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Vancouver Canada, Pictures communion with Thai Ha Parish

                          World Peace Day 2012. Benedict XVI Pope urged the young
                          generation a strong commitment to the Justice and Peace.

             THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

The Thai Ha parish were persecuted by communist authorities in Vietnam for years and serious incidents in recent times that many people for both follow religion and no religion are indignant at the brazen and any observe the principles of the Hanoi government. The protest culminated after a series of actions offend the priests and monks of the Redemptorists of Thai Ha, Hanoi, as well as of Scripture from the authorities has led wrath of Catholics boom led to protest marches by priests, Religious and laity of Thai Ha parish in last December 2011. Now, things are no longer the privacy of the Thai Ha parish, which is a common concern of the Catholic community both at home and abroad.

A series of candlelight ceremony of prayer, fellowship and share with the general pain of Vietnam Catholic Church and the pain of each parish as the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, My Loc parishes, Catholic Con Cuong, The diocese of Vinh  v. ... v. .. the parishes and communities and abroad to make a solemn and dignified manner. Especially the deep concern of the majority of the people of Vietnam in Oversea as the United States, Australia, Canada, France ...... with their hearts and share in communion with the intestinal cells their flesh is still doomed to live under inhuman rule of the atheist communist regime in his homeland Vietnam. Especially for Priests, Religious and lay people are now suffering the violent persecution and injustice today.

Not only for prayers and share with the parish, with the victims of the violence, repression and persecution but we also need to harmony voices to form a strong enough force, an essential courageous spirit of unity, wisdom and insight to be more active in preventing acts of religious violence, vandalism and divisive in the community between Religious and non-Religious , undermining national unity to serve the evil intentions and behavior of black communist government of Vietnam. As the Holy Father said Benedict XVI said in the message of World Peace Day 2012 that the young should be more committed, more powerful for the human mission, the goal of creation of Justice and Peace. The engagement is not afraid to sacrifice hard time today's young generation will provide a solid foundation for social justice, true civilization where all fundamental rights and human dignity is respected a thoroughly.


Vancouver Canada Pictures communion with Thai Ha Parish
Posted 18/12/11 at 11:18 By cheoreo Afternoon

Hình ảnh Vancouver Canada hiệp thông với Giáo xứ Thái Hà  VRNs (18/12/2011) - Canada - December 17, 2011, relative  countrymen of Religious and non- Religious of Church in Vancouver, BC, Canada got together and marched Mass communion prayer, towards the Thai Ha parish.

  Vancouver - Canada communion with Gx. Thai Ha pray for justice and religious freedom in Vietnam ...

  This session by CDNV / VG Vancouver held on 17.12.2011

  After protesters demanded justice, the delegation moved to the chapel to Mass by Father Vincent Nguyen Tuan presided

  The countrymen include Religious and non- Religious Church is turning towards Thai Ha parish.

  VRNs instead of thanking the Thai Ha parish sent to the Vietnamese community in Vancouver Canada

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