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Nghe An: a Catholic youth abducted


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The Vietnam Communist authorities continue to ignore public opinion before domestic and international criticism over poor human rights situation in Vietnam. On the one hand to ease the situation when increased pressure from the international community, the typical high-level dialogue in Vietnam - U.S. human rights was held in Washington recently, the government of Vietnam expressed willingness to extensive dialogue and positive areas of human rights between the two countries but on the other hand the communist government continues crackdown on dissidents in the country and serious violations of human rights cases have arrested illegally Mr. G.B Hoang Phong, a Catholic youngman in the Cau Giat town, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province on 29-12-2011. The arbitrary arrest and illegal on public opinion has led to more pressing.

Why are the leaders of Vietnam Communist dictatorship become more brazen and disregard the international law? Congress drafted the Constitution to do? and the government of Vietnam to participate in the International Convention against what purpose? why a member of the United Nations may be in violation of its commitments to the International Human Rights that the UN has no sanctions or punishment adequate deterrence and strong enough to effectively limit the violation of human rights in Vietnam? series of questions is an appropriate response while Hanoi authorities continue to take action and blatantly violating the law and disregard of international law.

It is not difficult to understand because of the attention of the international community about the terrible human rights situation in Vietnam but there are only by diplomatically but not deeply and thoroughly so that deterrence is not enough to force government State Vietnam must comply with and perform properly and fully committed to the International Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Vietnam has participated since 1982 to date. In addition, although most of the people of Vietnam have expressed dissatisfaction with the party-dictatorship, but by living with violence, intimidation and the grip is too long by the brutal rule of the communist regime that many showed weakness, fear and became a very long experience with the bad situation of society and of Vietnam today.

Let's look at reality and what is happening in the countries of the world dictator. A national hero Tunisia, Libya a people brave and courageous, they like our fellow Vietnam suffered years doomed to live under the regime of cruel, inhuman. They also had a violent persecution, arrests and imprisonment, also faced oppression or injustice. But Democrats have the desire to help them overcome their own fear to express their rebellion and forming vortex "Orange" revolutions "Hoa Lai heroic" ready to use the death to regain human rights from the hands of a corrupt government cursed. Vietnam today's society is not different to that people and that country. Corruption is rampant, government, brazen abuse and Religion shall be persecuted severely violent, all human rights are deprived of a mercilessly.

Dear compatriots, our life today is look like continuing the life of a human being when all the legitimate rights of the people were the communist state government is trampling? a legitimate state actions to kidnap a sneaky way no different from the actions of a terrorist group. If people are truly criminal, May the authorities need to hand out such despicable evil? Why not make the right to arrest and prosecute a transparent due process of law? Vietnam's communist government increasingly in deep guilty muddy hostile attitude and crackdown of religion, especially to components patriotic and active in demanding government to respect truth and justice.

All the people of Vietnam, regardless of class composition, political or religious let's contribute together to remove the communist totalitarian corrupt regime from our society. We can not continue living in fear doomed to witness the day to day religious persecution, people gagged by the brazen act of violence than from the government. Police want to hit or catch someone who wants their discretion without good reason, no right or wrong reasons. Let express our desire for  democracy to the communist government of Vietnam by a strong message and insisted that a regime, a government does not serve the common good for which ethnic whereas only intended to serve its own self-interest of some individuals, a small group of leaders dictatorial is that regime, that government can not continue to exist in Vietnam.


Nghe An: a Catholic youth abducted
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Nghệ An: thêm một thanh niên Công giáo bị bắt cóc
VRNs (29/12/2011) - At about 10 am today (12.29.2011), Mr. GB Hoang Phong, residing at Cau Giat Town, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An was fooled out by strangers to Quynh Luu district post office and kidnapped him to go where no one knows.

Before that, he Phong received a strange phone call he placed to buy food (sales Phong family dining) and asked to bring to the destination. But he refused this service. Then a young man to his house to paper Phong said he received a parcel and postal Quynh Luu district to receive Christmas late.

Hoang Phong family has alone him and his parents so he went to the post office receiving gifts in Quynh Luu district notice. When arrival in the post, he was taken away by a group of strangers. Currently no family contact Hoang Phong.

Hoang Phong is caring children born at John Paul II Center

This evening a public security police from Nghe An province to call for Mr. Hoang Cong, father of Phong that Phong acknowledged arrested this morning, but did not give the name and title. Police said members tomorrow to inform the arrested person for the family and ask family come to Quynh Luu district get the car Phong borrowed his friend  to get there. Her phone number is 01256400590 policeman.

Acts of Nghe An police arresting people is not different to terrorist groups around the world: crimes and admitting to a claimant to give the victims' families.

GB. Hoang Phong 26 years old, just graduated from college and finding a job waiting. He is also a moral young man, eager to work in the parish. His family lives in the parish Shunyi, Shunyi county, diocese of Vinh.

VRNs telephone interview was Mr. Hoang Cong Hoang Phong's father and he said as recorded in the audio above.
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