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Thai Ha: Gratitude accompany the faithful in persecution on MARIA feast

                            Mary Immaculate


This year the Thai Ha parish held a solemn feast of Mary's Immaculate Conception parish in the context of suffering persecution and attack heavily from Hanoi authorities to speak out when government reimbursement request return the property that the government land use authority and illegal appropriation of the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha, Hanoi and then to use the word "loan" to cover up wrongdoing on. Mingle with the joy of the Catholic Church in Vietnam celebrates the Immaculate Conception of Mary this year, especially during our Church persecuted for religious beliefs that some teachers typically diocese of origin and are suffering as the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, My Loc parish, Catholic diocese of Con Cuong Vinh, our communion with prayers to Mary multitude of our beloved Please always protect protect the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general and especially for the priests, Religious and laity of the parish  are being insulted and attacked with violence by authorities .

In addition to prayers for each of us Catholics, lay all communities across the country also offered prayers for peace, for truth and justice authorities to respect, to the Vietnam Fatherland itself trade out of the ear yoke of the enemy invading communist China is poised to invade the night sea to the island and occupied Vietnam again. In addition we also offer people a prayer for the leaders of totalitarian communist party and state Vietnam that awakens, finds the wrong actions that stop their crackdown and re-attack using violence against any religion that is typical for such as the Thai Ha parish, My Loc, professor of Con Cuong Vinh diocese and other dioceses in the territory of Vietnam.

In addition to fellow Vietnam and abroad also contributed voice to be a powerful way to the truth, for justice by actions more practical, more concrete. The united force of all Catholics we will push back all the injustice and oppression. The united forces also help people to easily escape from the obsession of fear, persecution and imprisonment. Moreover, the unity of the lay community in the country will create the greatest impact on society of today, with everyone loving, longing Freedom and Democracy are not differentiated by religion or no religion. The pioneering group of Catholics, we will also be indirect encouragement to those who are still in that shyness, fear or disease living between "indifferent" that communism has created a social place Assembly because we live under the long persecution, oppression, repression, injustice and violent in Vietnam.



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    Thai Ha: Gratitude accompany the faithful in persecution

    12/09/11 3:42 AM  Thái Hà: Tri ân những giáo dân cùng đồng hành trong bách hại

    Max on 08.12.2011, at Thai Ha parish church was formally organized the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. Mass with Father quarter of Hanoi Redemptorists and large parishioners in Hanoi and many other locations.

    The title of the Immaculate Conception is the patron of the First Redemptorists, so a year, on this occasion the line and the Thai Ha parish usually solemn celebration. This year, the joy is multiplied by the presence in the Eucharist also has a special presence of eight lay people arrested has the right to court three years ago and 35 lay people, priests, monks recently been start this year.


    During the Mass, superior Father Matthews Vu Khoi Phung  shared about the difficulties in the way of seeking justice and truth of the Thai Ha parish. He sent to those present with a message: "The contamination found to the immaculate". The implication referring to the society in which we live has too much pollution. And the laity, priests, monks seeking justice and truth is what is looking immaculate.


    On this occasion, Father Superior vice Thai Ha parish cum Joseph Nguyen Van Phuong also addressed thanks to all the parish has for justice but to sacrifice time, effort to demonstrate the essential Catholic Faith pure. By the way, the line has donated eight laity was faithful to court and 35 were arrested a gift to encourage the spirit of sacrifice for the Church.

    Many were moved to tears because the noble gesture of the Church who have been sacrificing to demonstrate faith and hope of the Christian faith.

    Step way to find justice of the laity, priests, Thai Ha priests many hardships, but what happened in the past, along with the selfless sacrifice of the faithful arrested on 2 / 12 last, gives hope to the Church and the homeland of optimism for a brighter future.


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