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Valuable lessons FROM protests FOR THE LAND OF THE VILLAGE PEOPLE in O Kham China

                                                             Courtesy nuvuongcongly 
                         Police, soldiers forced the farmers land the three
                         communes of the Union, Lien Bao and Kim Thai -
                         District  Vu Ban, Nam Dinh province in 2010. 


                THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


The Chinese communist government concessions before the angry protests of the people oppressed by the authorities seized their land assets as a result received from the courage and persistence, intolerance of O Kham village people. China's most populous country in the world (over a billion people) and has been condemned by world governments use violence claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people including students in bloody crackdown at Tiananmen square in 1989. Now they have to step down before the wave of extreme indignation of the people who persecuted and driven into a corner willing to trade all right to accept the sacrifice of the lives of myself. 

This is extremely valuable lesson for both governments and citizens in solving disputes over land property which had existed for a long time in Vietnam and caused suffering to so many people. For people to draw valuable lessons from what the Chinese people have shown for the struggle for right, for justice, that the legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam. Prolonged fear and bladder before the events are complicated society is indirectly compromise with the wrong actions, with the suffering that the party and the communist government of Vietnam has caused people for long. 

For the state government Vietnam should consider this a lesson for himself. The leaders of the party and government at all levels need to remember that violence, threats, harassment or arrest and detained is not effective measures, because it only causes confusion, anxiety and even the fear for the people matter, they are only at a certain time, not only can make people's heart is completely collapsed, and when free from fear that the rise of the public will be terrible look like tsunami washed away all possible things including power and inhumane rule of a dictatorship as to what group the Communist Party leadership and State Vietnam  is doing now. The only truly respect the truth, honor justice and respect for human rights is radically new regime that can maintain long-term survival in people's hearts. 



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 Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Villagers protest in O Kham ended after the government's concessions to China 
Residents in the village in Kham rebellion in South China ended a massive demonstration to protest against local authorities, after officials suggested concessions to resolve their complaints. Villagers oppose land seizures and the death of a resident, this happens when the sentence was up.

Stephanie Ho

Picture: AP 
The people in O Kham protest what they considered to be land confiscated
 indiscriminately, and local government corruption. 

The latest incident in O Kham began back in September. Initially, the angry residents held noisy demonstrations to protest the local government, they were denounced to have confiscated their land for use in development projects.

Protests escalated this week after he, Mr. Tiet Cam Ba, an activist was arrested in the protests, then died during a police arrest. Authorities say he died of natural causes, but his relatives said he was beaten violently. The family has not recovered the bodies of victims.

Today, the village representatives in O Kham opened reconciliation talks with the provincial authorities. During the meeting, officials agreed to release three other men were also arrested during the protests in September, and review the cause of his death, Tiet Cam Ba.

The villagers welcomed the promise of local government. He said he hoped officials will keep their promises. He said villagers showed their agreement by removing the barriers blocking the road, while police withdrew from the scene.

For more than a week, residents in O Kham has blocked the main street leading to the village, and the pursuit of local officials from the village of indignation about the land confiscation and Details of his death.

Although the protests ended in the meantime, Ms. Zhang, a different village, said she and neighbors are closely what happens next.

Ms. Zhang said if the authorities do not solve the problem, in Kham village residents will continue to campaign against. She said the villagers very angry and indignant about the authorities can arrest a person like Mr. Tiet Cam Ba, and then, She says  "beat him to death."

At a news conference earlier in the week, Nhan Trinh Hung, secretary of the city of Son Vi, managing village in Kham, villagers criticized the act for which he is "disturbing" them.

Zhang said that local authorities had spent a lot of money to allocate hundreds of armed police to the surrounding villages.

He urge the villagers go to sympathize with the local officials, he says, are struggling in life.

He said the officials responsible for the growing, while their rights to decline. He said the public has become more difficult and more demanding, and in his words, become "difficult administration."

Ms. Sharon Hom, the advocacy organization Human Rights Watch Human Rights in China, said that the incident in the village in O Kham reflects a significant change in the attitudes of ordinary Chinese people, now no longer simply accept receive explanations of the authorities on everything again.

She single-appointed public outrage after a train accident in the town of Wenzhou, eastern China, occurring in July, as an example of similar incidents in the village in  O Kham.

She said: "This is a claim requires increasing responsibility in incidents like this. And we see it as a required part of the responsibility and say the truth in the railway accident in Wenzhou - wrath of the people because that is not true.

And though the news media of the state of things happen in very few in O Kham, the Chinese people joined a lively debate on the Internet.

Many comments welcome way of solving the tensions in the violence, while some say that the villagers in O Kham has achieved a victory. However, others expressed concerns that after the public's attention faded away, the authorities will track down the organizers of the protest.

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