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The terrorist threat to people's spirit through the use of a force of up to hundreds of people stormed in for interrogation, beatings and confiscated belongings without an administrative record is an employment law violations that we only see from the actions of thugs, gangsters while conducting the robbery case, waylaid or lease debt ...... Image above is not a documentary or drama formation which is the obvious is happening to the family home of  Writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan Quang Nam, Da Nang on the afternoon of 02-12-2011. The ruling Communist Vietnam has claims on the media, local and foreign media that the government, Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a legitimate state, a state fair and civilized society , but recently, the government of Vietnam has fallen rest last mask to reveal a specialized government used violence to suppress people, religious persecution, looting and illegal appropriation private property of citizens and associations, religious establishments ......

Why the government claims that security agencies are investigating seized many documents, evidence of the writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan's family including two children, and bloggers Huynh Thuc Vy and Huynh Trong Hieu acts write and distribute the materials, the articles contain distorted, but against the government action followed a decision to impose administrative sanctions in the amount of up to hundreds of million and confiscated personal items of furniture of their father !!!???. This will explain why this government? administrative sanctions for hundreds of millions of acts alleged to distort or opposition to, the state may not Vietnam now has proved milder sanctions should only money instead of arresting and then go prosecution and imprisonment of those who carry ideological disagreement? or after the use of police force to arrest a powerful search and search but then there is no clear evidence and pertinent to the charge of "anti-regime" father of the Van Huynh Ngoc Tuan should then had to use sanctions by administrative sanctions in the amount of up to hundreds of million and confiscated personal property in order to save face for the government in the eyes of the people?

Actually this is nothing confusing at all. Authorities long-communist Vietnam never arrested anyone who did not have evidence of their crimes because the criminal evidence that is available in the hands of the executive civil service. Slander and shoot caps is consistent guidelines and policy was consistent with the security of the political object, the dissidents ..... So the administrative sanctions by a number big money instead of arrest and prosecution may lie in a policy, a new plan of government to fit the situation of the country's growing international pressure to criticize and criticize and condemned the poor human rights violations in Vietnam. Besides the tough sanctions that the State of Vietnam is facing the countries of the European Communities, including the United States has raised the human rights dialogue senior Vietnamese- America in Washington in last November.

But the communist government of Vietnam has misjudge on the eyes of international reviewers. They do not think the prosecution, imprisonment, and instead is the administrative sanctions to isolate and economically difficult to minimize all activities for the dissidents, as well as indirect threats and warn others to give their views and their actions against, if any. In fact, imprisonment or isolation of these activities against the dissenters by sanctions, sanctions cause economic hardship ..... are acts of human rights abuses, illegal law and violate international law on freedom of speech, freedom of expression of peaceful people. Only true respect for human rights, respect for truth and justice, the true government of Vietnam recently changed the outlook of the community so long International, as well as receive tremendous support from people in Vietnam and abroad.


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Blogger Thuc Vy tell about police raids
Thanh Quang - RFA
Afternoon th Dec. 2, police stormed in Quang Nam had assaulted family blogger at Vy Huynh Thuc Tam Ky, Quang Nam.

Photo courtesy of
Vy Huynh Thuc Blogger

Beatings, arrest
Police read the administrative violations with very heavy fines, confiscation of belongings that do not make records, and taken away cousin Huynh Thuc Vy, Mr. Huynh Ngoc Le.

Thanh Quang called to blogger Huynh Thuc Vy to find out about this situation, and told Huynh Thuc Vy as follows:

At about 3 pm, about a hundred of police, 50 police proofed, 50 police closing all the roads like the last time on November 8, then I took the camera out the new video shoot as evidence for the persecution of them, but I was just drawing out the second video camera,female police were arm wrestling me to behind, and two policemen going inside to take the camera which I also rated also, hit the hand on the leg again. It hit me very sore and I have never in contact with police as the type of people to such violence. Last time on November 8, people seem normal, mild, no problem: we allow ourselves to normal video camera.

Thanh Quang:  Huynh Thuc Vy as you think, By this time, why they are so heavy handed?

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. Perhaps because I took many pictures and the film put online shooting so they feel too ashamed  that should this one raid they did is appalling. They say  just  taking the phone out is confiscated, and finally they confiscate total 6 phones from us.

Thanh Quang: We are known that your cousin, your uncle's son is named Huynh Ngoc Le was arrested in this case, then how is his situation now ?

