 5, 2011

 Vị dân phòng tên Chiến xông lên cung thánh
 Capital Security newspaper accused the Thai Ha Church
 had 'assaulted' a warden named Chien.

The priest Vu Khoi Phung, superior of Thai Ha parish, said parishioners here absolutely no violence and no disturbances in the process of land claims.

BBC interview after Thai Ha parish was attacked by press in Ha Noi , Father Phụng said the articles only repeat what he has often heard from the Hanoi government.

Regarding allegations of the Capital Security newspaper about the safeguard of Thai Ha Church assaulted the warden, the priest said the church invited him out of the church in a very decent kind'.

'Heady sanctuary' 

Mr Phung said the warden had 'stormed up the sanctuary' in a Sunday Mass about two weeks ago.

According to Security Capital, the civil defense team member named Mai van Chien by appointment with Father Nguyen Van Phuong, parish priest of Thai Ha Church, but before having the protection of the church was assaulted.

"He said that He knows Priest Phuong but the priest at the altar was not priest  Phuong, so that he still broke up on the altar,"  father Phung said .

"I asked the priest Phuong [Phuong father] told no appointment," he said.

Regarding allegations that the Thai Ha Church of plotting against the government with the pretext that the land claim, priest Phung said: 'we are not pursuing a political objective at all'.

"We do not mean anything against the government. Nature [nothing] is what we do, "he distributed the ceiling.

He added that the current administration is too sensitive, "see what the opposition is also against the government."

About why the Thai Ha Parish land claim at this time, the priest Phung said is ​​due to 'sudden large project without consulting us, we must speak out'.

"Before even provoke a tree or build a great side project, the hospitals have to ask us," he said.

"On land we have purchased at least we should be consulted," he said.

"We saw the land under the sovereignty of our construction projects with billions without asking our opinion, we must speak out," he explains, "but we do not cause it."

Phung priest said the Thai Ha Church is not opposed to the care of patients in Dong Da Hospital.

"The State shall take [the monastery] to hospitals for decades now, we did not speak up because we respect that most patients are poor," he said.

"But that does not mean that we must be silent when the soil of our sovereign natural big project," he added.

He also said the land where ancient Thai Ha church to create an area of ​​6 ha to serve parishioners that now 'only less than 1 / 20 area', while 'the number of parishioners spiraling up. '

'Twisting the truth' 

Cuộc tuần hành của giáo xứ Thái Hà
Thai Ha parish, said parishioners and priests
 marched in peaceful and orderly 

On the parishioners rally around Hoan Kiem Lake on 2 / 12, the priest Vu Khoi Phung said that parishioners 'no trouble at all', but only to file a complaint of a 'very orderly'.

"Our experience from three, four years to do what they must have documents and images recorded, otherwise information will be twisting the truth," he countered accusations of Public Security Player capital.

Capital Security newspaper questioned the Catholics 'to apply' which 'layout including cameras, camera' for the purpose of staging an attack scenes.

"We recorded images lined the street and go in a very quiet and order are not disorderly," he said, "But we still accused of being disorderly."

"It has been recorded [image] but also distorted, if not record shall also be distorted to be?," He complained.

On about 30 priests and lay people were arrested and the Hanoi government to go after the filing of complaints and marches Thursday 2 / 12, Father Phung said the entire was home after being found guilty of causing disorder public and were threatened with punishment if repeated.

"There is a beaten woman lay bleeding," he said.

Current activities in the parish still occur normally, he said, but around a large church with the security forces.

"After what happened people were more vigilant," he said, "The people take part in Mass is more than before, for both of the day or night."

"The church for anywhen is crowded to witness and protect the work of the church is not distorted," he added.

He also said that what happened in the parish in recent years has led to the laity began to know, 'the fear has decreased a lot' and 'their attitude is also very calm.'


Archbishop of Hanoi has recognized the sovereignty claims of the parish of Thai Ha, Dong Da Hospital and has asked the Hanoi authorities to release immediately to the priests and lay people were arrested on 2 / 12.

"News spread the message to the faithful of our parishes far and felt like I was offended," Priest Phung said, "They pulled on our larger churches and church weekends particularly crowded. "

"Many parishes in the diocese of Hanoi today few are also present at the Thai Ha Church," he said and added that the parish in Nghe An, Ha Tinh province and Ho Chi Minh City have sessions for prayer in communion with Thai Ha parish.

He also said that the parish remained 'stance was consistent' and will 'fight to the end' is whether the government proved to be very tough.

"If not, it means that we agree with the government imposed on us," he said.

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