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Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 136 (01-12-2011)




Dear to You, Your Supporters, your semi-monthly magazine Readers Free Speech No. 136, issued on 01-12-2011 and editorials of the semi-monthly magazine. Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the water for dear fellow.
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A social and regime insensitive!
Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 136 (01-12-2011)
On October 21, the story of a tragic accident a Chinese girl in the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province has aroused the attention of the world of conscience, moral people in Chinese society community. The video from security cameras showed girl child two years old, Vuong Duyet Duyet been rolled over by the truck, located mid-way to wait for dying before the ignorance of all those around him. 18 people in turn passed her but no one stopped to help, call the police or emergency, or at least carry her on the road, so then she was a next second truck rolling and died in the disease hospital several days later. The case is still causing shock and indignation for the earth, only weeks later, again a similar story in China, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. After stabbing to Xiong Maoke 5-year-old, the driver was reversing car back to roll for the boy would die, mostly avoid from hospital fees to pay costly, long-term. And yet, the network's recent Vietnam to see a new story about our insensitivity also occurs in the country of Mao, Phuc Ho Son area, but in 2008. As shocking than the two cases above, the story is about a bus full of visitors climbing the hill. Between the lines, three armed thugs to eye her beautiful driver. They forced her stop with an attempt to rape. She was calling for help, but only passenger in the car responded with silence, except for a weak man who can break up but was beaten by them. Then they took her to the roadside bushes ... An hour later, when the car prepared to leave, she asked kindly man steps down, otherwise the car will not roll. He protested in stunned amazement. Many passengers during past time was silent, now to take side with her even throw his belongings out the window and pushed him down the road, so cars can roll, lest their work be delayed. The bus continued to travel. When preparing a party down the hill that is the abyss, the vehicle speed increases. Realizing that there's some thing was wrong, a thugs told her to slow down and take the wheel brace. But she deliberately as acceleration and work vehicles out of the abyss. Both she and 13 passengers were killed ....
The apathy and indifference in Chinese communist society above is also spread in the communist deficiency in Vietnamese society (and in every society in the European Communist). Please mentioned several cases in point.
In 2009, the Saigon people have witnessed a horrible accident occurred at Thu Duc. The victim named Nguyen Thanh Trung, with trucks rolling off the double. A video clip from a pedestrian back in place that he bruised lower body half. But all road users that just stand to see do not in one hand helping the victim. Then the victim died before the ambulance arrived. On 26-01 this years, the National Highway 1A in Ben Thuy bridge (Nghe An) blocked six hours for a truck full of beer crashed into a bridge and overturned. Seeing thousands of barrels of beer down the road, people rushed out of stealth around instead of helping, causing congestion and chaotic scene. Vehicle owners and the police tried to stop people to protect property but helpless! Recently, in Saigon, occurring for a crazy driver causing an accident that two consecutive dead and 17 wounded. Passersby rescued not only not help but burst into the looting. The most seriously injured person of the survivors have lost all the property that put into the trunk. Another woman died of wounds, until three days later because the family knows bag containing personal papers have been robbery. Then Monday July 23 at Cau Giay (Hanoi), father and son Nguyen Cong Vinh was stading for bus to be got a young pickpocket. When this person passed wallet to his accomplices, Mr. Vinh found and grab his hand. All of them Immediately plunge into the bandits beat his son fractured teeth. Then there are hundreds of people watching but no one help them. He finally had to accept the robbers fled with the purse.
It is the indifference of others suffering, or the range pieces of the evil that one witness in particular village or on the road. There is also apathy and destructive than many very serious now, it's indifference to the issue of homeland. This attitude ignored the many manifestations. Ignore the country is getting poor and backward! Ignore social inequality increasing. Ignore growing corruption rife, victims increasingly violent intensity right! Ignore increasingly decadent culture, education and more degraded, more moral atrophy, increasingly corrupt society. Ignore the persecution of increasingly fierce for those who defend truth and reason! Ignore increasingly invading public vessels of the country, cornering the political economy of the country, arrested and killed people !....
