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THE speeches of Father Joseph Le Quoc Thang before CHALLENGES TO THE CHURCH


                          Archdiocese of Saigon


The paper was presented at the Sanhedrin of the Archdiocese of Saigon Rev. Joseph Le Quoc Thang on new directions for the Catholic Church that Vietnam needs to do before the big challenge that the Church is facing. Before the aggression of the communist government of Vietnam to religious persecution which typically use a series of violent suppression to Priests, Religious and laity of the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, My Loc parish, diocese of Vinh and the terrorist attacks by landmines to missionaries in Con Cuong,Vinh diocese. The emotional speech analysis and outline what the Order of Christ, the bishops, priests and monks to do the Pastors responsibility that God has entrusted. Besides the speeches of Father Joseph Le Quoc Thang special emphasis to a thing which not only causes sore for the Catholic Church depressing situation by the communist government persecution but also to common for the whole society, country and people of Vietnam today. That is " Insensibility " of everyone.

Not long ago, we have the opportunity to witness the apathy of the Chinese people about the event of Vuong Duyet Duyet, a girl child was 2 years old was truck rolled two times before the bladder through the dozens of fatal few days later has caused a stir public opinion and create waves of indignation from the millions of people around the world. She was just a Chinese citizen or unrelated home country along with us that the opposite is also a citizen of a country hostile to us, but it also caused misery for every Vietnam million hearts have cried, and laments that so many indignant people ..... also right these people but cold and emotionless when they saw the blood fellow before the brutal repression of the government. I believe one thing that everyone's heart was still sobbing and laments not less but doomed by the long life, lived under the violence of the communist government of Vietnam has made people afraid, and that fear became prolonged apathy unwanted.

Respectfully ask everyone, please take some time to reflect on the presentation today of the Rev. Joseph Le Quoc Thang. I am sure that after a thorough thinking, people will understand more fully the work and will see our responsibilities, children of the Church, children of the country will have to do when our Catholic Church in persecution, oppression, and how to behave when the country is facing the risk of enemy invasion. Whether or not people follow religion as religion, we are the children of Mother native Vietnam, the same color of skin, same blood Lac Hong most of being in everyone of us, nobody does not love freedom, democracy. No one does not want human rights are respected and inherited a peaceful life, peace and happiness. To achieve the legitimate aspirations that are right now, today, all of must defeat emotionless that hook people so long. We overcome by the fear of the self to with speaking up for truth, for justice and for freedom of the self with our families today and tomorrow.

We are determined to force the government must first comply with the law. It must respect all human rights including freedom of man was the Constitution and international law provisions. No one had the authority to take away the sacred rights of our legitimate matter in any condition or in any circumstances. We are not violent, it is our policy requires justice, demanding freedom and human rights, democracy peacefully. Vietnam's communist government can arrest and detain dozens, hundreds or thousands of people but they will not be used that way to control to tens of thousands, millions of people desire freedom of Vietnam today.


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Rev. Joseph Le Quoc Thang: A Gospel direction

3/12/11 7:45 PM  Lm Giuse Lê Quốc Thăng: Một đường hướng loan báo Tin Mừng

At Saigon TGP Sanhedrin, priests Le Quoc Thang had a speech addressed many important content should be studied and applied in the Catholic Church in Vietnam

Late General Letter General Assembly of the People of God HDGMVN invites all in the Family Church in Vietnam together, fostering civilization of love and life by implementing joint letter to the actions and deeds in detail faith life, contributing to the implementation of the mission to proclaim the Gospel in society today practically and effectively. (HDGMVN, Shu Chung 2010, No. 48). Thus, the need to face, need to understand, need to go into social reality today. Social problems of the city, the country today is also the problem of the Diocese, the Church today VietNam.

1. Special Features

Father Joseph Maria Le Quoc Thang

From the command "sent" by Jesus to the Church's teachings, especially of Vatican II community and the teaching of the Holy Father after the Council emphasized the proclamation of the Gospel to people and the contemporary world. All that the Church does not stand on the sidelines of society, not as a reality separate from society but to integrate into society. So, every dimension, all reality, all the problems of society is the Church. In other words the Church and share with the construction of a social life increasingly better for mankind.

Mail comments on the general state of society in Vietnam today is a great challenge for the Church's mission. It is also a great challenge for the Archdiocese of Saigon in particular because it can be said is typical of all the leading social reality in Vietnam, today from economics, politics, culture, to people with relationships ... So, the challenge will be to promote a favorable opportunity to renew the Archdiocese. What to do? How to fulfill the mission Christ has entrusted the implementation of the land where the potential, much of this challenge?

