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US EMBASSY IN HANOI Calls to free Hoa Hao Buddhists


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Not only the Hoa Hao believers, a series of arrests of illegal detention of religious activists such as the arrest of 15 activists in August Catholic youth in the past have caused the distribution rage for everyone. Besides a series of violent repression by targeting religion has put Vietnam on the range of serious concerns about human rights in the international human rights organizations and the free water especially for politicians and U.S. leadership. This was demonstrated by high-level dialogue between the two countries-Vietnam Human Rights was held in Washington on last 9th and 10th November 2011,and in the Vietnam visit by the senior official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States. A series of recommendations and reminded the government of Vietnam about the serious violations of human rights in Vietnam in recent years. 

Growing pressure from international community and the criticism, accusing heavily from the international human rights organizations, the government of Vietnam is ignored and despite. Not only that, the Hanoi government also increased more blatantly a series of harassment, arrests and persecution of other religions. And still with the rhetoric is often used to mislead international public opinion that these people were arrested for violating the law and the constitutional state. In fact, in Vietnam there was no religious freedom and other fundamental rights of citizens have been trampled by government include freedom of expression of peaceful people. Article 258, Article 88 and Article 79 of the penal code remains sharp weapons were used in the government suppressed opposition voices in the country and stifle free speech rights of the people. 

All diplomatic measures do not appear strong enough and not strong enough deterrent against the communist government of Vietnam. International community should now be the more appropriate measures and stronger to be able to force the Hanoi government to adhere to the international commitment to their joining and becoming members of the the United Nations. Can not just mere allegations and criticism, to make international practices as U.S. Secretary of State said Hillary Clinton was mentioned in the previous dialogue with Vietnam that the U.S. Government firmly attached to the thing about human rights in Vietnam to help support economic development and political stability. Not only the United States, the countries of the European community should also have additional sanctions and punished harshly on the poor human rights situation in Vietnam today. 


U.S. calls for freedom for Hoa Hao believers 
Update: 06:00 GMT - Thursday, December 15, 2011

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 The U.S. government repeatedly expressed concern
 about the situation of religious freedom in Vietnam 

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U.S. requested the Government of Vietnam to release two Hoa Hao Buddhists have been imprisoned in the province of An Giang. 

The U.S. Embassy spokeswoman in Hanoi, Beau Miller, told the BBC: "U.S. concerns about the verdict and sentence for two Buddhist Hoa Hao Nguyen Van Lia and Tran Hoai An; and we require to quickly release them. "

"Vietnam requests the U.S. to respect freedom of speech and religious freedom for all people, no discriminate what their creed or religion."

"The U.S. government is still concern about the government harassment to religious leaders including the Hoa Hao Buddhist leaders."

Miller's remarks came a day after U.S. Secretary of State Bill Burns wraps up visit to Hanoi, in which he first mentioned to the Minister of Vietnam on human rights issues.

Visit of Deputy United States took place the same time the  authorities of Vietnam  to judge two Hoa Hao religious movement today 13/12.

Taking advantage of democratic freedoms 

Local press said he was treated Lia and Mr. An offense of "Taking advantage of democratic freedoms infringe upon the interests of the State, legitimate rights and interests of organizations and citizens."

People's Court in each province of An Giang Nguyen Van Lia sentenced five years in prison and Tran Hoai three years in prison.

Vietnam News Agency said after the hearing that two of the accused "has acknowledged his misconduct."

"Nguyen Van Lia, Tran Hoai An said that the low level of education, legal awareness is unclear, it has led to more long misconduct, would be considered mitigating crime."

State news agency also said the two men arrested last month 4 / 2011 after the 'authorities found 15 books, 64 tapes and 36 contain material that accused government's human rights violations and freedom of religion. '

On Tuesday, 13/12, monitoring human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called for freedom for Mr. Nguyen Van Lia.

According to HRW, in Vietnam at least 13 activists other Hoa Hao Buddhism in jail with the heavy sentences.

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