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Fighting oppression, WHAT NOT YET TO DO IN VIETNAM.


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Find out what is happening in a communist country with a population of the world's most populous, we found many similarities between the two communist countries view each other as brothers in the spirit of " cleft lip, the teeth are cold " that is Vietnam - China. First thing that we can easily see that these two communist countries which are governed by dictatorial policy, autocratic and always is the party leader and most powerful country dominates activities in the government structures, controlling both the executive and national legislature. Do not accept the existence of any political party other than the presence of a single communist party. Both national and international cointegration have become members of the Security Council and the UN International is listed on the communist country has the worst human rights record.

It is the correlation between the communist government of Vietnam - China, the two second rule of the communist regime which is dominated and seize power by authoritarian leaderships and party communist state. Particularly for people in both countries on what they have something similar and different? yes, these cases occur in both countries now have in common is a frequent government repression, harassment and arrests. The people of both countries may not express the views of government whether by peaceful methods of nonviolence. A series of dissidents of both countries were arrested imprisoned for expressing their right to peaceful freedom of expression. Internet controlled and strictly limited by the government, religious isolation and violent oppression. The general point that the world community found was, the authorities are using the media, the media protect their wrongdoing by introducing information distorting the truth, slander and defamation of all action against the government of the people.

These are the similarities between the two governments communist state and circumstances as well as the fate of similarity between the two countries. However, over what to learn about the persecution of people in China recently, the only thing that we do not do is the spirit of national unity. Many of us were squeezed into the same lines, tortured, beaten, arrested, imprisoned and full of social injustice, but do not dare protest, or even when to speak out against repression by the authorities to control processing and back stabbing that fear and fear to become more long-insensitive bladder before things happen for the community, society and even sometimes even insensitive to the incident with the familiar and his friends. That is the weak point and is the main reason for increasing the inhumane persecution of the communist government of Vietnam. I wish all of us like the people of O Kham village in Guangdong province China being squeezed into a corner and overcome the fear of ourselves, our stand up fighting for truth, for as images of chasing out police officers and local autonomy for the people of the O Kham village in China today.


People resolve protests in O Kham
Update: 14:01 GMT - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

People in O Kham independent commission to administer the village
 and to promote the campaign

In O Kham village in Guangdong province is determined to march on 21/12, despite the threats of the government in protest at a major news broke out against a factory in the province.

The struggle of nearly 20 thousand people in a village in the district of Shanwei, Guangdong Province to protest a villager died fighting the land claims is attracting attention of public opinion in and outside China .

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In 20/12 days, there's news in Haimen town, near the city of Shantou trigger a struggle of the people oppose construction of coal power plants.

Autonomy in O Kham

For the first time in history for many years in the communist country the world's most populous, in O Kham, a village populated entirely self-management has fired all officials and local police.

They outrage and collective organizations rally from 12/12 when a representative, Mr. Tiet Cam Ba,he died while was caught by police.

Today, a people for the BBC by telephone that the whole village was surrounded by police and they are short of food.

The waterway, triggered a run around the village were blocked by police, prompting the transfer of food from the outside do not perform anymore.

At the same time, local party leaders told foreign correspondents in the fight, accusing them of attention.

Villagers say the local government officials occupied their land and then sold for profit without proper compensation.

They also believe that Mr. Tiet was killed Item police authorities to be his "dying patient".

Villagers are also expected to appeal to the superior administrative bodies is Loc Phong town, demanding solution.

The people in custody is justified on Ah Kim told the BBC that the villagers still determined to hold a march to the center Loc Room on Wednesday, 21/12.

He said to them despite a series of calls from people claiming to be "government representatives" told them to disperse.

Reports say at Haimen incidents that have caused 'two deaths'

Another, named Mao Yangtze, is accepted as 'commission chairman' of the village said they would send representatives to talks with officials in Loc Phong if certain conditions are met.

People ask the government barriers for many police and reporters on his body seeing, Mr. Tiet Cam Ba.

Yang told Reuters that people are also required to review complaints of their land.

But party officials also told Reuters in Shanwei is responsible for the management and in O Kham Phong Loc, just send out conflicting messages.

Hung Trinh Nhan, Shanwei Party Chairman accused told people, "the corrupt media organizations abroad" without talking to the authorities.

Local television projector he said that "The foreign exchange will notice very happy if socialism disintegrated."

Mr. Zheng was quoted as saying the government wish to consider compensation for the land, but declined to promise that he would not treat the protesters.

Protest crowd

The same day, at Sea Gate, the city of Shantou, Guangdong Province are in a protest of thousands of participants and conflicts with police to protest the project to build a thermal power plant.

Local police station refused to comment when asked the BBC calling.

But police officials in Chaoyang District is the superior administrative unit of Haimen then rejected two people dead and listed as "some riot police personnel were injured."

Protests in Haimen happens because controversy
 around Power Plant Project

A high school student in Haimen Lin said they only claim to have two students, 16 and 20 years old, "died of violence."

There has been no official Chinese government to endorse or reject the case, especially the news of death.

Still according to Lam, mass surrounded the government headquarters on Tuesday morning and blocking roads.

This witness said the protesters dispersed at dusk sky appointment tomorrow but will gather again.

The form of protest by the people posted on various social networking sites like Weibo China.

According to BBC Chinese, Haimen which is a fishing town and live with local people complained that construction of coal fired power plant was the first "cause cancer increased much."

Haimen fishermen also said environmental pollution because plants that they have no livelihood from fishing.

Now, after the government decided to build a factory more, people started to protest.

The top Chinese newspaper Southern and from Guangzhou to build a factory certified in Haimen is "against regulations prohibit construction pollution."

New in August this year in Dalian in the northeast, thousands of Chinese people took to the streets against the project to build a chemical plant.

The government then had to stop this project because of public pressure.

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