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Hai Phong Bishop in communion with his family Doan Van Vuon


                               Bishop Joseph VU VAN THIEN, Bishop Hai Phong Diocese

              THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

The regard, visit of Bishop Vu Van Thien, bishop of Hai Phong to his family Peter Doan Van Vuon, who were too urgent to Uncontrolled shooting resist enforcement action land illegally and without moral of Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city that make injured 04 police and soldiers. The concern of the Bishop not only somewhat comforted motivation of everyone in the victim's family but also confirmed a strong moral and ethics of his Peter Doan Van Catholics Reach an engineer young talent, always nice to live a good life direction, always live in harmony and help the suffering which is all the people in love in the area, but now is falling into distress, broken families and Mr. Vuon himself within the prison are not aware of any new date was set free and treated fairly.

The brazen and immoral nature of the government officials Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city has pushed people into dead ends, no longer live the way that risk their lives to resist the Forum pressure with a violent and coercive wrongful appropriation of land from the illegal communist state government led to the violation of law as an unwanted case of Peter Doan Van Vuon family recently. Although the actions of his lack of restraint to against the enforcement decision is unlawful land of Tien Lang district governments are not encouraged but everyone is sympathetic and share with the urgent action that His strong and condemned  unscrupulous action , despised the law of Vietnam's communist government.

Not only people agree with the remark above but even some senior officials in government, media and domestic and foreign press also expressed concern and expressed their disagreement with the contrary action to law enforcement authorities of Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city to the property of his family land Peter Doan Van Vuon, including most notably the expressed views of the former Deputy Chief Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo said eloquently that His willing to confront government Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city on the decisions and enforcement action is unlawful and immoral above.


Hai Phong bishop in communion with his family Doan Van Vuon

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Đức giám mục Hải Phòng hiệp thông với gia đình ông Đoàn Văn Vươn VRNs (15/01/2012) - Haiphong - In those days, public opinion in Vietnam is tumultuous about the government made enforcement appropriated the land of Tien Lang district with residential in this sea area. In it, Peter Doan Van Vuon has been detained is considered good person for the life and direction.

Immediately after the shooting incident occurred on 05 May 01 in 2012, the Bishop of Hai Phong has sent his representatives to that place to find out what happened.

Today, on 14.01.2012, Bishop Joseph Vu Van Thien, Hai Phong Bishops write to Father Suy Neo Parish, Council and lay pastoral parish, to clear his opinion of Peter Doan Van Vuon.

VRNs pleased to introduce this letter.

The original letter in Vietnamese

The letter be translater into English

No. 46 Hoang Van Thu
Hai Phong - VIETNAM

                                       To: - Father John Bao-ti-xi-ta Ngo Ngoc Chuan
                                             - The Administration and Board of Executive parish
                                                                         and brothers, sister in Suy Neo parish .

                        As father and brothers and sisters know, on January 05, 2012 an painful event-related land happened to his family Peter Van Doan Vuon, a member of our parish Suy Neo.
                       Through the press and the media, we know he Peter Doan Van Vuon who has good personal and passionate work with the activities of the parish.
                       Before the incident, I have wondered and worried about his circumstances and family. I contacted the priest to inquire and learn more about the matter, then, father was appointed vicar general accompanying priest visited and presented gifts to mother of Peter Doan Van Vuon. Like many people of good will, I hope the authorities should contact to reasonable settlement, to protect the legitimate rights and his honor.
                      Through this letter, I want to pass the Father and the parish community, expressed concern and communion prayers for his family, Peter Doan Van Vuon. Hopefully good things will come with his family during the new lunar Spring.
                      We wish Father and the parish community health, wellbeing and holiness of God's grace.

                                                                                           Hai Phong, January 14, 2012

                                                                                               Joseph Vu Van Thien
                                                            Bishop Hai Phong

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