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At the moment many countries around the world celebrated the 61st day of Human Rights is in Vietnam, a patriotic person was arrested and then sent to detention camps restore the dignity of Management the Department of Prison Management (v26) The police, which detained the students improve drug. Bui Minh Hang a people living in Vung Tau has many times before participants to the streets to show patriotism against aggression and attempted to invade our island from the Chinese Communist enemies. She was arrested by the police, Ben Nghe Ward, Ho Chi Minh City  for participating with a number of people gathered at Notre Dame Cathedral area with the slogan says: "support the Prime Minister and National Assembly passed a law protesters" and oppose suppression lover of water. "But so far it's family and all who have not known exactly who charges that authorities put on for her despite the formal decision of 5225 of People's Committee of Ha Interior since 28-11-2011.

An incredible irony and to everyone when getting the news of Ms. Bui Minh Hang. In the past, people took to the streets to show their patriotism peacefully authorities shall be prevented, suppressed and persecuted for reasons of disturbing public order and then the state media as slander reactionary forces were engaging, incitement, offensive actions against the authorities, against the regime ... v.. v. .. But this time she was arrested Bui Minh Hang while holding high the slogan that says "support the Prime Minister and National Assembly" a perfectly content not aggressive or reactionary because she is the same people to support not against the government, or no expression of any opinion whatsoever against the party line and policy of the communist state of Vietnam.

Although the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said in the question session before Congress that any protests from true patriotism will not be banned, on the contrary is also encouraged, praised and rewarded. But some people and herself Bui Minh Hang is arrested for trust and listen to the words of a head of state. They not only not suffering any hostile forces that attract or incitement against the state, against the authorities that are contrary support for distress and the decision of his head and high power one in the government. What people do not understand the questions and this time, What will Bui Minh Hang be sentenced on charges after police arrested and taken into custody at Camp restore dignity to the 24 month period ?

Actually it's only confusing and people should be sympathetic to the Hanoi government on why the charges can not be announced for this patriotic woman. Use the appropriate charges to cover the eyes of public opinion and international? because she is trying to promote and support the Prime Minister and National Assembly in stead of make action against, how can slander reactionary forces were drawn and  instigated to against the government . Say that  is like both prime minister and Congress are all reactionary forces? generally perceived by people, Bui Minh Hang has continued in custody at a rehab center for human dignity or not depends on thinking of himself and acting Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung only, For all of grounds arising out of work today comes from the statements of the current Prime Minister.

"Human Rights" two sacred language are lofty goals that countries around the world while in Vietnam and some other dictatorial communist countries  are trying to sink it. The results obtained from the respect for human rights is beneficial for the people, for home country but may prejudice the rights and interests of some individual, some collective world leader in direct dictatorial communist party and state Vietnam thus increasing repression for those who love country, love freedom and democracy there is nothing strange at all. Except for themselves, those who hold power and living close at hand that put the interests of the National Peoples on the benefit of themselves and their families, at that time, the people of Vietnam can dream up to the Human Rights are respected in their home country.


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Camps 'receiving' Hang Bui
Update: 12:13 GMT - Friday, December 9, 2011

Bùi Hằng
Hang Bui known after joining protest marches China

Bui Thi Minh Hang, who joined protests against China in HCM City, has been detained in central Thanh Ha and Vinh Phuc, the basis of the Prison Management Department (v26) of the Ministry of Public Security for a period of two year.

Notice "to receive the decisions taken in education" was sent to her son Hang Bui Trung Nhan is the postmark on 1/12/2011.

But on 8/12/2011, after police detained at Ben Thanh because distributed leaflets to find his mother, Mr Nhan, 18 year-old son of her new Hang received this notice.

Decision pick up in the yard

He speaks with the BBC that this notice is sent to the home where he was staying in Vung Tau.

Reportedly, this is considered a formal decision of 5225's People's Committee of Hanoi City.

Accordingly, she must abide by the constant improvement in the detention center which is known to be the place for the 'students' drug within 24 months from date of 28/11/2011.

Vietnam press has written about the center is as follows: "True to its name, Thanh Ha education establishments only where legal education, citizenship education, vocational training, literacy to rehabilitation for those mistakes. Although there is no prison but the behavior of those who have taken to this facility has been detrimental to the community and society. "

According to family, announced a brief written signed by Lieutenant Colonel Bui Khanh Will, Deputy Director of Education Establishments Thanh Ha, head office located in Vinh Phuc province.

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"Bui Thi Minh Hang inmates" were sent here from 28/11 which gave no specific reason, "written notice.

Mr. Nhan said he had not received any further news from her constant and may request the authorities to verify this issue.

'Support the prime minister'

Before that, according to a witness present at the Notre Dame Cathedral area, who with her constant uphold the slogan that says "support the Prime Minister and Congress passed a law protesters" and "protest forum pressure patriots "were arrested and taken to the police, Ben Nghe Ward, Ho Chi Minh City.

"Although not required to agree to work in the police, Ben Nghe ward, they have prepared the enforcement measures to arrest us here.

"At the church, Ms Hang's photograph stands comfortably without anyone harass or arrest.

"When I was brought up four floors and Ms Hang was sent to work elsewhere, I understand the question that we are saved."

Since this incident, witnesses and relatives have lost contact with her constant.

Bui Thi Minh Hang is known to the public recently by the Sunday protest "against road-shaped" and "aggression against China" in Hoan Kiem Lake and many other marches.

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