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Tuoi Tre reporter HOANG KHUONG was arrested for AGAINST POSITIVE NEGATIVE




The arrest of reporter Hoang Khuong of the Youth Newspaper because he has contributed to combat and eliminate corruption in Vietnam's public security through the implementation of reporting behavior unethical bribery of a public Traffic police officer again raised concerns about the state law as well as the arrest and conviction of people indiscriminately without foundation of the government agencies representing the state law of Vietnam. The citizens as a journalist contributing to actively fight against and eliminate corruption in the capital has caused disturbing public opinion so long people are not only not be rewarded or encouraged the contrary they are arrested by law enforcement agencies makes people extremely urgent and fed up when day and day living in a society with a moral decadence of the legal system is full of lies and cloning.

The arrest of Hoang Khuong journalists for "active against corruption" but inadvertently expose the truth about the moral decadence of the bad reputation police and general intangible loss of national face make people recall events are rare in similar circumstances in 2008. At that time, as well as belief in the positive exhortations against corruption by the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to ask the newspaper industry to the forefront of the movement and push back corruption of officials state that some of major newspapers was fined and closed for a time. Two Vietnamese journalists Nguyen Viet Chien, the reporter for Thanh Nien newspaper and Nguyen Van Hai, Tuoi Tre newspaper's reporter were arrested and prosecuted before law for the offense of "disclosure of confidential government information" when they participate active in detecting and exposing in public about corruption in the pre-polymer of the father and his son, Mr. Le Duc Thuy former Governor State Bank of Vietnam.

Because the form of false anti-corruption that Vietnam was Transparency International ranked 112th in the rankings of 183 countries in the world in 2011. Department for wrongful detention of Hoang Khuong journalists today once again reminded people of Vietnam must draw experience from participating in the struggle against negative phenomena and corruption in Vietnam. People must clearly define the word "corruption" and the object in Vietnam can be seen as negative behavior or before the accusations of corruption and expose the front of the public misconduct their moral, if not fate will be similar to Hoang Khuong journalists today. It is important that people should remember that right in Vietnam and in some other communist countries, or where still exist the dictatorship regime, the actions against negative in society, but the elimination of corruption affecting prestige, face, or the interests of the totalitarian party leaders and state government officials were seen as criminals need to be punished appropriately and be completely blocked.


Detention Tuoi Tre Newspaper Reporters

Update: 20:20 GMT - Monday, January 2, 2012

Nhà báo Hoàng Khương (ở giữa) khi nhận giải thưởng báo chí hồi năm ngoái
Huang Jiang (middle) is the author of more
 aggressive investigative reporting

Hoang Khuong, journalist of Tuoi Tre newspaper, is known for making many articles investigating a traffic police (Police) stopped working, was arrested in detention.

Department of investigation police for crimes, economic management and conduct house searches served with the decision to prosecute the accused, the implementation of an arrest in the emergency  at 12:00 on 02/01/2012. By 14:00, Mr. Hoang Khuong was taken away, be witnessed by representatives of Tuoi Tre Newspaper and lawyer Phan Trung Hoai.

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Earlier, police had written City sent to the Press Bureau - Ministry of Information - Communication and Tuoi Tre newspaper editor suggested "review and revoke press cards of Nguyen Van Khuong" (ie Hoang Khuong reporter). On 11/28, TuoiTre suspended the work of Hoang Khuong as "professional error" when writing the article "Money clean record" and "Police rescued an illegal race car."

According to the news in country that consecutive two days 30 and 31/12/2011, the police have to own home Hoang Khuong in Phu Nhuan find this reporter. Then someone had come Tuoi Tre newspaper for Hoang Khuong invitation  to the investigating work, which is scheduled this Tuesday at 7:30 am on 03/01/2012.

However, an arrest was made on 2nd Jan. It is known that this is the case with the direction from the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi.

