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Christmas night of a bishop mountain and government interference


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Articles and pictures of great Christmas day in a mountainous area was the Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh of Kontum diocese bishop celebrated Mass union says it needs and the desire to welcome God's Christmas Catholics in the area poor but rich in faith and love God. Especially people Bahnar, the people of the poor hill.
 However, besides that beloved image is the image that villain very unsightly and not acceptable. Dozens of police and civil defense appeared just before the Church gates block all motorcycles and chased the laity to communion at Mass, not allow come-in the Church. Unsightly image reflected on the correctness and completeness of the so-called freedom of religion in Vietnam. 

The communist government of Vietnam will have to answer before the public opinion at home and abroad How about violations of religious freedom rights of the people? Right in an official Church parish activity that was allowed the laity to have the right to take part in Church to attend Mass most of in the celebration day of Catholic Christmas, but was prevented by government. Ask where the law? Where is justice? freedom of religion and the state capital of Vietnam stipulated in the law, national constitutions and in the edicts of religious government was issued is this here? Church of the laity to attend mass in a decent, lawful, but was prevented because the pretext for what? They were in violation of any law in  Vietnam? 

Vietnam state government can not continue to have the wrong actions like this forever. The right to religious freedom is a fundamental legal rights of children who were provided dinhy clear and complete in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the state has been recognized by Vietnam in the Constitution State law and the edicts of religious government. Vietnam's communist government can not cite any reason to interfere with the lawful activities of religious people, especially those living in the state for the days of religious celebration. The obstructing Religious activities are lawfully condemned. If the government of Vietnam continues to maintain the wrong policy above is indirectly push people must come to oppose the government. 


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Kontum: Christmas night of a bishop mountain

Posted 12/26/11 at 9:47 cheoreo By Morning Kontum: Đêm Giáng Sinh của một Giám mục miền núi

VRNs (12/26/2011) - Gia Lai - Medium Chau Khe church in the afternoon on 24/12/2011, approximately 17 hours 10 minutes, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, Bishop of the Diocese of Kontum hurry to visit the children in residence Mary Immaculate Parish Chau Khe, a poor neighborhood behind the church Chau Khe where has been repeatedly asked by local authorities whether removal of this place a home for underprivileged children, lack of light light of cultural and religious needs.

The wind was getting stronger with a cold moist climate than fog, strong winds blowing scare scare themselves on a slope, the Bishop is going to tape up the gradient to the south residence along with Father Joseph Cao Dinh Van . This is the house construction in progress, the following short space before, the wall behind you can see sunlight into large pieces. Bishop kindly visit and encourage children, I always wished that "love and live the spirit of Jesus Christ is the love God love people in brotherly solidarity because we are all children God, are born from a father. "

leave the Chau Khe church, Bishop entourage visited the school on the poor Yot over 110km from the center of Pleiku, the Bishop visited a Catholic family representing 40 families have not been directed here allowed to chapel, Church of God at the throne of this country, but local authorities have been several times to ask "health".

The road from Highway 19 turns into Yot village became more narrow and difficult, rugged with wavy red earth, collapsed at rising time, dust darkened the sky, woe to anyone who went behind the car. On arrival, the first Bishop reverently bowed to the Infant Jesus in a small cave door. He visited the owner of the land, buildings, places of worship, prayer of the faithful and the Bishop of this place fun to share with the landlord. The road to it was hard to please people more difficult. People do not want our religious worship God the more we desire to know God better. Where the more restrictive the grace of God to flourish and become more abundant there.

It was getting dark, the road to Yot village more difficult than, the car should run very slowly to get enough light for the vehicle in the group behind. Welcoming Bishop has about hundred children and more than 600 Catholic people in the region are in uniform most of the ethnic brocade. Parishioners lined up along the way leading to the chapel as well as good wine gong to sing to celebrate the Catholic Bishop to visit the poor and troubled about religion.


Weather getting harder as the temperature drops below 14o C, the cold like a knife cutting into flesh, bone cold from cold to make the people of God community, especially children pale lip singing but still high , the rhythm by clapping heartwarming words of the people with the Word of God and place the poor sheep.

Concelebrated with Bishop Michael Joseph Cao Dinh Van Mass celebrates Christmas as a man dying on the cross to redeem mankind with noble love. Bishop shared the word of God with the community where God's people in both Vietnamese and Bahnar language: "We have access to any place else on earth, we have seen worms that are going to visit a search for God that worship. If someone just draw the obvious they know what you worship that is God, the Father of his people. Without knowing someone they worship guide for everything from the faith of religion is that people are longing to find that no drawing only. We see Jesus into the world to remind people that give us and our mission is to bring good news to everyone, all creatures .... ".

Before the blessing, Bishop invited Father Cao reading Christmas 2011 Letter of the Bishop of the Diocese of Kontum for God's people listen to the community better understand the current difficulties of the Church, inviting people to live under the laws of God ' Dear God love ', inviting people to accompany the Church on the arduous journey that God gives to cross country his Vietnam.

When the Mass ended, the Bishop blessed the bread and gave bread to the children. He graciously handed the baby and  bless each of them. Trafficking of poor physical Yot education in remote areas in the Mang Yang but is very rich respect and love for God. They attend Mass in the communion of love fever pray, listen intently to every word Father share. Many moms and dads take their children on the back. The side belt, wrap the outside of the baby quilts to keep warm, sleep while Mass. The father, a mother with her child as the child gradually set to listen to the word of God was still in the neonatal age as spiritual food for all our hope, trust that their children will become Christians that direction and keep life-giving law of God.

