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Leaks evil nature of the authorities to appropriate Thai Ha Redemptorist MONASTERY

(Picture left) Mr. Canh, Senior lieutenant colonel- police deputy assistant of Hoan Kiem district in Hanoi.
(The next) female police, who received orders to blend, posing lay and had screaming action to disrupt public security as a pretext for repression. On 02-12-2011.



New Hanoi newspaper, representing the voice of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Capital Security newspaper of Hanoi police with reports that the Redemptorist priests of Thai Ha, Hanoi made a pretext  as "land claim "Catholics provoked street demonstrations disrupting public order and distorts the face of Hanoi pressing for some people in the capital. But all acts of slander lay to smearing and Priests Thai Ha Redemptorist has exposed the truth. The picture today shows that the police in Hanoi, which he,Chu Van Canh deputy assistant police Hoan Kiem District Hanoi instigated the upper directed to a female police infiltrated the protesters posing lay people, carrying slogans and tried screaming mess, disorder and to create an excuse for repression hand, beatings and arrests of dozens of parishioners, priests and religious last 02 -12 -2011.

Action shameless and despicable communist government of Vietnam aimed at distorting the truth and deceive the people, mislead public opinion and the international community was once again betrayed by the people. The government grew more and more time to reveal the true face strong and cunning. The people of the capital and the country has now seen evil ambitions of the communist government of Vietnam. To achieve the goal of darkness. The government does not quit from any bad tricks and mean any change to black and white rather distorting the truth. Communication is the key tool for effectively supporting the government in this area. Previously when they exposed the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong notes dedicate the island to sell to the enemy's invasion of China, all the official newspapers of Vietnam's silence as a mussel no newspaper would dare to say while the hand with the bad behavior of the Hanoi government tried to curse and defame the reputation of the priest and Redemptorist Priest Thai Ha, Hanoi.

In the next days, after the last evil mask of Vietnam's communist government fell, did not know the present government to continue the treacherous intrigues are there? the country people now really tired of the games instead of white clam change the face was black and full of wicked cunning of the communist government of Vietnam. Worldwide, the National Liberal and Democrats want people to be rich to live in peace and happiness. The government was getting more perfect law and the Constitution in order to bring absolute justice where citizens. Thus, a bill is issued or an amendment to the Constitution of sometimes takes tens of years of research, modified and supplemented before it becomes law. But in Vietnam, most of the things about all oddity legal loopholes to help those who hold power avoid the laws and conditions that will help them as a sharp weapon for action to protect human rights abuses on the people. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of resolutions and ordinances enacted government overlap makes the law of Vietnam network like a spider net  for corrupt officials spoil the people and stir opaque society.

Anyway, there is also a ulcers disease need to remove from society in Vietnam, remove from Vietnam country. The government can not maintain the cunning tricks, cheating people. The government can not continue to use violence and brazen act to suppress the people, religious persecution and human rights trampled. Vietnam is now the epicenter of the worst human rights records in the eyes of international community. Therefore should have positive moves in the amendment and respect the freedom of the people so as to avoid all the isolation and sanctions are not necessary from a strong international community. To do this, the communist government of Vietnam must clear their goodwill. The work first need to do is respect for truth, justice and respect for all rights guaranteed fundamental freedoms of the people to be executed by completely eliminate the absurdity of the laws 88 and 79 in criminal laws are vague and wrong have been obstructing the freedom of expression of peaceful people.


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Reveal the black heart of the Hanoi government

12/04/11 11:16 AM  Lộ rõ tim đen của nhà cầm quyền Hà Nội
Thugs posing for the people, civil defense hurting the church, only to read the bulletin board in your hands then let go of provocative words, disguised to blend lay on the road on the pretext shouting a string of arrests full of previous attempts by the authorities in Hanoi.

The Hanoi government has blatantly played the Thai Ha parish that's a dirty hit folk called "bracketing." These moves set the trap, slander arranged carefully calculated, only the new authorities dishonest use in a professional manner.

On 2/12/2011 union Thai Ha parish lay on the applicant of the committee, they go two neat rows, not shouting, screaming, singing just the same rhythm  Peace. The crowd went so want to keep order and discipline, there is nothing better for them to enter the mind focused on prayer. They did not stop, do not make the rounds. They traveled a circuit does not stop people from Next Office - where the applicant, of the Cathedral, where to send the motor to get the car.

To the front gate police Hoan Kiem district, the Cathedral, not far from Hanoi, the Hanoi government found otherwise "bracketing" the group Catholics will quickly get up out of the car. So they stormed the bus, the new troops, and then use the speakers scream screaming "proposal to dissolve, not gathered, violating decrees ..." says has given her mouth, hands and feet to right. Hanoi authorities immediately to the police, secret police broke into arrest immediately, regardless of who we are on the way to justify taking the car.

The reason for the Hanoi government to do so urgently because they feared a few minutes about all the people were about to break scripts available. A sinister scenario when the authorities have prepared the camera, preparing young people (disguised as police) in the group to go and booed their team uniformed create reasons. They even use female spies, posing as Catholics hold banners screaming yelling excitement to others mistakenly lay a negative reaction. From the so-called movement to dissolve coercion is 30 seconds, clips, recordings are shown dark mind of the authorities deliberately at all costs "bracketing" the gentle lay.

  Female police received orders from Mr. Canh - Hoan Kiem Deputy CA

                                                               Toward Catholics

                      Mr. Canh - police Deputy assistant in front of police Hoan Kiem district 

Sinister intention of the authorities in Hanoi to attack Thai Ha parish is a systematic, deliberate significantly prolonged for many years. The authorities continuously provoked aggression Thai Ha parish out of this incident through the other, not to the church, parishioners, priests live the life of religion, belief, spirituality is peaceful. From the story villa occupied land divided into lots not be rotated gardens, intended to build condominiums on the land Ba Giang, followed by the construction of waste water stations on the monastery is an intention to defame religions. Like monastic sanctuary of me you are just building toilets, waste water station ... a series of consecutive actions that provoke the attack Thai Ha parish of Hanoi government is systematically and regularly smooth and dark political intentions clear.

Thugs posing for the people, civil defense hurting the church, only to read the bulletin board in your hands then let go of provocative words, disguised to blend lay on the road on the pretext shouting a string of arrests full of previous attempts by the authorities in Hanoi. When forced to start with some parishioners, despite the law, police conduct in Hanoi was fingerprinted, photographed the priest, began wearing a chest plate number as criminals. This brief is conducted to record the images posted on television as well as crime. Then quickly drop all you achieve the aim of the duped public image.

Certainly, this afternoon 4/12/2011, the Hanoi government will press conference and expose the fraudulent evidence that grab was to deceive the public, media, international observers. But the dark plot that was not easily fooled anyone, a script is too old software that the Hanoi government remains only takes up to juniors group, loyal disciples see themselves happy with each other.


Jos. Peace

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