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Vietnam protests Taiwan's human rights award for Organization of Boat People. SOS

                                 BOAT PEOPLE. SOS - 30-YEAR JOURNEY


The Taiwanese President Ma Anh Cuu offers personally Human Rights Award in 2011 for Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, director of The Committee for Rescue Boat (Boat People SOS) a charitable organization with the headquarters of the Vietnamese in the United States and co-founder of the alliance CAMSA an anti- human trafficking organizations leading in Taiwan, is an honor, a great incentive not only for its own rescue the Committee Boat but also a pride for all of us who love Vietnam Freedom and Democracy on all over the world. Speak up and stop the opposition from the Communist government of Vietnam for the award was a very irrational act is not acceptable. This does not impact the positive aspects of the problem that was proved against the authorities not only to violate human rights but also a serious insult to human dignity over human trafficking problems in which the active hand of the communist government of Vietnam.

In recent years, human trafficking issue is one of the sore evils caused in public opinion in Vietnam and International. This caused much concern for the International Human Rights organizations at the national and the leading problem in which Vietnam. According to the current International, human trafficking is considered a global problem with enormous influence both the size and nature. Activities of human trafficking are increasingly complicated and leave the serious consequences because it infringed the fundamental rights of human rights including freedom of movement, choice and control over all possible body and spirit as well as their future.

To result from the problem of human trafficking was extremely serious, the victim suffered psychological trauma, abuse, rape, terrorist threats and the causes of death , the tragedy of not only the victim but also directly affected the families of the victims and will not stop there. According to International, Vietnam is one of the country in the situation that the most serious human trafficking in the area of ​​Asian countries. Thousands of fraud and trafficking in women and children across borders falls under China, Laos, Cambodia .... While not care, control and prevent from the communist government of Vietnam.

In the past, have found the hand of some officer in Vietnam's communist government in trafficking cases. According to records from the Rescue Board The Boat (Boat People. SOS), then in 2007 to 2010, the victim, Ms. Vu Phuong Anh  has been rescued by the Boat People.SOS organization from her locked up and forced to work with the cheap wages at a factory in Thailand and then Jofdan to be settled to the United States in 2010. Ms. Vu Phuong Anh had to denounce and expose evidence (recordings) relating to employees Counselor Vietnam Embassy in Jordan when she threatened her with some stand out uncovered accusations of trafficking and abuse of the above.

The activities and contributions from Research Risks The Committee Boat (Boat People) deserve to receive their results through the year award for human rights. Hope that the Organization will increasingly work more effectively on all aspects related to humanitarian and human rights. The awarding of human rights in some countries as the Democrat's actions indirectly encouraged to all democracy in the communist authoritarian states like China, Burma, Cuba ..... including Vietnam. Efforts of all individuals, of all organizations and from the National Democracy will soon bring the positive achievements of human rights, human trafficking problem limited to a minimum and encourage national attention more about improving human rights especially for poor human rights situation in Vietnam today.



Vietnam protests Taiwan's human rights award 

Tổng thống Đài Loan Mã Anh Cửu (trái) trao giải cho Giám đốc của Boat People SOS Nguyễn Đình Thắng hôm 10/12
President Ma Anh Cuu (left) awarded to the director of Boat People SOS

Representative offices of Vietnam in Taiwan protested human rights award which is given to the president of an organization of boat people.

Vietnam considers that the award of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy for the organization Boat People SOS is a "wrongful act", the Taiwan media reports.

President Ma Anh Cuu came to award Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, director of
Boat People SOS, or BPSOS, during a ceremony Tuesday December 10.
Ma was quoted as saying:

"Five years ago, the media in Taiwan and abroad to see the paradise of the traffickers.

"Today the international recognition of Taiwan as a leading national defense and combat trafficking. BPSOS and Dr. Thang, through CAMSA Union, have contributed to this shift."

Fund Democracy,
Foundation for Democracy, said they chose the organization Boat People SOS Award for Democracy and Human Rights after the 2011 Asian carefully selected and ready to defend this decision.

Office of Economic and Culture of Vietnam said in a statement: "This is a totally wrong.

"The call is actually a BPSOS overseas institutions established in 1980 headed by Nguyen Dinh Thang.

"Since its inception, this organization has the guise of human rights abuses to seek their own interests and help many people in Vietnam for illegal migration to the United States and even to those people involved in the activities against Vietnam, violating international conventions on human rights and undermine the labor export policy of Vietnam, "the Vietnam representative office in Taiwan media quoted here.

Careful choice

Chairman of Fund Democracy, Hoang Duc Phuc said the fund selection process very carefully with local experts within a records review.

Then an international committee with five members, who have long-term commitment to human rights, making the final decision.

BPSOS won the award for his contribution to the fight against trafficking.

Mr. Huang said he was informed a few weeks ago that BPSOS related to fraud and Fund Democracy, but the investigation found no proof for this allegation.

Fund Democracy, an organization that is described as non-partisan, non-profit, established the award in Democracy and Human Rights in 2006 to support individuals and organizations demonstrating excellence in leadership promoting the development of democracy and human rights peacefully in Asia.

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