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The Redemptorist Province of Vietnam have clerical refuse to Ethnic- Religious Committee in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate Christmas at the request of the Committee before. It is an act proper and necessary expression of non-cooperation with the communist government of Vietnam on religious views. The work of the Father Provincial of the Redemptorists, Vietnam needs to be replicated throughout the Catholic Church of Vietnam and other religions. Moreover, it is also a strong message sent to the communist state government of Vietnam before the unfavorable attitude of the authorities to hear and resolve all issues between religion and the right to increase the period for the persecution and religious oppression in the past. 

The communist government of Vietnam has always arrange exchanges and intimate contact with the Catholic Church in Vietnam artificially, formal and hypocritical guise of democracy in order to deceive public opinion inside and outside as well as for international that government of Vietnam is not only not religious persecution, but also good relations between religions by the government to display the image they try to disguise through the meeting be arranged artificially clever as they recently have asked for Vietnam Redemptorist. But any attempt to evil and dishonesty of the communist state government of Vietnam has been exposed before the public. 

In the current phase, the Religious should be cautious than before the evil schemes of the government of Vietnam. Their goal is to find ways to undermine the solidarity between the different religions and between believers and the Church and not from any bad tactics to stifle any religion, to block any influence from religion, but with the concept of the totalitarian party leaders and the atheist Communist state, the effects may be detrimental to the regime, to the party, for the government and society not acceptable should be eliminated in any way. Uncooperative and frankly refused all relations, exchange or negotiate a lack of goodwill from the government artificially as the best measure to help avoid any religious affiliation, unnecessary and burdensome which is also a strong message sent to the government of Vietnam Communist attitude clear and resolute but full of goodwill Religious leaders in the current difficult period. 


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VRNs (13.12.2011) 

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The VN Redemptorist REFUSED to Ethnic- religious Committee- to celebrate National Christmas 
Posted by admin on 12/13/11 12:54 Afternoon

VRNs (12/13/2011) - Saigon - Vietnam Redemptorist Province Office has sent his letter dated 13.12.2011, by his signature and seal Office addressed to the Ethnic- religious Committee- Ho chi Minh City. This is a response letter written notice visitation programs celebrate Christmas and Happy New Year of the Ethnic- religious Committee, Ho chi Minh city, at the Redemptorist VN at 15:30 on 14.12.2011.

Redemptorist's clerical delegation that refused the program. The reason is that during the past year, the letters sent from the VN Redemptorist religious to Ethnic- Religious Committee and response were not answered. The visit is only a form, does not describe the substance of the Board's functions for religious organizations.

VRNs to be transferred verbatim texts so that wide path to your opinion.

The original letters in Vietnamese
0f Ethnic- religious Committee,HCMC.

The letter be translated into English
of The Ethnic- Religious Committee,HCMC.

People's Committee of HCMC.                                      Socialist Republic of Vietnam 
Religious Affairs - Ethnic                                         Independence - Freedom - Happiness 
                                                                                   Ho Chi Minh City, December 7, 2011.


Sub.The religious leaders - organized ethnic cities visited and congratulations on the occasion of Christmas 2011 and New Year in 2012. 

Dear Redemptorists in Vietnam. 

As usual every year, on the occasion of Christmas 2011 and New Year in 2012, the religious leaders - national organizations in the city by Mr. Pham Thai Dung, deputy head of religion - ethnic city to lead the group to visit and celebrate Christmas in 2011 at 15 h 30, Wednesday, on 14-12-2011. 

visits to the meeting place exactly as planned program, the religious - ethnic city of glass to your notice the above content. Look forward to your reception. 


To:                                        TL. Chief of Committee
- As above. 
- Save                                       Nguyen van Luong

note: if not arranged time please contact the Commission for Religious Kito - Ethnic Committee by phone number (08) 39300747.

The letter respond from VN Redemptorist Province to refuse to 
Ethnic - Religious Committee, HCMC to celebrate
The National Christmas.( Original letter in Vietnamese).

The letter be translated into English 
of VN Redemptorist Province

                                38 Ky Dong-District 03 - TP. Ho chi minh 
                                                                                                                December 13, 2011


Sub. Refuse to delegation of Ethnic- Religious Committee, HCM  city to visit and congratulate on the occasion of Christmas 2011 and New Year in 2012 

    Dear Ethnic -  religious Committee - HCM City 

Redemptorist Province of Vietnam has received notice of the Ethnic-Religious Committee, HCM city want to visit and celebrate the occasion of Christmas 2011 and New Year in 2012, at 15. 30pm on 14/12/2011 . 

We would comment as follows: in the past year, many times we have sent letter to the religious - ethnic Committee, HCM city about the priests loyal to commit expertise and chief priests Dinh Huu Thoai were exit ban illegal, the illegal construction of religious facilities owned by the Redemptorists in Quarter 1, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc district and 86 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan  Ward 9, District 3... but so far we have not received any text of your committee. Thus, you have not made the minimum of the function yourself. We think that the visit and congratulations on the occasion of Christmas 2011 and New Year's in 2012 will make our celebration of the day is unhappy. 

Therefore, we will not welcome the Ethnic - Religious Committee visiting  and celebrate the occasion of Christmas 2011 and New Year in 2012, at 15h 30 on 14/12/2011. 
Sincerely yours. 

To :                                                           Chief of Cabinet 
- As above 
-People's Committee of HCMC      Father Dinh Huu Thoai, CSSR
  (to know)               
- Save

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