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Freedom of the press under control, the cause of corruption is widespread IN VIETNAM

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Public reaction more powerful than before the arrest of Tuoi Tre reporter Hoang Khuong when he made an investigative series about the negative public security traffic. Why people who have a positive long-term process in the movement against the negative and eliminate the corruption rampant in the capital of Vietnam and social causes burning ache in many people to be arrested by government? . Hoang Khuong journalists not guilty "police trap" as the government announced. Because if not role-playing to an offender and then bribe police to be forgiven, how to light the crimes of unscrupulous government officials were corrupt, unethical metamorphic virtue. Furthermore in the past when social warming arises because of the negative infamous in the police, the officers immoral degenerate that has drawn less experienced and wise show discreet than in the bribes. Before the negative actions on a more sophisticated, the role-as the only journalist Hoang Khuong, the negative actions of unscrupulous police officers Huynh Minh Duc recently been exposed in public.

A person as responsible citizens and promote the spirit against negative and corrupt, contributing to building a better society, despite the possible danger to themselves and their families were not cited reward, whereas the longer was revenged by the legal representatives of that society, took into criminals, how to convince his people and ruled well the country. It is true with the journalist Bui Tin, a former army colonel and deputy editor of the newspaper Nhan Dan said that this is a revenge attack by the police because the reporter Hoang Khuong was mortifying country when exposed to light the negative of the police, a branch is said to represent law enforcement authorities maintain social discipline. Hoang Khuong journalists too should have been positive, so " to profane tabooed names" who now have to suffer the revenge a mysterious way.

What to blame is the leaders of Vietnam Journalists Association, Tuoi Tre Newspaper Editorial Board, rather than public interest advocate for the rights of their employees become cowardly, pusillanimous and indirect action contrary continued with the wrong hand from the government. Cowardly that has caused the majority of journalists became more cautious in doing the investigative reporting related to the staff of the competent state. The notoriety of the case to the senior leaders of the state increasingly hushed and therefore exhorted to launch a movement against and eliminate the negative, corruption can only be done on paper, in the press, a total report at year-end, and in the hearing session to question the form of pseudo-democracy to Parliament. That's the main reason for corruption and negative forms of consumption rampant in current society in Vietnam.


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Hoang Khuong Department correspondent through the eyes of a journalist
Thanh Quang, RFA reporter
Hoang Khuong Department of Tuoi Tre newspaper journalists was arrested even though he claims to act in co-operation processes, not involving bribery continues to cause strong reactions in public opinion.

Photo courtesy of datviet
Reporter Jiang Huang (seated center)
 was taken to Chi Hoa prison

Revenge attack by the police?
The question raised is whether the operational "police trap" okay? And why the agency of Hoang Khuong is Tuoi Tre Newspaper look like "hand-brushed" with its employees? Thanh Quang explore this issue through the eyes of overseas veteran journalist - a journalist Bui Tin from Paris.

Journalist Bui Tin: I think this is still a tendency that the authorities to fear to be  accused of corruption which is rampant in Vietnam, particularly severe and widespread in the police. Police have first responsibility is "Friends of people" as stated in the charter of one of the police. But the police to harass people most, and not only harass but also is exploitative forces, rob on day in Vietnam.

Therefore, the reporter Hoang Khuong intended performance of his career in a fair, there also was "a professional trick," which is operational in the survey of professional journalism. We all know that when such action, if reporters upright, honor, they can find ways to expose clues. Since by law they must have evidence. The way it is "trick" of journalists.

I think this is a revenge attack by police to Hoang Khuong only. Because the principle of VN police is when beat someone that will make other honest people fear that they dare not expose wrongdoing by police again. In past,VN police just involved in the most severe cases involved foreign corruption. As in Australia, a VN police colonel case concerned the corruption up to 10 million dollars. But the VN still sealed, not to prosecute, although had prosecution from the international. So I think the Hoang Khuong is very important and very interested in public.

Thanh Quang: Sir, if the reporter Hoan Khuong selected operational approach "police trap" so - called that idea "become" dangerous - should is?, there's not ok?