Bishop replaced the jacket ceremony in a chapel next to the laity and the owner treats the union Bishop the soup of poor country. Bishop pretty tired and hungry for more from noon to 8 pm, but he ate nothing but ginger tea Father Father Dominic Tran It invites them to take time to visit the Immaculate Boarding Chau Khe. Smoke Comfort in a bowl of plastic soup untouched from Bishop Michael tablespoon each draw enthusiastic and delicious food without the slightest fear of the poor. Both groups use the soup along with him, the landlord kept looking at how people eat queer pride is mixed route through sharp laugh, cheerful. The receiver was fun, people giving away more than ten thousand times more fun, love the Lord is righteous in every person and every people here also express God's love as "love one another brothers as I loved you so. "
Vehicle rolled back to the main road after the arduous journey, to continue to come with the church in Phu Yen H'ra celebrate Mass for Father Christmas and blessings for the 52 children in the Eucharist (in including 28 girls) to confession first communion.

Phu Yen H'ra On the way, do not forget to wish Father Christmas An overflow Protestant and grace on all brothers and sisters in the parish Chau Khe to know the children and this is where the choir May The Forum Jesus' life.


At the church gate Chau Khe, about 10 police and civil defense wears order to block all motorcycles and chasing away parishioners communion Forum Prayer are not allowed into the church. The police and civil defense asked the church to "go here? go Huh? out of space here and parking, go away "even though Catholics say is 'go ceremony' but still pushed off the road before the gate of the church. Religious freedom is like that? when it is faithful to the Lord Lamb of God Mass or do not violate the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam while he was the police, civil defense in the way, forbid? Christmas celebrates God is Great Festival worldwide, despite the pressing direction are not allowed to prevent religious freedom on holidays, spending Christmas alone Chau Khe parish church official allow religious activities in Mang Yang. In our opinion, Gia Lai authorities should review the multitude of cultural behavior, lack of ethics and lack of understanding of who in the name of public security, civil defense is the party's ranks to make the party's dirty face or not very.


In Phu Yen H'ra Mass was Father Michael and Father Paul Nguyen Van Cong parish concelebrated at the front of the church with the participation of more than 2,000 people at 21 hours 10 minutes and in two languages  Bahnar and Kinh.

The children had just finished the Eucharist sacramental Confession and First Holy Communion sat front row in the same uniform Bahnar communion pray love fever. Attending Mass together here, lay outside the parish but there are many parties to celebrate nativity, especially the choir today, attended by four Nuns of Dominican Sacred Heart in the presence of Superior General of Mother Teresa Pham Thi Bach Tuyet of the Monastery.

Church campus capacity is limited, parishioners spilled outside courtyard sitting pretty crowded. Can be counted more than 100 people have children in infancy Minor chest belt and the cotton blanket or towel wrapped brocade outside, there are those who cover this sheet on both mother and child to escape the cold highlands of late as terrible. There are many people shivering, his teeth hit each other, each co ro in crisp purple brocade dress simple but still persevering in the Lord seated communion, do not move or speak, out of distraction.

Bishop wanted to share the word of God as his brothers always remember that 'we are all children of God, is brothers should have known to live in brotherhood love one another. Since only new love can overcome evil, only new love conquering evil, only love can do everything a person should only love our new life as a human right people '. Bishop shared words like mantle of God's love all the children covered him from fear, reinforcing faith in each person, making people realize that the front end we have water is directed to heaven to have a better attitude. Bishop's blessing and peace for all the children had just finished the sacrament of Holy Eucharist First Holy Communion Confession, Communion they are both the Body and Blood of Christ.

Father Paul Nguyen Van Cong celebrate Christmas read by Michael Bishop for the community to hear. After Mass, Father of the community invited to linger late at night is getting food sandwiches by the group 'Saigon protect life and you' do Redemptorist Father Joseph Le Quang Uy charge donation. The children were receiving many different bubbles in a strange love for 'travel awards ceremony that'.

Although quite tired but Bishop Michael has not been resting, he followed the right profile and her superiors of the laity more than twenty, BVSS group, group Chances Saigon compassion, communication and brothers Kontum GP VRNs Dominican to visit the newly opened Sacred Heart Parish H'ra a few hundred meters. Bishop and all night divers swim in the dark on winding dirt roads, winding, meander to the line in the freezing, the moment every moment is blowing on your hands to keep warm.

The simple lines of wood with tile background is sparse but Mgr half kidding when He says that "if the coin falls down here, only the loss but how could find." Bishop and a group of people climbed the stairs to the high clam upstairs, the rest stand in the same communion of prayer, prayer. Father has blessed the house, shaking the house allows water from upstairs to the ground, from the outside lane in order to "peace and grace of God will be with this family home, for God's blessings on those who want to bring love love of God to the suffering poor, humble. "

Mother Superior General thanks on behalf of the Bishop, with a small gift instead of a heart dedicated to the Father but He just put his hand on the gift "as I got."

Picture a rustic bishop, true nature, simple but rich in God's love has lit the fire for life, for the lighting, especially the poor suffering people of God all over Active: Central Highlands.

Giera Nguyen - Nguyen Quan TT, VRNs

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