Demonstrator processes

In about May 5-2011, the Tuoi Tre editorial office prepared reporter Hoang Khuong popular route plans to prevent all danger of traffic accidents (traffic accidents).

During implementation, Hoang Khuong access to objects that one race is being called Hoa was Police custody motorcycle. At the same time, this reporter has known Mr. Ton That Hoa, the transport companies and brokers handling violations, knew a lot of Police and Khuong showed him to Mr. Hoa to take the car out.

In once go with Mr. Ton That Hoa and Tuan, a tractor owner kept the car, Hoang Khuong approached and photographed the Police Huynh Minh Duc while he was making condition of price. Also at this meeting, Ton That Hoa asked  Khuong to say Hoa bring money there and "drive" . When family people of Hoa bring money there , Hoang Khuong took the money to Mr. Ton That Hoa to give to Police Duc. Images and work history was published in the Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

On 18/11, city police. City decided to prosecute the case and taking bribes, and to prosecute the accused for Mr. Huynh Minh Duc (former Police officers team order - fast response), Ton That Hoa and Tran Anh Tuan. The case stemmed from two articles by Hoang Khuong, "Money clean record" and "Rescue illegal race" was conducted in early May 6-2011.

Then this reporter was also invited to the investigating agencies to work to ask about issues related to the case. It is known that Hoang Khuong, in the report sent to editors Youth, admitted that the operational procedures and so anxious situations, unexpected circumstances arise to respond promptly and process should be a number of acts that could be mistaken too deeply involved in the incident, not "police trap" as some previous conclusions.

The reporter said that in the course of work, a problem the police "have not reviewed in accordance with nature acts" of him. Also in the report, Hoang Khuong has stressed: "During the operation, although it may be dangerous to life, personal prestige and the safety of your family, wife and children but from cognitive career is to reflect the true on the report should have been impatient at times. If the  purpose is to seek personal profit or bad idea that certainly  Khuong did not submit to publish publicly. It  was also from the series of  Tuoi Tre Newspaper, the agency reported new investigations have grounds to prosecute the case and taking bribes. "

Official news of Tuoi Tre today, when reported about the arrest Mr. Hoang Khuong, said this journalists "have professional deficiencies in engaging the general expenditure for Huynh Minh Duc." The newspaper confirmed: "The editors of Tuoi Tre have made disciplinary reprimand, temporary suspension of work for Hoang Khuong."

" How to get right inside character?

From the story of Hoang Khuong, many journalists in countries to question: Reporter " How to get right inside character"  they are not breaking the law?

On the law newspapers and Social , lawyers Vu Loi said: "The reporter Hoang Khuong not motivated crime."

According to him, "Hoang Khuong has penetrated the case against negative purposes."

"Let me take for example, a reporter when investigating to write about a such gambling venues. To make the writing lively, to recognize the tricks of the gambling house owner, so the gambler recording as evidence, to enter the reporter as a gambler. "

"If it has been reported Editorial Board can not say that the reporter for gambling. Hoang Khuong If no report to editorial board, the report is just wrong about the process ... ".

The newspaper also quoted another lawyer Trinh Anh Dung from Ha Noi, said: "This job of reporter Hoang Khuong no sign of bringing criminal, bribes but also need to be praised as examples of standard Speaking on the front anti-corruption. "

But there are also some comments - expressed through all the newspapers of the police - how the operational criticisms of Mr. Hoang Khuong, and proposed treatment under the law acts "Police trap" of this report.

People's Police newspaper quoted him as Ma Dieu Cuong, chairman of the Journalists' TP. HCM, criticized Hoang Khuong reporter as "proved very 'sympathetic' to the guys racing and to fully exploit the negative manifestations of the Police".

He said, "journalists have the right to use the service to investigate the collection of information, but if you abuse their assigned duties, willfully violated the law and be detected depending on the severity of violations must be treatment as other people. "

On blogs and social networks like Facebook, the world of Vietnamese journalists abroad are also various discussions surrounding this case.

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