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INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - THE DAY honoring prisoners of conscience IN VIETNAM

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Selection decisions on Human Rights on December 10 is the day to honor prisoners of conscience in Vietnam according to the aspirations of the Peace Fellowship Political Prisoners and Religion at Home and Overseas Nations initiated a number character famous dissent in the country, Father Phan Van Loi, the Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang, Thich Thien Minh .... is an appropriate decision and correct, especially in the current period more on the dissidents, bloggers, activists Religion constantly Vietnam's communist government harassed, beaten, arrested and imprisoned the wrong way. Among them many have been severely abused, with extortion, torture or detention in harsh conditions, inhumane. Many of them are  as ill health and not treatment, leading to more tragic deaths as cases of political prisoners Nguyen Van Trai in camp Z30A, Xuan Loc, Dong Nai. Political prisoners  Truong Van Suong under detention Nam Ha in northern Vietnam this year. Besides tens of thousands of other political prisoners have died in disgrace in a communist prison since 1975 after the communists took power. Please see: 

The decision to honor prisoners of conscience on Human Rights Peace Fellowship of Political Prisoners and Religion is a practical not only share the somewhat soothe body and spirit that prisoners conscience in Vietnam are suffering on their behalf but also to denounce the brutal actions of the communist government of Vietnam for prisoners of conscience, political prisoners in Vietnam. They need to be got proper attention from community in Vietnam and abroad as well as International community. The government of Vietnam has always exhorted before international public opinion in Vietnam that totally held any political prisoners, while hundreds of thousands of Democrats, the character dissidents and activists Religion is being detained in detention centers, prisons in the country because of their expression peacefully if not considered as political prisoners, the prisoner is What?. This is a blatant lie of Vietnam to international community. 

International Human Rights Day every year to help people, every society, every country and review the significant benefits derived from the respect for human rights in every country in the world. Particularly in Vietnam, on special significance this remind party leaders and the communist state of Vietnam to respect human rights and fully implement the obligations of a non-permanent member of the United Nations. This day also reminds the State of Vietnam to respect and implement the international commitments that Vietnam signed the Declaration of Human Rights since 1977 and acceded to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in in 1982. However, although officially joined the United Nations since 1977 and participating in all international commitments on Civil and Political Rights, but never Vietnam's communist government to respect international commitments it. 

In the current period, with the trend of integration into the regional and international. The Government of Vietnam is no longer any choice but to seriously improve the situation of their poor human rights by implementing full and complete commitment to the International. Vietnam goodwill must clearly and specifically to avoid the pressure is on the international Vietnam weighing on demand as to release for prisoners of conscience, political prisoners are being a wrongful detention and as inhuman in the case of the dissident priest Nguyen Van Ly, Blogger Dieu Cay ..... Besides the expected change in good faith from the government, people in Vietnam and abroad also need to have more voices to accompany the international efforts in promoting the Vietnam government to respect human rights and international law. 


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Day Celebrate Vietnam prisoners of conscience 
Hoa Ai-RFA
The Friendship Association and Political Prisoners Religion and Vietnam to conduct an activity to honor Vietnam prisoners of conscience the world Human Rights Day on December 10. The Secretary-General of the Radio ACTD answer about this.

RFA photo 
Police repression of demonstrations of Thai Ha parishioners.

Ai Hoa: First of all, sir. Is this the first time that the friendship Association and Political Prisoners Religion Vietnam and overseas organizations and activities to honor Vietnam prisoners of conscience have long or not?

Vu Hoang Hai: According to the requirements of a number of domestic struggle and Phan Van Loi priest, pastor Nguyen Hong Quang, Thich Thien Minh and Pham Hong Son and Nguyen Bac Truyen lawyers are all of them wanted a day to honor all prisoners of conscience. Previous 75 years by now, we know that many people have died in communist prison camps as well as being beaten, tortured, but now does not have a holiday to honor them.

