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CATHOLIC CHURCH AND CHURCH Evangelical Mennonite was suppressed IN VIETNAM



                          Vietnam's communist government is suppressed
                                           Religion seriously



The Catholic Church and the Evangelical Mennonite Church in Binh Duong province of Vietnam has been the government crackdown on the day of the Christmas celebration, a serious violation of freedom to belief of the people. Vietnam's communist government has now lost all the people and become increasingly more dangerous. They not only suppress the dissidents, the democracy that increasingly spoke out about the nature of atheism and inhuman when directly expressed their hostility to many different religions through the Forum pressure blatant and brutal as what has happened to the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Mennonite Church yesterday afternoon 24-12-2011 right.

We can not accept offensive conduct and prohibit all activities of the religious legitimacy by the communist government of Vietnam. All people irrespective of religion or general store voice unanimously condemned the despicable acts. Let us show what is in the ability of each to the International community to see and understand properly and fully on all infringements and abuses religious faith of the people from the government. We can not continue to remain silent and calmly watched the government officials come out from these mistakes to other mistakes. Get to the heroic tradition and expressed the Vietnam government clear stance and views of people as to what lay people, priests and Religious Redemptorists of Thai Ha Ha Noi has shown in the days recent .

Fear and bladder before things will indirectly encourage growth where government repression. Do everything you can do to assert the freedom of our religion is a legitimate and legal rights stated in the Constitution and laws of Vietnam, as well as recognized in the Declaration Language of International Human Rights United Nations that the government of Vietnam has participated in the International Covenant since 1982 to date. Act firmly and strongly to force the Communist regime of Vietnam to respect all international commitments. Let's prove to the party leaders and authoritarian communist state that people can change a regime if that regime does not serve the legitimate interests for the people, for society and for the benefit common good of the homeland.


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SOS: Vinh City police arrested young Catholics before Christmas

Posted 25/12/11 at 10:42 By cheoreo morning  SOS: công an TP. Vinh bắt thanh niên Công giáo trước lễ Giáng Sinh

VRNs (25/12/2011) - Nghe An - Around 4 pm yesterday, 24/12/2011, Vinh City police Department entered his home at around 7, Nghi Phu Ward, Dist. Peter ordered him to Vinh Nguyen Dinh Cuong, a young Catholic active in the parish Yen  Đai and the Center for Protection of Life John Paul 2.

Peter Nguyen Dinh Cuong Anh lives in the neighborhood 4, Nghi Phu Ward, Vinh city was arrested while visiting his family who is familiar Sciences. Notably, the police did not arrest people read, but General handcuffed him rudely. Then his mother and his brother General has pulled up Vinh city police headquarters. Asked why he was arrested and where was arrest warrant? but police did not let anyone inside the office, did not answer the question of his relatives. However, police here said they arrested him General for anti-government activities, "sin" is started without command!

For Catholics, Christmas night Mass 24 is sacred, noble and never give up. But Vinh city police arrested Peter Nguyen Dinh Cuong  just before Christmas Mass, a violation of religious freedom, challenge and provoke public opinion everywhere. The origin Cha Yen Dai, Ram Bridge seeds were receiving reports from his family and said it was the general of the Church. He will work with parishes to pray specifically for you Peter Nguyen Dinh Cuong.


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GH Christmas Eve. Mennonite suppressed

Posted by admin at 3:24 the morning of 25/12/11
Đêm Giáng Sinh GH. Mennonite bị đàn áp

VRNs (25/12/2011) - Binh Duong - Mennonite persecuted to this now is 20:47 24.12. Pastor Thach has registered themselves on fire from this afternoon.

I Thomas Vietnam, from the traditional Christ, Mennonite because you're in the danger level due to the blatant suppression in the Christmas holidays. This afternoon police and staff in Binh Duong has cut electricity power at house. Police have been surrounded to 300 meters at the offices of Mennonite Vietnam in Binh Duong, address D10, O 59 towns Phuoc, Binh Duong.

Because this urgent message should I send to many places. You have full right to edit all text and audio of this article.

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