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Vietnam police to disregard people's lives - should not be contained

Nguyen Van Khuong victims was caught by the police and beaten to death in
  2010 also for reasons not wear helmets when on the road.

Trinh Xuan Tung victim was beaten to death in police 2011khi
arrested because the helmet off the phone while
  on the road.


Continued occurrence of the tragic death of people miserable, just as thuggish behavior and unruly, despite the law and regardless of the benefits and disregard the lives of people of Communist government of Viet Nam. In recent years, there have been too many tragic death of people while in custody, under investigation by police led Vietnam nationwide public opinion is extremely urgent. The International Human Rights organizations and many countries around the world have strongly criticized and condemned the acts of torture, violence unscrupulous police officials of Vietnam led to dozens of tragic death a mysterious way wasted in the past year. Trinh Xuân Tung case were Lt. Col. Nguyen Van Ninh police beat death for not wearing helmets has caused public outrage has not subside.

However, perhaps due to the nature and hooligans had soaked into the flesh so the government leaders at all levels and the police and soldiers on duty, can not seem to stop bad habits of abuse their power and prefer to use violence in resolving any disputes between the government for the people. Besides all the decisions and wrong actions of government leaders and staff are always on duty, higher levels of government nepotism, and protect each other as closely with the system. This indirectly encourages acts of increasing repression by force. The wrong more and go further, more serious and lives in good socialist present only as an animal's life no less.

Images of police and other government leaders at all levels in society today seem to symbolize, represent two of the "Corruption and power." All rules, regulations, laws and human morality was getting away from these people, replace in it's a way how to earn lots of money in every way, every trick to cover expenses for the the playboy, luxury, only to pursue private interests of themselves, their families only. Position the larger, higher power, the more sophisticated criminal tactics and the wealth of course illicit money more easily and make more. Now when people hear the word "police" or received an invitation to work in the public authorities are afraid and they are bored.

Compared to the world "Mafia, also known as black society", the authorities are now not that different, there are other reasonable by calling only for their own actions while wearing his name on " government ", words which only act to legalize" Mafia "of their jobs. People traditionally referring to this component is often tired and shook his head underground to each other clams that "Bandits came to power." In order to limit and prevent the occurrence of another tragic death, the International should have measures in more detail, more powerful force in the communist government of Vietnam to respect the dignity, networks and human rights thoroughly. As for the people we need to change our minds and create practical measures to protect lives and property each.

Fear and weak character is not the way disadvantages effective protection and proper, because in the end, all of us have also faced oppression, violence and prison and even to lose our lives unjust for evil, strengthen the right to leave one ever at all. The only thing people can do is let us unite together and stand strong to protect each other, not indifferent or turn away other people's stories. Consider other assets expropriated, oppressed, imprisoned and lost their lives is ourselves, worry and concern with a heart to fight it. Let's speak out, forcefully denounced the wrongdoings of the previous government to public opinion, so that they may be able to prevent acts of oppression, to appropriate property illegally and not respect to people's lives of Vietnam's communist government which tends to increase at present.


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Bac Giang police beat people death again
Quynh Chi, RFA reporter, Bangkok
One of  people in the Tien Phong commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province died after being beaten in a police enforcement of land near a month ago. Quynh Chi statement:

These people lost their land to pull up the province
 protesters protest against the coercion.

Abuse in cases of forcible land

The dead person's name is Nguyen Van Hung, 50 years old, live in rural Quyet Tien 2, Tien Phong Commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province. Mr. Hung has just died at 4 am on January 26, ie 4 th Lunar New Year after more than three weeks hold. Hung's wife, Mrs. Than Thi Binh said his condition before his death:

"He was beaten from day enforcement authorities to land. Since then, he does not eat. Without sleep and eating less, sometimes coughing up blood, urinating blood. He went away again but he is ".

According to people here narrated, about three weeks ago, a lot of police, civil defense and commune officials, the district is equipped with batons and dogs to hunt the enforcement of land. The people here said phase evolutions of coercion:

"I was the one who coerced. About 6 hours at 30 am Tuesday December 23 last year, the force and coercion to get the land. We offer flags and photos of Uncle Ho to be symbolic and hope that they will be afraid. But they are not afraid. They put all the people in, those who resist are beaten. They tore pictures, tore flags. They used dogs chasing people. Both police and militia force ... "

Năm 2010- Biểu tình ở Bắc Giang vì công an đánh chết người chiều chủ nhật 25 tháng 7 năm 2010. Công an đang lôi kéo một người (mặc áo đỏ). RFA file
In 2010 - because of protests in Bac Giang
 police beat deadly pm Sunday, July 25, 2010.
 Police are dragging a person (in red). RFA file

The first round of enforcement on December 23, 2011. January 10 past the second round of coercive land here.

According to relatives here, the authorities do not make meeting people, nor coercion in order to read twice on coercion. Most farmers here live by agriculture or employment should not agree to the coercion. Mrs Binh,she said : from 10 days, all several hundred households lost land in the village day and day turns to pull up the province protesters protest against the coercion.

Mr.Van Hung Nguyen and Mrs Than Thi Binh have three children, including one who entered the army, but only about 4 poles land for farming. Until the second round of past coercive, families have been taking a pole.

During the first enforcement, Mr. Hung broke out to prevent the authorities and beaten. People here said:

" Mr. Hung was kneading to keep the field shall be kept on beating to pant blood from mouth. All of us have seen. "

According to RFA received, in addition to Hung, there are three others beaten, two of them have over 60 years old, also lost ground during the civil enforcement.

After being hit, because poor families, should not be taken Hung away to hospital and died at home early this morning. Mrs. Than Thi Binh said:

Những người dân ở xã Tiền Phong, huyện Yên Dũng, tỉnh Bắc Giang bị mất đất kéo lên tỉnh biểu tình

The people in Tien Phong communes, Yen Dung district,
 Bac Giang province pulled up lost ground demonstrations
 to protest against the coercion. Source

"The family poverty, the uninsured. Have few quintals of grain, if sold, there is nothing to eat so do not take him to the hospital but stuck to his medication. "

Reportedly, the government has village leaders and Tien Phong commune secretary condolences with his family:

"They have the motivation and time but also said that no help."

When asked to share the family of the coercion and the death of Mr. Hung, Ms Binh said:

"Family is very frustrating but do not call because her throat was so low. Only known by journalists and law alone. "

Expected, Hung will be buried tomorrow.

One should also add, according to Vietnamese people, Yen Dung district (Bac Giang) has hundreds of hectares of land clearance for 10 years, but are wild and not new construction. However, "past the PPC decided to withdraw tens of hectares of crop land to build two factories manufacturing bricks," said the newspaper.

This project of Thach Ban company, has licensed investment. And Yen Dung District People's Committee held two times forcible land acquisition for this project.

Talking to reporters Dan Viet, Nguyen The Cuong - General Director of JSC Group Thach Ban said because the land was released and although was abandoned but the high price so paddy land of people here should be taken is "cheaper". He also said the province has agreed to this proposal of the company Thach Ban.

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