It is the apathy of the masses unknown, which are greedy or selfish preference for leisure alone. However, more deplorable and worth mentioning is the leadership's insensitivity. The first is political leadership. Indifferent attitude of such people expressed through a multitude of cases. What are the omissions related to vessel newsletters plus exercises in the South China Sea, Vietnam's sovereignty was negative, former bombshell. How is many local authorities to lease long-term China watershed and forest defense. Hanoi is central to life in full enemy weak spots of the country to exploit bauxite, red mud bomb suspension on the head of people, prepare troops invaded the territory, destruction of the environment and local culture ... Which is the Political resolute implementation of nuclear power projects, despite the words of the scientific community can break, victims in need of skilled professionals, mirrors warns of disaster in Japan, abandon the policy of energy This danger of worldwide ... What is the embassy consular workers left Vietnam exports fall into lives slave labor, sex slaves or beggars abroad. What is the public authorities closed thousands of petitioners before the road claims are false limbs or even suppress them ... Which is the Supreme Court or not the local police court cases beating or killing people healthy attitude ... this insensitivity may radiate to the lower class in society, such as a doctor in the hospital (with new money cured patients), teachers in schools (exploited by tutoring poor students) , a public servant in the district and commune (bribes to solve papers) ...
Next is the insensitivity of the leadership team spirit which has always preached the communion, compassion, and be obliged to publish true, perhaps to defend than other people. Most in this world excuse "not political" to speak out against injustice in society, the mistakes and crimes of the government; allege "direct stand on life" so as not to interfere with rescue help teachers unfairly petitioners, avoiding comment on the serious problems of the country, refused commitment to the safety of the country before the invasion threat ... Making matters worse, indifferent to their insensitivity to this paralyze the community of their own is in charge, blurred or distorted sense of the Catholic conscience that they are guiding, causing bad publicity for the church before the human population, reducing the influence of religious good on society and contribute rulers tolerate crimes ...
· The cause of his emotionless attitude in VN society as a whole right now is what? Many intellectuals of the regime for which "was that Vietnam was transformed from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization, the destruction of the social value system alive" or that "the product of the process urbanization during the U.S. industry as this stage. " Humble opinion, the main reason lies in the nature of that regime and the Communist Party.
Communist theory advocate atheistic materialism, as humans are purely physical, not spiritual, not religious need, and also the concept of life is the struggle for existence. Consequently people who live only for myself, I enjoy just worry, no need kindness, justice, courtesy, wisdom, faith, despite the suffering of others, the corruption of society. In fact, Communist has destroyed human conscience and the means, such as through the Land Reform, as ngoe murder in the "landslide", in the massacre at Hue Offensive, the war invasion of South Vietnam, makes the thought of separation, the country torn apart and gradually heartless insensitivity.
The Communist is a social class struggle in public schools. Previously known as "dug bare root root take place extensive local pride," this is no mercy suppress "the enemies of the people of the country, the regime, the state of the party ': from the people unjust claims for housing land, the workers demanded wages and proper working conditions, to assert the patriotic citizens against invasion, the opposition demanded democratic freedoms ... Communist using a system outreach and education to the class stigmatized as "disgruntled opposition, disrupt security, intended against the state and country, with hostile forces instigated ..." to make the people very feel indifferent to them and the legitimacy of their actions.
Communist mode before making people ignore the problem by stripping the country of their responsibility for the Fatherland. This responsibility becomes a crime. On the propaganda system, Communist has always emphasized that it is the responsibility of the party and government, not the people. People who are considered outsiders to state the problem. For those who does not accept that is punished severely: persecuted, beaten face, injured, imprisoned and even murdered; be taken hat, stigmatized in the media, broken devastated homes, blocked jobs, even deported abroad ....
To restore the compassionate heart for others and a sense of responsibility for the country, there is only one way to destroy the atheistic materialism, to dissolve the totalitarian regime and to kick the Communist Party of any person, incompetent and powerless from power. That's all!


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