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Deputy Minister Dang Hung Vo: Ready to confront for wrong coercive land in Haiphong


                  The pitiful children: victims of corruption and the coercive appropriation
                  of land shortage situation  of communist government of Vietnam

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National press and some government agencies was in concern after Tien Lang district government held a press conference to assert that the policy of forcible land acquisition to Mr. Vuon family and some families in the region is absolutely right to invoke the law with the provisions of land law in 1987. The stubborn and irresponsible claims of the leader of Tien Lang district administration not only pressing to the people's opinion but also left some newspapers and government agencies to speak out. The problem of bullying people and to use police and soldiers to take over people's land in an unauthorized manner has long been the International Human Rights organizations and countries to condemn strongly criticized.

Action to disregard the law and despite the moral, ethical person has pushed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people fall into misery to live in homeless and suffering. It is also a growing cause of the land claims of the people for the government throughout the country. Meanwhile, senior leaders in government, the only known blind eye to cover up the wrongdoing of their subordinates make more and more people dissatisfied and no belief in law and public more reasonable. The long-term depression suppress memories from people are inherently not only that outlet to pile on more to end this unjustified unjustly other and especially to cut off the path of living to people heartlessly like drops of water which led to the isolation against such unwanted incident as case of Mr. Vuon family in the these past days is hard to avoid.

Suppose the central government, ministries and other competent authorities concerned should be quick to clarify and to the firm handling the wrongdoings of local government and to others officials who have connecting so that to return the case to justice for poor people. Let put yourself in the position of Outreach and family households in the incident, the government will feel the pain that family of Mr. Vuon have suffered from enforcement of illegal and immoral by the district authorities Tien Lang and will also be fully understood these unjustified and unfair that family of Mr. Vuon as well as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of other people have suffered so long that can sympathize, divided Share with the lack of restraint in action at the despair of family of Mr. Vuon and let see  that details needed to mitigate the punishment for himself  and other members in family.


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The forcible land in Hai Phong is wrong, Dang Hung Vo former Deputy willing to confront

14/01/12 3:58 AM Việc cưỡng chế đất ở Hải Phòng là sai trái, nguyên Thứ trưởng Đặng Hùng Võ sẵn sàng đối chất

Department of coercion to deprive effort, sweat tears of Doan Van Vuon family in Hai Phong has caused public outrage over a week now. Both media and non-official state strongly condemned.

Queen of Justice would post some reflection of the domestic press about this event:

Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper have interview with former Vice Minister of Science - Technology and Environment Dang Hung Vo, entitled: "The recovery of land in Hai Phong Tien Lang: The coercion was wrong!. The contents of the article is based Dang Hung Vo land law to assess the following:

Dang Hung Vo

GS - Prof. Dang Hung Vo, former deputy minister of Natural Resources - Environment, identified as above and confirmed his willingness to confront authority Tien Lang district
* Reporter: Can you tell us that when Tien Lang district president and director of the Department of Natural Resources - Environment Hai Phong affirmed the forcible land acquisition to Mr. Doan Van Vuon is right on Land Law 1987 and this is not  agricultural land?

- Mr. Dang Hung Vo: Land Law in 1993 stipulated period of 20 years allocation, while in 1987 the Land Law does not stipulate the time limit. If the People's Committee of Tien Lang district allocation for the people 10 days before the 1993 Land Law takes effect, then need to adjust the allocation period to 20 years as law. Article 4 of Decree 64 of the Government guiding the implementation of Land Law in 1993 has clearly stipulated the land must be allocated before 15-10-1993 the 20 year period.

It's absurd to think that this is not agricultural land, it is clearly the wrong way regardless.

* Tien Lang district forced excessively and then flattened the house of Mr. Doan Van Vuon shall make compensation for people and treat to those who led it, sir?

- When the agency to clarify and the proper handling according to law, then the compensation is inevitable because there was a law to compensate the State Responsibility. The problem is that the authorities have in the public interest and make the rules.
* There are many ideas that in some district authorities, commune considers himself as "king" and ready to make decisions that violate the law? - This is the situation of many district authorities, commune today. Leaders in some local people to represent in power, but they always want to assert their immense power and ready to defend it regardless. Typically, a press conference on 12-1, Tien Lang district leaders still insisted that his right. They even to quote the Land Law in 1987 and Land Law in 1993 to protect but not understand.

* As you said the incident in Tien Lang district should be considered serious and treatment for people with faith in government?

- Yes! The error of coercive has led family Doan Van Vuon crime is a strong message for us to promptly check and review issues related to land today.

* According to you, violate legal of Doan Van Vuon from the root causes?

- I concur with this view. Because if there is no recovery decisions and enforcement of land will surely have no regrettable incident recently. I am ready to confront Tien Lang district authorities about the incident forced to Mr. Doan Van Vuon to clarify right and wrong.

