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                               Committee for Religious Freedom in the United States
                               Agency proposed to list Vietnam as CPC

               THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

The communist government of Vietnam has seriously violated the freedom of religion while prohibiting direct Evangelical Mennonite Church and a Catholic diocese held no great Christmas this year. The above violations have made people extremely urgent and openly go against the things about the state's Constitution and the legal thing about the Convention on Civil and Political Rights that the Vietnamese government  was committed after accession and membership of the United Nations since 1982 to date. Please see: Convention on Civil and Political 

Vietnam's communist government is becoming more brazen, despite the law, the Constitution and international law on the implementation of democracy and human rights in Vietnam. A series of crackdowns by religious violence in recent times has led to public discontent at home and abroad as well as concern about the situation of religious freedom in Vietnam in the eyes of international community. This makes people remember well because of poor human rights record and suppression of religion seriously that the communist government of Vietnam has been the U.S. government to list CPC, the countries with the case Religious persecution serious, systematic and continuous nature.

Since there are some improved performance in the exercise of religious freedom and human rights, the U.S. government removed the embargo on Vietnam and brought out the list of CPC in 2006. However, after being removed from the list of sanctions on the government of Vietnam is that this disability has continued human rights violations and religious persecution that culminated in a series of Scripture and the breaking suppression of violence against Catholics and even the Priest Priests of the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, My Loc parish and mission stations Con Cuong Vinh diocese in recent times, is particularly serious case nature of terrorism and murder in mine attack on the missionary chapel Con Cuong last 30-11-2011. Suppose it's time the U.S. government need to put Vietnam back on the CPC list. This is an effective sanctions forced the Communist government of Vietnam must strictly abide by and enforce all rights in the Convention on Civil and Political Rights, including freedom of religion in Vietnam.


Gospel Mennonite Church is not Christmas
Posted by admin on 24/12/11 12:11 morningGiáo hội Mennonite không được Mừng Lễ Giáng Sinh

Invite you to listen to this interview:

VRNs (24/12/2011) - Saigon - "Public Security Binh Duong Mennonite prohibition not celebrate Christmas Mass", which is one of the information that Pastor Quang said in an interview with Thomas Vietnamese, VRNs , on the evening of 21.12, one-year anniversary of the pastoral center of Mennonite brothers forced an illegal and brutal.

Until 18:12 on Sunday the Mennonite pastor also harassed. Police invited the Rev. Hoa Binh Duong and Quang pastor and told him the forbidden worship and institutions in pre-school Christmas by Pastor Hoa and rental in the new home of Mennonite, purchased from Human pastor, has notarized ownership.

Pastor Quang told police he was invited to the daily, also in residence at the new headquarters Theological students at Binh Duong always denied and fines. 7.11 days was recorded in writing about the ban on worship team, a decision on punishment 10:11 Pastor Hoa 300,000. 11.11 On record and continues to prohibit religious activity and graft charges Pastor Hoa is "left-right religious activities law". Already in December are also many records of items prohibited on the operation the fusion of religion and prohibits the Christmas holidays.

Not only that in the church Nha Trang, also prohibited from doing in a square cave Ave Maria. Also in the diocese of Lang Son and Kontum, the banning or harassment on the occasion of Christmas What do people do it in there and held in many places, even in Son La town also.

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