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US Congressman and AUSTRALIA Lawmakers speak for HUMAN RIGHTS in VIETNAM



Resolution on Human Rights, 484 U.S. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez She filed this Parliament on the occasion of International Human Rights Day on 10th December each year. Resolutions have condemned the human rights situation worse in Vietnam and called for the government of Vietnam to respect the fundamental human rights and immediate termination of the abuse of the criminal law on national security. Then long-communist government of Vietnam has always cite what they call protecting national security through the use of vague terms such as the 88 and 79 of the Criminal Code to legalize the action now pressure voices in protest and the maintenance of distorting the truth in the suppression prohibit free speech rights of people with legal capital as stipulated in Article 69 the Constitution of the State of Vietnam, click to see:

http://www. constitution on the Rights and obligations of citizens 
as well as in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations, see: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Resolution on Rep. Loretta Sanchez's been submitted to Congress at a time when the government of Vietnam is increasing the violent persecution of religion and people. That action has met all democratic aspirations of the people, and expressed deep concern of the U.S. government on human rights situation is getting worse than in Vietnam. In addition, work also aims to reflect the truth about the legitimate rights of the people which are being trampled by Vietnam government officials during the world's leading authorities always tried to deny from accusations above as the report of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said in the conference International donors held in Hanoi last Thursday 05-12-2011.

According to information we just received not only the efforts of the U.S. government but also the voice of politics in the Australian government. In a petition will be sent to Vietnam Prime Minister of Human Rights on December 10 this year, 14 members of the Parliament of New South Wales state of Australia has signed simultaneously expressed their concerns as well as loss outlook on the human rights violations by the communist government in Vietnam, causing all the time. The first concern of the lawmakers from the state of New South Wales is the increased repression from the authorities for the dissidents and other peaceful rally of the people. The Australian Government is particularly concerned about the status of Father Nguyen Van Ly, Dr. lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu and 15 young activists of Catholic Redemptorist arrested the wrong way for several months .

Anniversary of International Human Rights Day this year, in addition to reviewing the work related to human rights, honoring those who sacrificed themselves in the years of imprisonment, detention, and sometimes by his own life, fight for Freedom and Democracy and Human Rights home country, for the people of his blood. Besides the memorial is a series of active from the National Democracy in the world in support for people struggling for human rights in the communist dictatorship countries like Vietnam, China China, North Korea, Cuba .... v. .. v. ..

In addition to actively support it, we the people are living in inhuman totalitarian, are living in society where human rights are trampled, and the fundamental human rights to be stripped of an unreasonable Let us all speak out forcefully, resilient and implacable against all oppression, injustice, oppression, violence and the trampling of human dignity. We determined the forces of evil forces, the group's notorious dictator party-leaders, people who only know how to live lavish, regal in sweat, tears and blood of the people. We make them responsible to justice, law and human conscience of sins which they have caused, and returned the rights and legitimate human rights for people, for the nation Vietnam, which they had conquered and interdictions during the past decades.


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DB Loretta Sanchez filed Vietnam Human Rights Resolution
RFA 12/07/2011
Rep. Loretta Sanchez of the U.S. Congress has submitted 484 resolutions require Vietnam to respect the basic rights of man, and stop the abuse of the criminal law on national security.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, powerful characters struggle
 for human rights, Vietnam, during a meeting with the RFA.

She stressed that the State of Vietnam always be based on vague laws like the 79 or 88 of the criminal law to suppress the voice of democracy-loving, wish to express their opinions peacefully.

Resolution 484 is Rep. Loretta Sanchez, she presented on the occasion of International Human Rights Day on December 10, in which she also condemned the suppression of continuous action and a bad day in Vietnam, and Hanoi, please request release all political prisoners, dissidents, activists, writers, bloggers have been arrested or convicted.

Last week, in an interview with Radio Free Asia's 15 years of community service in Vietnam, Ms. Sanchez noted that, ever the voice of resistance in Vietnam was being persecuted, she continued speaking out for human rights struggle in Vietnam.

Ms. Sanchez also noted that Internet freedom and religious freedom in Vietnam will be the content she emphasized at the forum of the U.S. Congress as well as the U.S. ambassador in Hanoi.

According to Rep. Loretta Sanchez Women, the State of Vietnam always be based on vague rules like the 79 or 88 of the criminal law to suppress the voice of democracy-loving, wish to express their opinions peacefully.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Australia 14 congressmen urge Vietnam to improve human rights
Tra Mi


Picture: Reuters
The congressman Australia are paying special attention to the sentence of Father
 Nguyen Van Ly and Dr. Law Cu Huy Ha Vu.

14 members of parliament of Australia New South Wales co-signatories of the petition sent to Vietnam's Prime Minister expressed concern and frustration about the human rights abuses by the government of Vietnam Communist cause.

The letter will be sent to Mr Nguyen Tan Dung on the day of Human Rights 10/12 this year.

Congressman John Barilaro, who initiated the petition, said many members of the Legislative Assembly New South Wales state concerned about the persecution of the Hanoi government for peaceful marches and those with expressed dissent peacefully.

Barilaro said Rep. freedoms that Australia respects the best trampled in Vietnam. He cited the parishioners, clergy, intellectuals, and students work with Hanoi arrests and harassment because they participated in marches, blogs, opinion or statement contrary to the views of state .

The congressman Australia are paying special attention to the sentence of Father Nguyen Van Ly, Doctor of Laws Cu Huy Ha Vu, and 15 cases of young activists of Catholic Redemptorist detained for several months but not brought to trial.

The petition said the fact that what is happening internationally questioned the commitment to respect human rights and commitment to reform in Vietnam. The end of the letter is clearly written that Vietnam wanted to be respected in the international arena, but Vietnam will not be warmly welcomed the continued violation of basic human rights of citizens.

The letter of the parliamentary state Rep. New South Wales, Australia, is one of many global petition calling on the government recently Vietnam must respect human rights.

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