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Student arrested mysteriously in Saigon for being 'anti-state "



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Vietnam's communist government continues to take actions violating human rights and trampling international law when making the arrest of a new mysterious case of a student, Nguyen Thien Thanh, 22-year-old, university student food technology Saigon. Like the case of 15 activists young Catholics before, he had been confusing missing for nearly three months after being released from prison with his younger brother is also a student Nguyen Thien Khanh, 19 years old, students in information technology university capital Saigon was arrest last Thursday 19-09-2011 at police Dong Hung Thuan Ward, District 12 of Saigon was originally charged with the authorities informed the family and he is "guilty race" but then quickly amended to violate Article 88 of "propaganda against the regime." 

Their family then had been harassed and threatened not to contact with foreign media and most of commit to paper do not have the complaint or denounce them. Vietnam's communist government has increasingly disregard the law and public opinion at home and abroad. The fear response or foreign media and committed to not only appeal to serious violations of legal rights of the people but also indirectly expose the truth about public opinion and action against illegal cross laws of this state dictatorship. Things become more serious when the government increased the persecution, arrests and detention of opposition voices in the country arbitrarily. They are ready to put on anyone vague offenses such as propaganda against the regime, the national security violations, or conspiracy to overthrow the government .... etc. ... 

Contrary to the previously announced international public opinion in Vietnam that no arrest or detention of political prisoners, is the picture of widespread arrests and arbitrary for people in the country. Although the Communist government of Vietnam has tried to try to cover up and conceal all information and images relating to the activities and suppression of unlawful arrest, but the boom technology current information, any wrongful act that has been clearly exposed before the public opinion at home and abroad. But what makes all the current concern of people is that even when all the facts are exposed to light, the communist government of Vietnam has proved to be relaxed and then the age-old argument that this person was arrested for violation of the law of Vietnam and that the other countries should not interfere in internal affairs of Vietnam. 


Students arrested in the Sai Gon City as 'anti-state' 
Update: 07:58 GMT - Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Two brothers Khanh and Thanh joined protests
 against China 

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A student of information technology in Ho Chi Minh was 'missing' for almost three months after government custody on charges of propaganda against the state, his family alleged.

His father, Nguyen Thien Thanh, 22 years old, University Student Food Industrial City, told the BBC that on 19 / 9 The police were in Dong Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, overflows into the motel and arrested.

Along with the City was arrested brother named Nguyen Thien Khanh, 19, also a student of information technology Saigon University.

After police interrogation, the two brothers Khanh and Thanh have been released, but their father on next morning he said 'The younger man discovered suddenly disappeared leaving no traces what has been almost three months now '.

Thien Thanh fled? 

The father of Thanh and Khanh, Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong, said people around the inn is close to 40 told that, police surrounded the inn lane ends before overflowing into the house and began rummaging through his two sons off.

He said on the day that his son was arrested, while he was cooking at home in Ward 4, Tan An town, Long An province, the police ward , the provincial public security and to invite him to the office of the police work because his son guilty 'race'.

I know that police are still guarding it from my child and not permit him home. " 

Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong 

"By the way, I know that my children were taken away by police," he said, "But I do not know what the problem is catching on."

Soon after, his wife has to find the motel and saw their homes 'very cumbersome'.

He went to police headquarters Dong Hung Thuan Ward is not been asking by the police. But then he was informed that his son violated 88 of the Penal Code.

"They told my child made the website to defame the government, keep the flag of three rods (of the Saigon government) on the site and plot to bomb at the statue of Uncle Ho," he said.

The day after Khanh called and informed him that Mr. Thanh have 'disappeared'.

Mr. Thuong asked the police to Long An province and was told that his son had fled, and forced him to recognize that he knows his son is hiding.

"In the bag it [City] has no money and papers [because police kept all], how  it might go away?," He asks, "I know that police are still guarding my child and not permit him home. "

Track day and night

Mr. Thuong said Long An provincial police also had a meeting to investigate interrogated him about his relationships, on whether the funding for the study of his two children.

They threatened if he did not admit that his son had escaped, they will cause the pressure to school expel him, Khanh.

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He also accused the police had asked him to write a guarantee is not a complaint as well as an interview with foreign press.

Also on the Nguyen Thien Khanh, Mr. Thuong said that although Mr. Khanh went back to school, but 'there is always 5, 6 followers on the day and night'.

"It [Khanh] to buy, where to go, even to the well being tracked," he said, "They even have the words and actions, such as lack of courteous driving to touch my child's feet."

"I saw on my visit, my child was to sleep in the home that is outside the locked door," he added.

He is the former monks of United Buddhist Church of Vietnam . After this church was banned, he left the priesthood and returned home to practice at home.

According to a source that the BBC has been able Nguyen Thien Thanh is in custody at the base of 4 Phan Dang Luu Phu Nhuan of security agencies.

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