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To add a star to China Flag - WRONG on FOREIGN AFFAIRS or WHAT IMPLIED ONLY?

 The Flag of  China                                             The Flag to welcomes Chinese
                                                                          Vice- President Xi Jinping in Vietnam


In recent days, the people of Vietnam the country and netizens have endless talk of the Vietnam Communist government used flag with six stars instead of 5 to greet Mr. Xi Jinping, vice president China and also the supreme leader instead of China in future. What happened behind the warm welcome this representative of China? a small mistake in diplomacy or an implicit message that the party leaders and authoritarian communist government of Vietnam meant absolute loyalty of communist Vietnam junior to the senior public Chinese as to what has been shown previously sold through the function of the former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong? The answers are being left lane and Vietnamese communities both at home and abroad waiting satisfactory answer from the tyranny of party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam. 

Vietnam's communist government so long remained loyal attitude out of ink with senior Chinese Communist past most foreign policy as well as how to govern the country. Moreover, the communist leaders of Vietnam also appears to favor the open doorway, and easy when hundreds of thousands of citizens to enter the country without a visa or any visa conditions, as well as deliberately ignored all discouraged for Bauxit project by scientists at home and abroad as well as ignored words sincere comments from the retired, the senior leaders including General Vo Nguyen Giap, he, a god is great work in forming and maintaining a communist state under the dictatorship of the proletariat is the cover, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

What the people of Vietnam are now worried that the communist government could betray the country sold out again before the attitude and strange behavior of the authorities in Hanoi during the time when the policy of repression and destroy all thoughts and actions can influence the authorities not good for the Chinese communist state even when they are conducting operations to disrupt plot to carry out the invasion territory and territorial waters of Vietnam. Of us, no longer strangers to the intention of this ancient Chinese were willing to see Vietnam as a province of China, so when this information is distributed across the network as well as internal and external media was no less puzzling over whether there should be more stars in the flag diplomats have welcomed the Chinese delegation to implicitly imply that star represents Vietnam?. Moreover this is matched on The third that was a reception in the high-level diplomatic corps in China. 



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Suspicious around the strange Flag 
Quynh Chi, RFA reporter
The visit of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping in the context of the United States back to Asia are very interested public.

AFP photo 
The baby Vietnam welcomes Chinese Vice President
 Xi Jinping in Hanoi Monday 21/12/2011. 

However, apart from questions about the purpose of his trip, Xi Jinping, public opinion Vietnam still put many doubts surrounding the flag is to appear in a series of images recorded visit of this character.

Add a small star 
Recently, was at least more than once appeared in Vietnam national flag of China image with 6 stars: five small stars beside a big star - other than the official flag of the four home countries small stars around a massive star.

After the visit to Vietnam by Xi past, communities circulating photos Xi is the children's welcome. On the other hand they are Chinese flag with six stars - a house with extra official flag of Beijing. These pictures are of different press agencies, including the BBC published. Immediately, the picture is causing concern for communities, as well as Vietnam. British VB, a blogger, as well as students in Vietnam, said:

"I update the key information from facebook and other blogs blog Nguyen Xuan Dien ... they also found about six star flag. Not my own but other young people in Vietnam are also interested in this matter. "

In fact, the image of the community network recorded, this is the third Chinese flag with six stars appeared in Vietnam. The first was last year at the World Food Festival to be held in Vung Tau. Pictures posted on the blog News Agency UK Gold, a blog reporting on Vietnam, showed a 6 star flag next to the word "China" at a booth. This picture was taken at the World Food Festival to be held in Vung Tau. However, perhaps the presence of this flag in an unimportant events like World Food Festival no doubt put a lot of public opinion until it is registered on state television VTV - organ formal review of the state.

In the evening news 14/10/2011of VTV3 reported on the visit of General Secretary of Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong to China, people see the flag next to the image of Vietnam is a Chinese flag 6 stars, outstanding as always find a home. Set in this context, hard to believe that the flags did not represent both sides of Hanoi and Beijing. This newsletter is then removed down VTV from the archives of the station without explanation. However, the video clip up 14/10/2011 bulletins still on Youtube.

Because the image " strange Flag" of China has appeared on television VTV, for it appears again in the series of pictures of the visit of Xi makes one question for this rejection is product of photoshop. Bao Le Blogger said:

"Talking about the authenticity of the Chinese national flag image is a star more, I do not think it's fake. The first, the VTV posted the message and use this card, I can see clearly. The second, the images were captured on media. Additionally, this was the second (The third) but not the first to say that technical omissions. "

A very special thing again, is the author of the picture recording trip Xi is a correspondent for the foreign news organizations like AFP or Reuters. Vietnam's newspapers also used the image of foreign correspondents to post back. In addition, the visit of Xi given very little and very slowly in Vietnam. This is unusual for the entire trip, while the vice chairman of China occurred in Vietnam.

Whose behalf? 
The above photos are posted by AFP, Reuters, BBC as well as doubts about the failure of the picture almost not in theory. If you watch the footage of the visit of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, will see five star flag used in the meetings.

The baby was in Vietnam with Chinese flags
 on hand today in Hanoi 21/12/2011. AFP photo 

Thus, the use of an unofficial flag of a country to pick a character is about to become the head of that country is a failed diplomatic manner. Worse, it caused a stir in public opinion to find out if the meaning of the Chinese flag.
It is reported that China's national flag was designed by Mr. Tang Lien Tung, who Zhejiang. First sense, the four smaller stars surrounding a massive star represents the five classes of China. However, many studies suggest that massive stars represent ethnic Han. The remaining four stars represent the four ethnic groups: Manchu, Hui, Mongolian, Tibetan. This also raised in the book "Nationalism" - "Nationalism" by Professor James Mayall.

Therefore, the appearance of a star any more on the Chinese flag are worth attention, especially when it appeared in Vietnam in the important events like the visit of Xi . Do not want to be considered "extreme" but do not ignore Bao Le doubt that this new star represents Vietnam. He said:

"Right now, to conclude that the first five small stars represent the map of Vietnam is a little obscure, but for China, Vietnam may have trouble Sea, to the territory. And, from the ancient Chinese were willing to consider Vietnam as a province of their sensitivity to those who see politics as a star, will think it's Vietnam. "

It is too little information to judge that this is a negligence of VTV, the work of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam or the policy of the government. But somehow, the unofficial national flag of China appeared in the aforementioned situation can not be a good benefit for Vietnam. He V.B. said:

"The addition of such a star for Vietnam he had nothing good at all. Bad or not, yet I also confirm that the star refers to Vietnam or not. I am also waiting for the response of the government and people of Vietnam, how ".

Currently, the image of the 6 star flag of China can be found easily online. If this is just a diplomatic error in Vietnam, perhaps it is a valuable lesson for the same behavior in international relations. But if it is a deliberate or policy, perhaps should have a necessary action to explain it clearly.

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