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Demonstrate in front of VN Consulate General in Houston on International Human Rights Day


                               THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS


A series of protests before the Vietnam Embassy in overseas operations as well as sharing candlelight denounce human rights violations committed by the communist government in Vietnam is home to numerous fellow Vietnam is living in foreign countries to the International Human Rights Day December 10 each year. Vietnamese communities all over the world expressed indignation before the recent crackdown in the country of Hanoi authorities targeted the religious and political dissidents, bloggers and activists Catholic children of Vietnam Redemptorist. The large presence of expatriates Vietnam not only to share with the difficulties, with oppression, with which the people imprisoned in the country are suffering, but also creates a strong message request authorities communist Vietnam to stop every action on the human rights abuses despite the law and public international law. 

Vietnam compatriots overseas not only accompanies thinking, and longing desire for the Democratic brethren in the country but also the determination to persevere in the pursuit to bring the best results of democracy at home through specific actions focused down the road as the protesters Vietnam Embassy in the U.S. city of Houston-in cold weather like today. These efforts, those that desire peace with the spirit and the determination of the local community Vietnam will definitely help bring success in the democratic process of the country, or at least changed little much about the human rights situation in Vietnam in future. Also like the protests also exposed before the international community about the truth and people, Vietnam country today. The truth about Vietnam's communist government persecuted people in the country like when even the many people in the country was also the media, local media conceal information or deliberately distorting the truth. 

The association and the efforts of the Vietnamese community around the world would be a great encouragement for the people of Vietnam in the country. People will see and understand the hardships, the persecution and oppression and that our people in some parts of the country are suffering as lay people, priests, and monks in the parish of Thai Ha, Ha Noi, My Loc parishes and missions of the Diocese of Con Cuong Vinh, bloggers, dissidents and hundreds of Democratic activists, religious activists. Some of these people are suffering from a place doomed in prison, a few lucky ones to escape the miserable lives wandering the place out of country, the rest of them in country, are every day, every hour deal to harass, to crack down with violence recently as blogger Thuc Vy families in Quang Nam Da Nang, demonstrations of patriotism she Members Bui Minh Hang, Falun Gong practitioners .... 

International Human Rights Day this year also help us review the events in the history of human rights in Vietnam, to help us remember the Democratic activists, religious activists respectable which is currently in custody an inhumane way in jail in the state of poor health can lead to life-threatening, such as dissident priest Nguyen Van Ly (sequelae suffered from brain tumors lead to sudden Stroke several times while being held in the past). Nguyen Van Hai News blogger Dieu Cay (who was said to have lost an arm while in custody and no one knows the current status alive or dead). Prisoners Nguyen Huu Cau century political prisoner sentenced to death and then be reduced to life sentences. He has over 29 years of the sentence regardless of the previous five years of forced and is now doomed to continue living in prison with his eyes nearly blind and hundreds of thousands of prisoners suffering other more ...... 


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Demonstrate in front of  VN Consulate General in Houston International Human Rights Day 
Hien Vy, RFA correspondent
In December 1950, the United Nations has officially recognized 10 December each year as International Human Rights Day. Over 60 years have passed but human rights is not strictly enforced in many countries around the world.

Photo by Hien Vy / RFA 
Overseas Vietnamese protested VN Consulate General
 in Houston International Human Rights Day 10 December 2011. 

Commemorate International Human Rights Day this year, the Vietnamese places in the world have street demonstrations before the establishment of State Foreign Affairs Vietnam Hanoi to demand respect for human rights in Vietnam. In Houston, even so cold weather but also gathered a large in front of Consulate General of Vietnam in calling to Hanoi for respect for Human Rights.

Promoting VN government 
"Human Rights for Vietnam. Democracy for Vietnam. Freedom for Vietnam ..."

That's the slogan the protesters shouted and drowned the sound of the wind whistle in the car Saturday afternoon in court, Consulate General of Vietnam. Mr. Vo Duc Quang, head held down the reasons for the protest:

"People in the domestic and overseas always resentful before the human rights violations of the Communist Party. The resentment that lasted thirty years now. Today is International Human Rights Day, a day around where in the world towards the words of Human Rights, so we are here to promote the communist government of Vietnam must remember Human Rights, Human Rights, Human Rights are the basics of human life. "

International Calling 

Police harassment Huynh Thuc Vy families Blogger
 Tuesday 08/11/2011. RFA file photo. 

But Dang Quoc Viet, also in the organizing committee, said the protesters to call for international measures must be taken to the State of Vietnam before the violation of their human rights, while the Hanoi signed recognition Human Rights joining the United Nations:
"In 1982 CSVN signed a recognition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations to participate so we gather today in the Consulate General of Vietnam to protest the suppression of a democracy a moderate suppression of the spiritual leader as well as religion ... is a violation of the UN Charter. CSVN State and trampling the constitution of their own. We demand international action must be made to State law for CS Vietnam about its human rights violations. "

Speak The protesters, a man from France, a man from Washington state, someone from Louisiana. Ms. Tran Anh Tuyet said during family visits, she attended the fellow down the road to Houston because of dissatisfaction before the human rights violations of the State of Vietnam, especially in cases of injustice has happened to the family Huynh Ngoc Tuan at Tam Ky:

"I'm from Seattle, I came here today, along with fellow Houston to speak for the people not as fortunate as us. The current situation in the country very much information on the internet but the latest , the most touching is a violation of human rights for a serious blogger Huynh Ngoc Tuan families and for individuals a frail woman Vy Huynh Thuc. "

A Houston resident, said he was the Quang Nam, he was very proud of  work and Mr. Huynh Ngoc Tuan and Ms. Huynh Thuc Vy's works:

" Our Quang Nam people have a proud Huynh Thuc Vy and Huynh Ngoc Tuan. They are in the country that dare to struggle to bring freedom to the people of Vietnam."

Mr. Trinh Du is also referred to the violation of human rights of the State of Vietnam before the jailing of Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang, Hang participate just because she protests against invasion:

"Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang because the national homeland of Vietnam, her street demonstrations against China also captured her. She was three times arrested in Hanoi. About two weeks ago, Ms. Hang in Saigon protesters are also Saigon police custody. And the latest is her constant pushed in Thanh Ha camp at Vinh Phuc. Ms. Hang doing something that she needs to improve? "

  Video: Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang was detained in Thanh Ha camp 

Do not listen to what CS said 
With many harassed, arrested, detained people in a peaceful struggle in Vietnam, but Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, in last September in New York, has said that government always respects Hanoi human rights of people in Vietnam, said Dang Quoc Viet: work and words of the State of Vietnam does not go together:

"In the course of the world as well as the people of Vietnam have experienced in the statement of CSVN. They say a way and doing another."

It said Peter Nguyen, from Louisiana, the reference to the words of a president of South Vietnam to express their feelings:

"The Vietnam remember the words of President Nguyen Van Thieu: Do not believe what communists say that look what communism doing."

Hien Vy, reporting from Houston.

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