Journalist Bui Tin: I think in this case the reporter Hoang Khuong just tell others to testify only that, but this is not slander him. The evidence is clear as to accept. If necessary, they must bring the case to the court for processing, if the party or the Journalist Association makes no reconciliation or at least determine how this is working very honest. I think the reporter Hoang Khuong have a lot of friends, superiors, subordinates understand his work. I think this must make a public process, with their responses can not do in the dark, ie only one way is the police stand up and slanderous story is irresponsible Hoan Khuong, a bad motive. etc ... So is not it. I saw in the VN society is unjustified things like that.

StraightTree is not afraid of the wind

A female journalist Iraq is working. AFP photo

Thanh Quang: Do you have compare how about operational risks such Hoang Khuong's domestically with a possible operational in a similar trend of foreign correspondents, such as USA, UK, France ?

Journalist Bui Tin: Yes, even the school of journalism operational, they also allow that. But I think the problem is going to investigate further, finding more evidence needed to clear that Hoang Khuong journalist working with the right motive. And while he has operational work ethics, not slanderers or cash to this party, party, or is that "the engine is so bad empire or reactionary foreign incite" as the authorities often slander.

The work of journalist Hoang Khuong very popular in foreign countries. But those who are wise prop. And while it must inform the world shall know what you do - for superior editorial board, a government agency that I do it for their own protection. I can see in this case, the reporter Hoang Khuong has anything inadvertently. But I think once the pure motive, honestly, for society in the interests of the country, he does not mind at all. But I'm just afraid that in the current regime is not defending the regime of honest people.

Therefore, the patriot to prison, as blogger Dieu Cay, Dr Cu Huy Ha Vu in jail just for being patriotic, or she, Minh Hang is now being renovated to a very absurd; a loyal women like which is currently being held at recovering the dignity of women with HIV. It is extremely irrational, clearly indicates that this government is not the government bring security and protection of the right truth, which is the government covering up and happen even to injustice in society.

Leaders of hand brushed

The foreign journalists in Hong Kong on 11/05/2009,
 artwork. AFP

Thanh Quang: The wonder that public opinion is notable leadership Tuoi Tre look like "hand-brushed" to reporters Hoang Khuong who helped increase the prestige of newspapers over the last uncovered negative to traffic, and leadership to move quickly and work with police in the negative direction for Hoang Khuong? How you think of that such behavior of the leadership Tuoi Tre?

Journalist Bui Tin: I see results right here is what needs to clearly state the public to see the incident as a such good reporter but the leadership was in brushed- hand, even joined with the government have bullied a fair journalist, valuable as that. I find this a problem that newspapers abroad and people in the community to speak up. But luckily that may be present in a variety of bloggers, online network instead of the government, that these blog network "left margin" This is a growing voice in society, the more prestige for young people , and they have spoken to defend this case.

It is very sad that only those journalists "left margin" to defend only, while all the journalists' right margin, "the official newspaper of the party and the state does not defend. What I want most to blame for private domestic VN Journalists Association, is meeting as a union to protect journalists of conscience, keep silent, not speak out to defend a case like that unfairly.

Thanh Quang: Sir, after the journalists Nguyen Van Hai also of the Tuoi Tre and Nguyen Viet Chien of the Thanh Nien newspaper writing accuse the country of corruption, and now, Hoang Khuong journalists is in distress as well as similar operational style. You reviewed how about this?

Journalist Bui Tin: I see this as unfortunate negative side of the press in the country. And as I have shown, that luckily there may be a range of private reporters, freelance journalist, and that is more luckily that also have Internet, the information system extremely sensitive to public opinion moved. Otherwise all this, Hoang Khuong cases, were sunk into obscurity and fell into a great injustice. I believe that sooner or later this problem will be resolved fairly because in modern times, local governments also understand that they can not continue to conduct unconscionable, irresponsible like that. And they should also understand that in this century, with modern facilities, nothing is outright lie.

Thanh Quang: Thank journalist Bui Tin.

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