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Vinh Thanh Seminary pray for Thai Ha , My Loc and Con Cuong Church Point


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Sharing, communion and prayer of Seminary Vinh Thanh (Nghe An) to the Thai Ha parish, My Loc parish and the missionaries Con Cuong of Vinh diocese is a new bright spot contribute to the strength the voice asked the authorities to respect truth, justice and respect for human rights. The fire's pioneering Thai Ha parish is on the spread of God's people in the community and encourage people to overcome their own fears to a strong commitment on the path of service to mankind, in service of peace spirit of love and sharing with each other. Any incitement to cause division among the people together from the authorities carried out the targeted enemy with all the parishes, especially the Thai Ha parish which is seen as a thorn in the eyes of the authorities so long to must be removed. 

More and more people better understand the present false and cunning tricks of the government time to change white instead of black in every case. Everyone was really tired last scene as: " Both of just shout and just robbed that the government of Vietnam is often applied so long. However, because of living too long in the doomed, persecution from the Communist regime, people gradually became indifferent before all things and suffer silently rather than the determination to fight for themselves. Vietnam's communist government seems to understand this clearly should become more brazen despite the law and public international law. From this wrongdoing wrongdoing led to another long becoming chronic rogue. 

However, going too far by Vietnam's communist government from time to time, the constant use of religious violence and insult to the Holy Spirit is an act offensive to the beliefs of heavy people, badly hurting the religious beliefs need to be condemned. The use of mines for the attack on the Mission Con Cuong, Vinh diocese is no longer a religion of mere repression that is dynamic to murder should be severely punished under the law. This suggests that to achieve the purpose of evil and dark, communist government of Vietnam are not any tricks that even despicable disregard to people's lives. 

Through the terrible events arising in the past, hoping that the people of Vietnam, including both religious and non religious people aware of the poor human rights situation of the country today and how inhuman rule of the communist government of Vietnam with harmony voices, share their grief, hardships which the blood fellow who are getting suffering today because of government requirements voiced to respect Truth, justice and respect for human rights peacefully. Especially in the current period, the Catholic Church, Vietnam is facing serious challenges, facing intense persecution and the threat of life from the Communist government of Vietnam . Adding a voice to share, a prayer and communion is directly contributing to strengthening the community in demanding Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam our country. 



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    Vinh Thanh Seminary pray for Thai Ha , My Loc and Con Cuong Church Point 
    4/12/11 8:26 PM

    "Vocations at the service of the Gospel", which is the subject of prayer candles now takes place on the evening of day 02 - 12 - 2011 in Vinh Thanh Seminary. Family Seminary Vinh Thanh has reflected on "Vocations at the service of the Gospel," the shepherd of today follow the example of St. Francis Xavier is the patron of the Seminary, in the mission dedicated to those who suffer. With that meaning, Vinh Thanh Seminary were also to light for the fire union to pray for the pastors and faithful brothers and sisters are suffering persecution for living the Gospel in many places, especially in the parish of Thai Ha, My Loc and Parish Church of Con Cuong.

    Communion in prayer, Father General representatives, Pet. Nguyen Van Vien, Director of Seminary, Father JB Nguyen Khac Ba, your Father in faculty, seminarians and brothers of first seminarians, nuns crowded quarter of the Congregation in the Diocese of Vinh and parishioners with the participants.

    "Vocations at the service of the Gospel" is a great grace which the candidates are priests today received from Christ, the Good Shepherd. Flame lit commitment - service, Vinh Thanh seminary family role and sense of responsibility than the grandeur of the apostles when associated with so many of you are every day, every hour to suffer by the ball night of evil powers and forces are trying to use all means to oppose the Church. The information and images on the current state persecution of religious beliefs from Thai Ha, My Loc, Con Cuong ... made for each family member in Vinh Thanh Seminary deeply sobbing and felt deep pain pilgrimage of the Cross. Lighting the fire union, Vinh Thanh Seminary wanted to share the pain with it and hope inherent in the season of the Faith are germinated in the heart of the Church in Vietnam today.

    First Eucharist and in prayer candles, Vinh Thanh Seminary has given rise to the Passion of Christ - Easter suffering of the pastors and faithful brothers and sisters are suffering persecution, "pray for brothers and sisters for the Gospel that are persecuted, especially as your father and brothers and sisters in Thai Ha, My Loc and Con Cuong is always live strong love and strong faith, and for those who persecute the light Gospel inspired to soon find the way to HR immediately. For, "Blessed are you when people suffer for my sake and wholesale, persecution and slander and evil enough. You rejoice cheerful as his reward for the great heavenly truth "(Mt 5, 11-12) (quoting the prayer).

    Now candlelight prayer of Vinh Thanh Seminary ends with "Song of Unity", in sentiments wishes to all the people of God united to live "Vocations at the service of the Gospel." In particular, through the intercession of the patron saint Francis Xavier, pray Vinh Thanh Seminary Holy Communion in the flame of faith burning brightly throughout is to say, are lit and spread in the region is surrounded braking by the dark black atheist.


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