The reform aims to help all fulfill the mission of evangelization in the social environment of the city today. This means that the working environment and its Catholics will have to face, will have to live with the social reality of it with the spirit of Christ's disciples. Therefore, need to be concerned, should be associated with social change with the change of it, to how civilization of love and life are really building up.

From the above, let us reaffirm the way of the Gospel Church Loan in an era of today, specifically in Vietnam is entirely proper and appropriate. Evangelization in the new era should preach Social Teachings of the Church. "The Gospel in the new era to preach the importance of the Social teaching of the Church ... we need to repeat that social problems can not be resolved outside the context of the Gospel." GHXHCG no purpose other than to teach people treat each other based on justice. Moreover, GHXHCG as the foundation for building unity and peace when people can not avoid the problems encountered in social life and economy. When doing so, fulfill the mission of the Church proclaim the Gospel by preaching the truth about Christ, about people, about the Church and apply truth to practical situations. "(John Paul II, Message Centesimus Annus # 5).
To make this line should have specific details.

2. Orientation

Along with Scripture, Social Teaching of the Church should be the guideline for all family Diocese of thinking, reference to set the operating mode or manner of his life and work.

All the components of the Diocese families from clergy to laity should pay attention to all dimensions of social reality today for live and witness to the Gospel. Pastors Special attention more fully the problems of society to guide and guide the faithful in the face of social problems in the right direction of the Gospel, the Church. Society and people of Vietnam today are apathetic disease, onset of anesthesia caused so many suffering and destruction of the root foundation of ethics in the relationship between human beings. People, families and the social reality and even the Church is the victim of a society full of sick. The root cause of this disease is advocated atheism, want to exclude God and religion from social life; is the social structure lame lack of justice, freedom, respect for dignity people. Whether deliberately turn a blind eye or bladder does not care that people still manifest the reality of poverty, injustice, immorality and destroying habitats and natural spiritual, moral corruption more severe. The disease was also attacked in the life of the Church. So problem is not "speak or not speak up" but "must speak, speak like? and how to live the Gospel? "

Archdiocese family went on our commitment to society, must be present, companion and restlessness, concern with social issues emerging cause injustice, poverty and misfortune for human suffering people. The Gospel will only result when the life and mission of the Church associated with the entire social reality and people of Vietnam. Evangelization and human society with a specific situation specific, people specific and not a generic slogan, an abstract way, graphite vague, illusory.

Right direction is not enough need to have specific ways to go. Therefore, we ask raised before Sanhedrin a few basic proposal follows:

3. Recommends

Social teaching of the Church needs to be disseminated in all God's people through all forms of open special courses on GHXH specific classes for everyone, every gender.

Above all and first of all the priests and the need to instill a professional real GHXH as understanding and so imbued with the Word of God. Therefore, training should be regular and frequent self-training in this field.

All diocesan pastors is the need to listen to the voice of age, voice of the poor, the oppressed unjustly, the lower throat they can not speak for timely speak for them and is the true voice of her brothers and sisters in the truth, with courage commitment, not fear, do not evade. In solidarity priority must always be present communion with all God's people in the whole Church is the place, the brothers and sisters are persecuted, struggling some way.

Sharpened to the Diocese, spoke of the courage and constantly guiding all faithful people of God is before the problem difficult, delicate and sensitive (such as political issues, religion, freedom and human rights, justice and peace ...).

Under the inspired Word of God, from GHXH of the Church, based on real social need to devise action plans specific to each gender, each team can apply and enforce GHXH as protection program life and training of education personnel, community sense of responsibility, respect for human rights, dignity, freedom and the common good ... right from the family, where the mass, where the entire Diocese Parish.

Every act, every innovation needs to start from a correct perception and full of the importance of the mission to proclaim the Gospel in today's social context; need a clear sense of mission to be only competition in the current social environment for all its problems. Gospel can not sprout in what unreal, not real; where the general idea of ​​what that abstract from the specific social environment, from the people and scenes in detail. Plots to God and the Church in Vietnam planted the seed of the Gospel is social and people of Vietnam today. Vietnam Catholic Church to prove that he is the embodiment of God's love for man, for the country and the Vietnamese nation.

Rev. Joseph Le Quoc Thang

Justice and Peace Commission, Archdiocese of Saigon

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