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Messages- open letter to President


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Professor Hue Chi, who chaired the review of site location to Vietnam, Vietnam Bauxite page spoke in public about the work he along with several former government officials, the Doctor, the Office sent to He Truong Tan Sang, President, Socialist Republic of Vietnam protest over the arrest and sent to an educational reform is unlawful for Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang, who took part in the expression for situation as "Hoang Sa - Truong Sa" and violations against China to invasde the Sea- island of Vietnam during the summer. The letter stressed the special lane state government intimidation and indiscriminate arrests of citizens expressing their political views peacefully and whether this is an issue unconstitutional, immoral of human State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and serious violations of international conventions on human rights that Vietnam has joined and signed.

The open letter on such a message is sent first to the leader of the Communist Party and government of Vietnam to reflect the no law situation in the country today and speak on behalf of people Their legitimate aspirations of the human rights of lawful citizens including the rights such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech that were trampled by the communist government of Vietnam and rudely stripped throughout the years. Besides, in addition to show people see and understand the basic human right that people are naturally inherited by the protection of the law, the State Constitution and international law, the message above also reminded that not all people are not understanding the law and what state government want is to do well.

Generally, the open letter is also a strong message not only warns the party leaders and totalitarian communist state of Vietnam on the accidental present law, as well as serious cases of violation human rights but also the implicit call to the people be aware of the responsibilities of citizens in expressing their determination to demand social justice, justice requires to be executed properly and fully as human rights are required to adhere to in Vietnam. The desire is expressed through letters sent to him, State President Truong Tan Sang and government to respect the law and the Constitution by state regulations. Also, make full implementation of the responsibilities and obligations before the international commitments on human rights, which Vietnam has acceded to, signed as a member of the United Nations.


Messages- open letter to President
National Level

BBC Vietnamese

Update: 17:07 GMT - Saturday, December 31, 2011

Giáo sư Huệ Chi
Professor Hue Chi did not expect a response letter,
 but expect people to understand the message behind it.

The site co-chair of the intellectual criticism of Vietnam, Vietnam Bauxite, just speak from the country, told the BBC that the open letter demanding the State President to release a 'patriotic demonstrations' new 31/12/2011 to Monday night, is actually a
 Mutilple message.

Explaining the motivation behind the letter sent the end year demanding President Truong Tan Sang to release Bui Thi Minh Hang, Professor Nguyen Hue Chi said he and the group policy, sign the letter and do not hope the recipients right 'answer' or 'fixing' these letters, but said it was a message sent to all people in the country to report a status, which he called " no laws" in Vietnam .

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"In general, very little hope. I have no hope where," Professor Hue Chi predict the BBC on Saturday about the impact and effectiveness with leaders of the open letter.

"Look at those above, we do not question of hope, but we are questioning him, whatsoever, sent a letter to them also not too wasted. But the fact that sent a letter to the entire nation, "said Professor Hue Chi.

In order for people to know that we still have a lot of people are awake, still lucid reason, not made us become the cows. We can only hope that "

Professor Hue Chi

"To make people aware that we still have a lot of people are awake, lucid reason is, not made us become the cows. We have little hope that it," expert literature interpretation of ancient Vietnam.

Professor Hue Chi said his reason, among others send open letter, has been selected as Chairman Professor Sang is "impressed" on a number of recent moves by Mr. Sang to the problem of land ownership Water:

"I was very impressed by Mr. Truong Tan Sang in his travel to India, and Philippines to link with them to create a force that is sure to make Vietnam more powerful counterweight to China (TQ ), "Professor Hue Chi said.

Chủ tịch Trương Tấn Sang (trái)
President Truong Tan Sang (center)
 visits the Ban Gioc falls  in Vietnam - China.

"For Mr Truong Tan Sang, we looked at him with a look relatively different from the others, because we see him with positive actions.

"Just as Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung recently declared openly in the National Assembly is the Hoang Sa is being robbed by China, China was invaded. A candid attitude."

But researchers complain that cultural leaders in the country on a "disregard" the people and thus reaffirm his "no hope" at all:

"We write to suggest that 85 million people in the country is not the cows, which is the people. They know how to live, think they know and they know their rights. The longer present, we have treatment than cows, "said Professor Hue Chi.

'Three demands'

Annul all the documents of the State had violated the Convention which Vietnam has signed, participation and contrary to the Constitution "

In open letter Requirements

The "Letter to the State President Truong Tan Sang," the group policy was implemented from 25 December, the authorities alleged unconstitutional conduct when arrested citizen Bui Thi Minh Hang, who has been involved in the protest because the Paracels - Spratlys and violations against China Sea Islands Vietnam since last summer.

"The forced Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang in educational establishments and the arrest, detention, intimidation of citizens expressing their political views peacefully as contrary to morality, contrary to the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , violating the International Convention on Human Rights, which Vietnam has signed, participating, "wrote an open letter.

Advocates, sign and send the letter also said that a civilized rule of law is "not a citizen was arrested, imprisoned or sent to the reeducation camp while have no" pending the court's ruling.

Of open files made three proposals to the president of the State as follows:

Công dân Bùi Thị Minh Hằng
Open letter calls to free citizens Hang Bui signed by
 many intellectuals, doctors and public people in the country.

"Consider released immediately to Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang; request the authorities to terminate the act of obstructing, threatening citizens expressed their concern for the situation of the country;"

"Considering the abolition of all the documents of the State had violated the Convention which Vietnam has signed, participation and conflict with the Constitution, particularly the provisions' application on the basis of measures taken education 'of the Ordinance on Handling of Administrative Violations in 2002 and amended and supplemented in 2008' by the National Assembly Standing Committee promulgated.

Open letter signed by dozens, including many intellectuals, human Graduate is widely known locally as the Nguyen Tan Vinh, Major General, former member of the Party Central Committee, former Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam in China, the professor Nguyen Hue Chi, Ngo Duc Tho, Nguyen Dong Yen, Hoang Xuan Phu ...

There is also signed by Dr. Nguyen Quang A, Nguyen Xuan Dien, Dang Ngoc Lan, Nguyen Hong Kien, writers: Nguyen Ngoc Vu Ngoc Tien, Tran concessions and others.

Professor Nguyen Hue Chi and writer Nguyen Ngoc in union protests against
 Chinese aggression

Bui Thi Minh Hang in a demonstration against Chinese aggression

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