Thứ Ba, 6 tháng 12, 2011


                       Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (center) and Director
                       The World Bank in Vietnam, Ms. Victoria Kwakwa (red shirt),
                       Advisory Group Meeting of donors for Vietnam in Hanoi
                       Monday 6-12-2011. AFP PHOTO


After the United States, some countries in the group of major donor of international such as Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland also continue to include a warning that the worst human rights situation in Vietnam will cause image effects and obstacles to the promotion of long-term economy in Vietnam. Representatives of the Government of Norway, one of the Nordic countries have the most positive moves in the critical human rights situation as well as to promote for Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam, as Norway's Ambassador, Mr. Torstein Risa has strongly recommends that recent actions suppression of the communist government of Vietnam has affected Vietnam's prestige on the international human rights issues and long-term success of Vietnam's economic . Also in the words he spoke, and the view of Norway's major donor countries like Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, the peaceful expression of the people not be punished, but the opposite should also encourage incentives.

In recent times, as the situation of human rights violations in Vietnam exacerbated by increased government crackdown aimed at religious and other Democratic activists, dissidents in the country, plus the International strongly criticized the move and has been active in pressuring the communist government of Vietnam must respect human rights. In the high-level dialogue on human rights between the United States-Vietnam was held in Washington recently, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary C.linton clearly expressed as a point before the U.S. government issues related to human rights. She stressed: The United States funded and help boost the economy of Vietnam has always been closely associated with the terms of human rights.

Vietnam's communist government does not have much choice when they want to rise up integration into the developed economies in the region and internationally, but to accept the human rights situation improved its worst. Instability in the implementation of the Constitution and the law in Vietnam, especially after the violent crackdown aimed at the Democratic activists in the country since 2009  that cause political instability has led for many foreign investors concerns lead to reconsider their investment in Vietnam. Political stability and economic development are the objectives that the national and regional prosperity International always done at the same time. But in Vietnam, the monopoly structure and conservative politics, the Communist government of Vietnam has always embarrassing situation when both want to implement a policy of "open doorway" to pay back just after the forces of fear hostile intrusion advantage of political instability and could prejudice the power of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam.



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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Latest News
Clinton stated concerns about Russia in OSCE election

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
The call for aid Vietnam accelerate economic reforms

Picture: REUTERS
At the consultative group meeting of donors for Vietnam held in Hanoi today, the level
of aid countries urged to Vietnam to accelerate efforts to restructure the economy.

Reported by AFP loan downloads today reported that the countries level at the institute also recommended the Vietnam Communist state should improve human rights, if not detrimental to the economic success.

Since early this year, Vietnam has turned to focus on efforts to stabilize, rather than promote economic growth. Currently, Vietnam is still struggling to find ways inhibits high inflation below 20%.

The aid urged Vietnam to take urgent measures to accelerate reform. French News Agency quoted Ms. Victoria Kwakwa, World Bank Country Director in Vietnam, said that "it is easier if Vietnam is to pursue the agenda of economic restructuring now, instead of being forced to do That happened after the crisis. "

Since February this year, the Vietnam policymakers have sought to stabilize the economy is facing many challenges, including the level of foreign reserves is lower, the trade deficit increases, the value currency declines sharply and galloping inflation.

At the meeting, the parties stressed Vietnam sponsored to reform the banking sector, privatization of state enterprises, simplify administrative procedures, and more aggressive in efforts to eliminate corruption.

On the other hand, aid the parties expressed anger about the state of democracy under the totalitarian regime in Vietnam, they suggest that a poor human rights records could threaten economic progress.

French news agency quoted the Norwegian Ambassador Stale Torstein Risa in Vietnam, said a crackdown on the dissident character was prejudicial, "the prestige of Vietnam in the international human rights issues , and the process of socio-economic development of Vietnam's long-term. "

According to Amnesty International, dozens of characters criticize government policy has been declared the lengthy prison sentence after Hanoi launched a crackdown on freedom of speech late in 2009.

The protests are rare in Vietnam, but this year, a rally was held related to territorial disputes with China, and the land dispute with the authorities in the locality.

Several protests have been the police force disbanded.

Ambassador Risa of Norway said "should not punish those who express political opinions peacefully, on the contrary, should encourage that." He added that there is also the view of the country abbot weakness, including Canada, New Zealand and Sweden.

News quoted Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung said that Vietnam government respects the freedom of the people and democracy, but Mr. Dung warned that freedom was "to be behaving in framework of law and constitution. "

AFP news agency quoted Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that the state is ready to open dialogue on these issues with the aid, "for both sides to understand each other better."

Source AFP, De

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