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Night light candles for Human Rights in Paris on Human Rights DAY this year has prompted hearts desire Freedom of millions of people living on the entire planet, especially the people are doomed to suffer life under the inhuman rule of the Communist regime of Vietnam today. The Vietnamese even anywhere in the world also share a common ideal of Liberty, and always his heart to his home where his parents to the people still have to buckle his enduring persecution, harassment arrested and imprisoned for daring to speak only for the freedom and Democracy. Even want to express patriotism against foreign invaders, invaded the homeland territory, now also took custody of such intentions in mind only because of the thoughts and concepts that patriotism is not the same intentions of the dark and evil dictator group leaders and the communist party of Vietnam.

International Human Rights Day every year is the time, an opportunity for people living in the national Liberal Democrats cried out for human rights and freedom for their fellow Democrats. An opportunity for those who are currently living in a dictatorship, atheistic communist regime speak to the International denounce the suppression of human rights actions of the government for the people. Denunciations of acts prohibited, all basic human rights including the right to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech ..... is the time to remind the leaders in democratic countries should care more about the violations of human rights in authoritarian countries and also prompted the authoritarian leaders in the communist countries take to improve the human rights situation worse in their homeland, to listen and respect for truth, justice, respect for and full implementation of all commitments right on International Civil and Political Rights as well as all provisions in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

Accompanied by joint action of the Vietnamese community overseas, the Vietnamese in country should express more about their views about the status of serious violations of human rights in Vietnam today. We do not act alone but accompanied us to great efforts and determination from the International Human Rights organizations, the National Liberal Democrats as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada Switzerland, Norway ...... and the most important advantage is the desire for Freedom and Democracy own every one of us would be a prerequisite in the democratic process of the country and make will definitely bring success beyond everyone's expectations. No glory does not pay, no win no harmless, but the expense and injury to the common goal of humanity, of freedom and peace is essential to sacrifice.


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Night light candles for Human Rights in Paris
Tuong An RFA correspondent
December 10 each year has been the United Nations General Assembly selected as International Human Rights Day.

Photo by Tuong An / RFA
Night light candles for Human Rights in Paris on Dec. 10, 2011.

On this day in 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States said the UN representative to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this history in Paris, France.

December 10 last, also in this place, the Association of Asian nations struggle for Human Rights has held candlelight night to cheer for Human Rights and also to remember those who have been imprisoned for fighting for Human Rights, please follow your audience's narrative of Tuong An correspondent sent from Paris.

Every year on December 10, the Association of Asian nations struggle for Human Rights will celebrate the United Nations General Assembly has chosen to adopt the Declaration on human rights in the land of history, where 63 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was born. This year is the 5th, to organize the Association of Human Rights on students at St Michel, Paris.

The St. Located between the Boulevard Saint Michel and Michel Danton Road District 5, where the poet Nguyen Sa is known as the neighborhood school because it has many universities, there is the famous Sorbonne University. In the cold atmosphere of Paris, lights up a corner of the site are the candles are lit to cheer for the struggle for Democracy, Human Rights and also to honor the victims of persecution, imprisonment guilty struggling to flatten any discrimination, oppression, violence for the underdog in society.

For freedom and democracy

The picture of the dissident Liu Xiaobo
 on the wall Grand Hotel in Oslo
 on December 10, 2010. AFP photo

He Htin Kyaw, the Burmese community to know why he is present tonight:
"Because there are nearly 2000 Burmese political prisoners in Burma and there is no law, and their persecution of ethnic minorities, burning houses, raping women. Burma has absolutely no political freedom.

So join us today for a demonstration demanding freedom and democracy for Burma. We need to pressure from the Interational. We hope the world will help us fight for democracy and human rights of Asian countries. "

Association of Asian nations struggle for Human Rights (la Fédération des Pays pour les Droits de l'Asiatiques Homme, FPADH) was established in 2007's event the Burmese military junta suppressed the democracy movement and monks in the country.

Association consists of seven regular representation is: Tibet, Burma, Democratic China, Taiwan, Xinjiang and Vietnam, these are the countries where human rights are not respected properly.

For Mr Wong Longman, a former student joined protests in Tiananmen Square, this day has a special meaning:

"Very important, because the special status of Human Rights in the Asian countries is not possible, such as in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China. Especially in China, because I'm an ex- Tiananmen student.

I monitor the human rights situation in Asia and China has 22 years, I want to say that the human rights situation in China is bad. For example, in Tibet, many Tibetan monk imprisoned again, many journalists and writers of ethnic Oui-Ghour imprisoned and accused of terrorism.

