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Lang Quan Parish - Diocese of Vinh, light candles to pray for the Con Cuông missionary.

                      Candlelight PRAY FOR PEACE and JUSTICE in VIETNAM

             THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

The fervent prayer rang out across the country before the increased repression on a more intense from the communist government of Vietnam for the Catholic Church. International Human Rights Day, an opportunity for all people who love peace and Freedom and Democracy around the world share their expressed thoughts and aspirations and desire for a happy life in a fair society and real civilization. It also is time we review all the events have been occurring in the history of human rights in Vietnam. It has been over 30 years since communism came to power, the people of Vietnam from all this suffering to others suffering under the harsh rule of the communist regime. Religion has always been the focus of communist leaders most of  the Catholic Church, a religion has always been considered " Religion anti- Communist ".

Review the events that happened in the past brought the fierce repression of the communist authorities, such as Dong Chiem Tam Toa event, Con Dau event, nunciature Thai Ha, Hanoi and .... how much more traumatic events have reminded all Catholics we must be very firmly believe and persevere in the struggle for truth, for peace and justice is tough. Any sacrifice of hardship through the persecution of pain with blood and tears, by the expensive cost over the violent crackdown, harassment, intimidation, arrests, the months and years imprisonment, and even by the sacrifice of our lives will certainly be overcome evil communist government, will reclaim the right to life and human rights that anyone born in this planet has the right to inherit.

The solemn ceremony, the prayer candle warmer party to share the pain that our fellow Catholics everywhere will suffer lens to close. will certainly awaken all Catholics, including pastors capital remains in a state of passive bladder before on a big challenge for the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general and for the persecuted church in particular today. In addition, the persistent struggle, peaceful and our zero tolerance will change certain attitudes and behaviors of those atheists are driving on a country closer to the abyss because selfishness, tyranny and evil of them.

Christmas and New Year is coming near and we pray Almighty God of all grace People from good down home country of Vietnam. May He protect and preserve the Catholic Church of Vietnam, soothe and heal all wounds spirit and body that the Catholic Church victims of atheistic communist regime is daily and hourly bear. The years of struggle and suffering is almost over. Pray for each of Catholics we move into the new year more endurance stamina, more endurance in the struggle, more energetic and persistent in action soon achieve any desire, any desire for Freedom and Democracy and most are happy living together in a peaceful country, an equitable and civilized society, no hatred, no injustice and no act of violence during the current and past time.


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Lang Quan Parish - Diocese of Vinh, light candles to pray for the Missionary of Con Cuong

14/12/11 12:20 AM  Giáo xứ Quan Lãng – giáo phận Vinh, thắp nến cầu nguyện cho giáo điểm Con Cuông

Located in a sequence of events related to the Vietnam Catholic Church in recent times, the missionary of Con Cuong, of the Quan Lang parish, Bot Da, Vinh diocese is one of the hot spots. Behavior of local government in place has caused no small damage of this mission, and create more distance between the Catholics and non- Catholics.

The incident began at 14:00 Sunday, on 13.11.2011, while the priest Joseph Pham Ngoc Quang was offering, a force of about 500 people flocked to protest they postponed, citing protection habits and customs of Thai people. They believe that the sacrifice is so illegal. The important thing here is that, while the parishioners are ethnic holidays are online, even those who claim protection habits and customs, most are not recognized ethnic minorities, even we also recognize some faces are likely to be infiltrated in the police union rally.

The plans that do not have a resolution, at about 00:30 'on 30.11.2011, the two strangers were motorcyclists threw mine into the chapel. Homemade mines destroyed a base, ceilings and windows. The depth of this as the contradictions and the urgency in the parishioners.


According to the spot, from the day of the protests so far, each time relative to prayer in the chapel, are those who monitor and review questions. The family also donated land lay people are often harassed.

Prior to that situation, many rally inside and outside the diocese, to pray for Catholic parishioners at this point. Particularly the village church, where the fulcrum is considered to lay directly at the intersection, then from then to now, the spirit of communion has always been raised at the highest level. Last MV III Sunday evening, the village priest had with parishioners in the parish organize a candlelight prayer specifically for Missionary. Prayer has received a large response of all parishioners.

Notably, in the desire to express, people also expressed communion with the church My Loc, Thai Ha Redemptorist are in the midst of clinical disorders.

Anthony Vu ​​Dinh Minh

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