Huynh Thuc Vy: His situation is now very urgent, because I do not know how now. The family was very worried because I do not know where he's now anymore. They arrested and took him away. Find people tomorrow, go and ask where he was detained, I also do not know now how he is. The family is very worried!

Thanh Quang: So How is status of your father, Mr. Huynh Ngoc Tuan and your younger brother Huynh Trong Hieu now?

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. All of my family is still safe now although they came in and have beaten, they hit, they lock the arms to behind and beat, because they are crowded. At home only have two aunts, three people include my father with me and Hieu while they both dozens, hundreds of people, They makes us very scared. Now, all my arms and legs bruised. They tored the clothes to my aunt, torn clothes of me, and clothing of my younger brother.

But despite all that, then my family is still reassured, the only thing that worried him, Huynh Ngoc Le. I hope that the RFA can convey the news about Huynh Ngoc Le for his protection, because police slandered  him is "against the duty", because there are two female police stormed to beat me and because of his  protection to me that can prevent it broke into several new policemen stormed arrested him away, because they slandered him as "against people on duty." the day before, he helped my family about the shooting on November 8, he also wore No-U-shaped road vests, today he is dressed like the No-U as demonstrators so they hate wearing it so taken away with slander as "anti-people on duty."

Thanh Quang: The police into her home this time, they said what is the reason?

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. They reads 03 decision to sanction, my father is 100 millions, I am 85 millions and my younger brother, Huynh Trong Hieu is also 85 millions. They said that after about 10 days, a period of 10 days must go to pay money into the state treasury, otherwise it will be forced.

Confiscation of assets
Thanh Quang: How will you and your family respond before enforcement?

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. My family is very worried, not knowing their coercive measures what it is. Sure they will be posted home and confiscation of all houses, the confiscation of all equipment, furniture, but actually, we now has nothing to where they confiscated! Computer, then it has been confiscated. I do not know but that two of my aunts, at the afternoon when they are out and go away open and look into the closet that money was gone. Past ten days, the people, her and uncle sent from overseas to be three thousand dollars, this time we keep in closet but this afternoon when they were then, open up the show where no money, 'it's very concerned, it is disgust.

Thanh Quang: Everything they confiscated so that they have papers, they can record the correct procedure or not?

Police attacked the family of Thuc Vy Blogger
on Tuesday 08/11/2011. Photo: Tram Tu

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes, there's no thing. They do not record anything. Unlike the day before it is confiscated computers, printers, they make a record for our dignity and our signing could keep a written record for ourselves. Today, they took out his level without What a record, not something as evidence of all.
I was very worried because I do not have evidence to prove that the persecution of them to my family. I do not take any picture, because they confiscated all camera phones of us, because they hit me very sore, so I was afraid of.

Thanh Quang: In general, you has a general comment about how last action of the police?

Huynh Thuc Vy: I saw the introduction of three decisions on sanctioning of administrative violations to us, only one person of the ward to give a communal is okay, or sending by mail is alright, do not need to have a hundred people stormed the same that. It hit the target, so the first is to terrorize the family spirit, making the family in the disorder, and then they stormed and beat us, they advantage of an emergency to steal all of our money.

In second, they broke into so many people to show their powerful force, showing their strength to the people throughout the region to make people fear the mirror of us that silence, not daring to say anything.

Terrorism spirit
Thanh Quang: Right now, how is the police ? They have also surrounded around the house or how?

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. Far from my house about 500 meters have some cafes for young people to play billards that they stay there, some young policemen on duty at there. They play billards, they drinking coffee , then there is a police car sirens howling occasionally run across the front of my house.

Thanh Quang: By the way, Huynh Thuc Vy, do you want to do speaking with public or not?

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. I thanks for giving me the voice to listeners of Radio Free Asia, I was very happy. By the way I ask everyone to help the family of media and mobilizing international public opinion and mobilize the protection of human rights organizations like RSF to international public opinion of international protection for my family, because in this situation I do not know that they will continue to turn tricks what's next for my family again. My family is very worried, but I worry most is his concern for Huynh Ngoc Le.

Please everyone speak intervene to protect him in case of Huynh Ngoc Le because he was only wearing No-U and interfere with our family so they hate and slander is "against officials duty "and then they arrest away, my family does not know where is he?. Please help to my family partly but for Huynh Ngoc Le is more important. People please help speak up to defend him, Huynh Ngoc Le.

Thanh Quang: Huynh Thuc Vy Thank you very much.

Huynh Thuc Vy: Yes. Thank you uncle.

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