Linh mục Phan Văn Lợi- RFA caption
Rev. Phan Van Loi-RFA caption 

Therefore the  Friendship Association and Political Prisoners Overseas Religion Vietnam is to select the date 10/12 Human Rights Day to honor all those prisoners who died in all the camps , or being beaten, tortured, harassed.

Hoa Ai: In addition to activities as mentioned, the Peace Fellowship political prisoners and Vietnam Overseas Religion has long contributions to help former prisoners of conscience as well as those still being held in the Prison in Vietnam?

Vu Hoang Hai: Private, our the Friendship Association and Political Prisoners side operate internationally, such as myself are familiar with federal congressman Ed Roy, Mrs. Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California and Senator Lou Corea, as well as all the characters in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All inmate was beaten, tortured, arrested, we are party to intervene, as in the case of Father Nguyen Van Ly, of Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh or blogger Dieu Cay. When he heard those arrested, beaten, we will send letters to all international organizations, human rights organizations to intervene for them.

Ngày nhân quyền Việt Nam 2009- RFA photo
Vietnam Human Rights Day 2009 - RFA photo 

Hoa Ai: For the former Vietnam prisoner of conscience has been living abroad, they have the contacts how?
Vu Hoang Hai: Such as I am two years in prison, on probation for two years, with the communist type spinal cord injury. When a living here, I linked to the political prisoners in this party. And we gathered all the brothers overseas political prisoners, such as a political prison camp 20 years A 20 Xuan Phuoc, some are now in Thailand.

We gathered them in the Friendship Association and Political Prisoners Religion in Vietnam with the common objective of fighting for democracy, freedom and human rights.

Hoa Ai: He found that the activities of the former Vietnam prisoner of conscience overseas to support like-minded people in Vietnam and their effects how?

Vu Hoang Hai: Over here, we combine many organizations struggle with such as Human Rights Network, The Boat People SOS from Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, CPC Campaign Committee. As a fighting organization, we combine, as any character in Vietnam with the authorities in Vietnam, we were arrested by the intervention of the kind of international supports.

Some of us familiar with a number of MPs in this Parliament as we will send a message to them. At the same time we send a letter to Human Rights Watch and Global Funding organization to support combination of financial problems as well as on legal issues.

Ai Hoa: The current difficulties are what?

Vu Hoang Hai: Some brothers imprisoned in Vietnam, increasing the number of large and very difficult situation, but long little attention to them. Thus, the Friendship Society charity we decided on 10/12 annual International Human Rights Day to honor them.

How is honor in honor of their contribution to the democratic process, civil rights in Vietnam. Honor the indomitable spirit, the spirit of commitment, honor the contributions of their boundless, although that in Vietnam is difficult, maybe his life, economic siege, was retaliation, are libelous. But the soldiers of democracy has always shown his indomitable spirit. What is it? As for Vietnam wants to have human rights.

Because of that we chose this day and with all the brothers overseas and domestic, to honor those who have been prisoners for freedom, democracy and civil rights to Vietnam.

Ai Hoa: Could you share some of that planning meeting will be conducted in the future to achieve the objectives of the meeting?

Chà đạp nhân quyền cụ thể nhất- RFA screenshot
Image detail human rights abuses most-RFA screenshot 

Vu Hoang Hai: Our Association was established on November 16, 2006, Dr. Pham Hong Son is the right venue. All political prisoners in Vietnam, we are trying to contact them. By all means, can the international support, financial support, as well as calling for human rights organizations, humanitarian organizations can help them financially and intervene for them whenever they were Vietnam government retaliation.

Our plan calls as well as support for all prisoners of conscience. What they have been harassed as they contact our Association parties abroad, we intervene with the competent authorities, to Congress, the U.S. State Department, with the grace organization Amnesty International.

As with many problems such as a brother currently in Thailand on the old camp was forced to return, or the Thai side. Some brothers from prison 20 years A20 Xuan Phuoc, some escaped to Thailand, we are interested in them and try to expand our network around the globe.

Ai Hoa: Thank you, Mr. Vu Hoang Hai, general secretary of the Peace Fellowship Political Prisoners Overseas and Religion, on the interview for Radio Free Asia by just then.

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