Government inspector get information and the Government Inspector General Tran Duc Luong said on 13-1 is not what the report from the city of Hai Phong on the case. However, the Government Inspectorate in their channels have the situation of the case. According to Mr. Luong, the case has the reaction from the people and the press referred to in the long run, the government must explain the early, clear and satisfactory.
According to Dao Trung Chinh, Deputy Director General Department of Land Management (Ministry of Natural Resources - Environment), dated 12-1, the agency sent a letter requesting the Department of Natural Resources - Hai Phong City Environmental Report the case.

Must pay compensation to the family of Mr. Vuon

Dr - Lawyer Tran Cong Truc, former head of the Government Committee for Frontier, said to be clear who to direct enforcement, leading to a flattening of the house of family Doan Van Vuon. Improperly coercive laws, especially the house and property outside the scope of enforcement, the local government should be responsible for compensation to people both physically and mentally, as well as the associated processing the
The Dung made

The journal article vnexpress with the same subject, "'I am ready to confront about the enforcement of land in Hai Phong of Tien Dung with the following contents:

Shortly after the People's Committee of Tien Lang district (Hai Phong) confirmed a decision to withdraw his land legally park on 13 / 1 Professor Dang Hung Vo said ready to confront local clarify violations.

> ‘Decision to withdraw the land in Hai Phong is illegal"/ Break the house outside coercion because where the crimer has ever hidden" 

Afternoon of 12 / 1, a week after the explosion and shot injured six police, soldiers involved in shrimp ponds enforcement of Tien Lang district (Haiphong), Le Van Hien district presidents reaffirmed the allocation and land acquisition His family's Doan Van park regulations, pursuant to the Land Law in 1987. Hien said the time allocation for the people (04/10/1993) is before the Land Law 1993 into force (15/10/1993).

Although the proposed correspondent consecutive DPC Tien Lang and Hai Phong city explains why additional land for the people in 1997, the time limit is still 14 years from 1993, but the district leaders and the City to be present at the meeting no one spoke.

Morning 13 / 1, to discuss with, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo said that the Land Law in 1993 is the policy of the Party and Government at the time. This law provides a period of 20 years allocation, and the Land Act 1987 does not stipulate the time limit.

So, according to Vo, Tien Lang DPC if allocate land to the people 10 days before the 1993 Land Law takes effect, then need to adjust the allocation period to 20 years as law. As the land in 1997 and in 2007 decided to withdraw is wrong. "Tien Lang district and Hai Phong did not answer about this mean they were wrong," Vo said.

According to former Deputy Natural Resources and Environment, wrong again Tien Lang district People's Committee is an act of recovery, but not due to expire pursuant to Item 10, Article 38 of the Land Law. By the expiry of land exploitation, but people made effective and the State has no withdrawn, the project needs, of course, people continue to extend the time allocated.

"Certainly, Haiphong People's Committee and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to give their opinions. The tasks of the state management of land should be circulating this family is the natural right can not stand on the outside ", Professor Dang Hung Vo said.

Before the People's Committee of Tien Lang district is claiming the allocation and land acquisition is correct, Professor Dang Hung Vo said: "I am ready to confront Tien Lang district. This story is too simple, but first of Hai Phong People's Committee, the opinion was. Tien Lang district People's Committee has the wrong time would entail a difference. "

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has requested the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Haiphong immediately report about the coercive land acquisition in Tien Lang, Hai Phong.

Earlier, on 01.05.2012, when more than 100 police, the enforcement team, the family's land acquisition Doan Van Vuon, some people have planted mines in the garden, take up arms to against. Four policemen and two wounded district officials, among them the head of police Tien Lang district.

On 10 / 1, 4 defendants, including: Doan Van Quy (46 years), Doan Van Vuon (49 years), Doan Van Sinh (55 years) and Doan Van Ve (38) has been sued, arrested on charges of detention murder. Pham Thi Bau (ie Hien, wife of Mr. Quy) and Nguyen Thi Thuong  wife of Vuon) is prosecuted for crimes against persons on duty, but to be allowed out of prison and for application of preventive measures is forbidden to leave home to residence.

Reply HCMC Law, Pham Van Tinh, deputy chief inspector General Department of Land Management, said government land acquisition without compensation, support for Mr. Vuon is not reasonable. The law allocated but withdraw before the deadline, the land users are compensated for land and property on land on the basis of the residual value. If this land recovery time is not entitled to compensation for land but is supported with such works on land where the care of aquaculture, aqueducts, embankments ...
According to Mr. Tinh, to hand over land to household of Mr. Vuon, to ensure compliance with the limit prescribed by law. The number of the remaining area, the local give his family rent or lease only partially. If only rent a partially, the rest and recovery can be made tender. Part tender offer, the family of Mr. Vuon is also equally participate in the bidding as the other households in the region.

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