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Yen Ly Parish communion with Thai Ha Church and the Catholic evangelization Con Cuong


                 Yen Ly Parish Church, where all the parishioners, with Priest
                 Communion, share and pray for Thai Ha, for My Loc, for
                 Church Point Con Cuong and for Truth, Justice in Vietnam.


Communion, pray and share with the hardships and challenges that lay community, the parish Priest in suffering and face such as the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, parish My Loc, Catholic Con Cuong of Vinh diocese   .... is an essential in the current situation. Especially serious is the terrorist attacks with mines in the missionary Con Cuong, and the arrest of the priests, monks and lay people then put to work in rehabilitation camps made products Loc Ha Catholics for people everywhere outraged. Although later, at 5 pm the same day, the government has freed people, but the inclusion of priests, monks and lay dozens to work at camp as a restoration of human dignity employment can not be forgiven. This has direct insult people especially for priests and religious.

Add a parish communion, a voice of the priest, Father Superior to share with Thai Ha, with My Loc, with Con Cuong and with the diocesan authorities are currently being suppressed is directly help strengthen peace, for justice, and respect the Truth soon be on our homeland. Thousands of parishes, thousands of priests, Religious and millions of laity when unite is becoming a solid wall, not a force or power authority that could be persecuted. The gathering of the faithful back to the same communion, sharing and prayer will be the most effective method to prevent any violent suppression wrong way from the communist government of Vietnam. It is true as some parishioners of Thai Ha parish, said when the priests, Religious and lay people were arrested on 02-12-2011 that: Is the prison of communist Vietnam has enough room for everyone teacher People of the Thai Ha parish, parishioners of the entire diocese of Hanoi or not?

This is the first concern and fear of government officials. They feel the closeness and solidarity of Catholics being herded into line with the government position in direct confrontation with the communist state. So they find every way provoke divisions between religious and non religious people with the wrong arguments distort the truth, causing panic and hatred among people from which to order undermine the purpose of community spirit lay, causing panic in fear of violence, and even not be rather afraid for using the terrorist tactics of murder nature as mine attack on a missionary place as Con Cuong, Vinh diocese last night 02-12-2011.


Nu Vuong Cong Ly
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Yen Ly Parish communion with Thai Ha Church and Con Cuong
02/12/11 10:44 PMGiáo xứ Yên Lý hiệp thông với Thái Hà và Giáo điểm Con Cuông

News of priests, monks and Thai Ha parishioners continued to get persecution and Catholic Evangelization in the Con Cuong, Bot Da, Diocese of Vinh are always within reach of terrorist Communist government of Vietnam has made Diocese of Vinh each member does not hold back tears after suffering consecutive series occurred in the Archdiocese of Hanoi.

02/12/2011 Max. At Parish Yen Ly, Dong Thap  and elsewhere in the Diocese of Vinh took part in Adoration and lit candles Justice urgent prayer for the victims, the homeland is in the midst of persecution.

Before the Benediction, the catechist has disseminate information essential for Catholics to know, especially the private Catholic Evangelization of the Diocese of Con Cuong Vinh town in Con Cuong district, Nghe An Province has persecuted by mine at night when there are two Nuns are nearby. Information about the priests, monks, lay people and those who are faithful to the church and Vietnam Redemptorist persecuted, distorted information and action violence, severe insult to the Father , a monk with origin Thai Ha parishioners

Especially when the information about the incident at the Thai Ha priests arrested with parishioners into "Camp restoration of human dignity" have sparked in the hearts lay of Yen Ly injury pain, resentment and emotional .


After hours of silent adoration people have long prayed for the victims, especially for government leaders of Hanoi and Nghe An provincial government should soon awake before the expedition from the Beijing communist government business to spread the tragic, divisive ethnic solidarity Vietnam for easy manipulation of surface and encroached on the country of Vietnam.

End of dignified Benediction time, all the candles are being high positive desire to sing for Justice and Peace Business with deep communion with the Christians and monks at the Church of Con Cuong and Redemptorist The Hanoi.

Tran Hung - Vinh

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