Today we have discovered in Mongolia Chinese authorities claimed the land, robbing people's mines without compensation. Many journalists and writers have disappeared, I would emphasize to you as a writer Khada was missing from when he left prison. "

To point his finger to the badges are worn on the chest shirt, he continued:

"Luu Hieu Ba was imprisoned three years, which is why I bring this badge to remind people not to forget him. He was the Nobel Peace Prize last year, but for now, he still of imprisonment. "

Propagation of human rights

Police escorted Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu to the
 People's Court of Hanoi am on 4-4-2011. 
AFP photo.

International Human Rights Day this year in addition to light candles to pray for truth and justice, for those imprisoned, persecuted, and to share the joy of the community to hear Burma democracy leader of them - Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi was released after nearly 15 years been under house arrest Burmese authorities. Also do not forget to pray for the dissidents still being alive in captivity in Vietnam.
Ms. Flowers, a Paris citizen participation protesters speak her mind:

"Night light candles today for Vietnam has a special meaning. First we must know our present Vietnam is one country ruled by a dictatorship, party, thereby people are unaware of their human rights, the second is that if no reference to international breaches, Tuesday because the problem is that VN. citizens because of rice coat, top off the dark, unknown to what their rights.

Through such assertions, we find that there should be many more such days to let people know about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations, to know that they have the right, human right and that right must be respected by everyone. Special significance today is to tear the dark night to cover the country is VN and the country is ruled by a dictatorship. Monday, lighting up the conscience of mankind, not ignoring the human rights abuses.

Light candles tonight is to not forget those who persecuted rudely that is typical of Cu Huy Ha Vu was sentenced to be ridiculous. Anh Nguyen Tien Trung also expressed his love for the country, be imprisoned, and Professor Pham Minh Hoang also due to his contribution to nation building that is also captured very vain.

Especially during this candlelight, we want communion with Thai Ha Catholic community and especially young Catholics in Vinh, just for expressing their patriotism, be imprisoned for no reason but to this day not yet know what they were arrested and detained at all. "

Advocacy and support

Palden Choetso Nun self-immolation
 November 3, 2011 to protest the persecution
 of Chinese rule of Tibet.
 Photo courtesy of Central Tibetan Administration.

Square St. Michel, we see the flags representing the different countries such as Tibet, Burma, Vietnam, etc. ... and the banner in French, Tibetan, Vietnamese with content called Liberal Democratic Home and Human Rights for their country.
When asked about the human rights situation in Tibet, Mr. Armand Clere of the Tibetan community said:

"In Tibet absolutely no human rights. From the Chinese army invaded Tibet for more than 60 years, Tibet has no respect for human rights. Communist China has destroyed many temples and killed worse than 1 million 200 thousand people that is 20% Tibetan population in Tibet.

Since March this year there were 16 Tibetan monk self-immolation and the Master of which 7 died. Then Chinese troops surrounded and isolated Wat temple Kerty not eating as well as medicines. China's military has arrested 300 monks and until now no one of their news. We call on the international campaign to stop China's persecution of Tibetans to live in peace and democracy. "

Despite being French, but he has struggled for years for freedom of the Tibetan people, since its founding this Association, in which he was also in on Human Rights, he reasons:

"I joined the protest because I am a supporter of the struggle of the Tibetan people for years. If the Asian countries together, we will be larger and more dynamic to revive human rights in other Asian countries.

Tonight a special thought for celebrating 63 years on human rights, but human rights were not made on all the nations of the world. I think the freedom of not doing enough to require human rights to States do not have human rights. "

The theme of the night and light candles for Human Rights today is toward the candle, Sing for Freedom, singing used to the pain, sharing a common, to share feelings and also the time when the heart beats the same general a rhythm with the fellow was in prison the other side of the globe.

Mr. Tran Nghia Hiep, a member of the Hung Ca said:

"The duty of every person we all know that at home, no more human rights, so that year I also plan not the first time since the Vietnam Human Rights demonstrations. The special anymore Hung Ca brothers and sisters we are fighting for human rights in Vietnam.

In earlier when I sing my country Vietnam Beautiful coat I wore: Warrior We Are Human Rights (Human Rights for VietNam). So always have demonstrations for Human Rights, Freedom for Vietnam, we are there. "

The theme of Human Rights Day is "Happy Human Rights" (Celebrate Human Rights). In 2011 a year is considered "exceptional", "revival" of human rights and freedom around the world.

High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations, Ms. Pillay Navy, on 01.12.2011, there were speeches about the progress of the human rights movement in the year. According to her, the effort requires respect for human dignity, the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 63 th anniversary this year, has become universal with the particular action in all over the world about.

However, in practice, respect human rights, respect for human dignity is still a vague concept in a party state, totalitarian world. The candle lit St Square. Today Michel is an undeniable proof.

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