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Professor Dang Hung Vo "Decision on land acquisition in Tien Lang illegal"


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The enforcement of illegal land administration of Tien Lang district Hai Phong city was pressing people's opinion because, despite the legal and ethical people that the communist government has pushed people to the path with no other choice that to risk their lives for themselves and their families with the desire to preserve and protect the lawful property they had to effort during the past 20 years created by the sweat tears, by pouring River sea poured all the money, the wealth of parents, siblings and relatives. Particularly depressing is the property by efforts to build over 20 years that mixed the blood and flesh of the most beloved child is a girl who died when only just over 8 years old.

Eloquent affirmation of the coercion of government land acquisition Tien Lang district Hai Phong city to Mr. Vuon with his family in violation of the law and contrary to the moral of Professor from Dang Hung Vo former deputy of the environmental resources has reinforced the authenticity of the case and expose the obvious disregard legal status of government at all levels, which cause a festering problem in public opinion throughout the country so long, cause to increase the petitioners to the current land claims. The media and regardless of whether common law legal representatives of governments at all levels is increasingly urgent that the people and state governments turn a blind eye on and defending the wrongful act of junior government pushed the people to despair with no way out only to have the law violations unintended typical case against the duty of the Vuon family on  last 05-01-2012.

Although do not accept the use of violence to settle all disputes and not fully support the use of dangerous weapons against decisions and actions contrary to law enforcement of authorities that he, Mr. Vuon and his family last treatment, we can sympathize and share with them what urgent action excesses when the only legal property, is probably of the family life they had to trade with nearly half his life, bone's blood relatives suddenly disappear because of nefarious ambitions of those who was named the government, on behalf of the law, unconscientious to take action spread who only knew enjoy the riches and wealth by going to rob the property of others.

If no settlement reached situation thoroughly reviewed the cases on the urgent situation and attitude protest action in the case of Vuon family, it will still continue to occur is difficult to avoid. The communist government of Vietnam, need to consider this valuable blood lesson to restrict at a minimum the disregard of property and lives of the people when they make law enforcement. Violence, guns and prison is not the wise conduct of government as this only reinforces the depression and the depression where people endure long days will turn their anger is explosive not only is a Mr. Vuon today but could be hundreds, thousands, millions of Mr. Vuon in the future as a description of the poet Nguyen Trung Quan in Saigon before: " The worms is trampled for long will also writhe. "


On Friday, 13/01/2012 03:47

Professor Dang Hung Vo "Decision on land acquisition in Tien Lang illegal"
Thursday, 01/12/2012 22:08

ANTD - Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Hung Vo said the decision to withdraw the land from the People's Committee of Tien Lang district (Hai Phong) with family of Mr. Vuon  has left both moral illegal, intentional deprivation of rights people.

- A legal perspective, he sees how decisions on land allocation and land acquisition of the People's Committee of Tien Lang district (Hai Phong) for family of Doan Van Vuon?

- The allocation of the People's Committee of Tien Lang district is unlawful. Specifically, the limited time allocation is wrong with 14 years, which is 20 years and after 20 years, continues to be used if the State does not have land acquisition decisions. Tien Lang district has decided to communicate to 20 ha, while the frame alluvial land in the coastal rivers of the Prime Minister's Decision 773, the maximum area of ​​10 hectares.

The promulgation of the decision to withdraw the land from the People's Committee of Tien Lang district is also illegal. When delivering alluvial rivers, coastal households renovated into aquaculture where the effort and sweat of people took to the worker process. Under current law, the expiration of land use ( case of Vuon family early is on 15/10/2013), of course, be extended to the subsequent period with the exception of the State shall land. Congress will consider and decide issues "expired" when they passed before the new Land Law in 2013.

- What do you think of the claims before the Office District People's Committee of Tien Lang district that does not make a mistake when forcible land acquisition by the People?

- Many managers in many places or let live say: "The State shall also recover any land." That is a very basic mistake. State land acquisition must also be prescribed by law. Pursuant to current law on time limits for land use, make sure they are wrong. Pursuant to regulations on how to resolve aquacultural land has expired, they certainly wrong.

Giáo sư Đặng Hùng Võ - nguyên Thứ trưởng Bộ Tài nguyên Môi trường.
Professor Dang Hung Vo -
 former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

- With many years experience working on land, said land acquisition against the law of Tien Lang district is the lack of legal knowledge or any other cause?

- In this case, the court asked both parties to negotiate the settlement, the district People's Committee promised to continue to allocate land to people if they withdraw. Households made but the local has not kept their word. In applications to the court, the district's chairman said he did not insist on the implementation of commitments.

People are using land efficiently, there is no reason to withdraw land from the people. This represents something lurking behind the decision to withdraw the land. Tien Lang district People's Committee deliberately stripped the rights of the people while the two sides agreed to resolve satisfactorily. Here, the risk that governments may find that land after the reform was too fertile and want to switch to other subjects.

If land is used in other projects in the decision to withdraw also comes to compensation. But the decision of the district People's Committee of Tien Lang never comes to compensation that is even ordered people to hand over the surface together with the reform efforts of the people before. This law not only illegal but also wrong with the moral .

- For the incident on 5 / 1, in addition to strictly punish those who oppose shooting, he said, to consider the responsibility of local authorities how?

- Currently at least 70% of people claim relating to land. The farmers think very simple, sometimes not all supposed to think, act outbursts, lack of restraint. Therefore, we must appreciate the efforts of farmers, not because that the benefits of the recovery that took away their energy, putting them on the path to become a crime, to fight back by violations of criminal law. Since this case has a lot to say and Hai Phong City People's Committee can not stay out of the responsibility.

Lực lưỡng cưỡng chế gồm cả trăm cảnh sát được trang bị vũ khí ập vào khu vực cưỡng chế.
The opposition on 5 / 1 to become the worst in the history of coercion in
 Hai Phong with six policemen, injured soldiers were shot.

- In your opinion, what needs to learn lessons in management, land acquisition after the incident in Tien Lang?

- In the Tien Lang, the biggest lesson is the management body, especially in localities need to think they are representing the legitimate interests of the people. Let stand in the way of people think, not think of a way to lead.

In all cases of law enforcement, leaders must understand the bottom of the law, do not misunderstand and deliberately misleading. Applicable law is not only reasonable but also love. People have to suffer that they must consider the merits of their land, it is necessary for proper evaluation. The people doing all these years his record, given that the recovery is good reason to consider it also should not? This is the story that local authorities should be responsible for up to.

Currently, many local to the enforcement or recovery of land and use the armed forces. This in my opinion should not do. With people, do not think the use of force would be more effective. People are looking to proactively on the basis of consensus might be.

- If you put yourself in a leadership position Tien Lang district, how he will deal with land issues of Vuon family?

- Many localities have equated between land allocation and land reclamation has been renovated. The status of the people should have to sweat out to reclaim the government but then again it is considered normal farmland, harming people. To encourage the reclamation and expansion of the area, I believe that policies should be more special to acknowledge the efforts of the people, not less than 50% of the land.

The issue of Mr. Doan Van Vuon in my resolve simple. Land allocated in 1993 to 2013, then expires, the land is allocated in 1997 to 2017 expired. In the limit of the area, if the land allocated in excess of the limits prescribed by the Government, key area of ​​10ha of people do not have to pay financial obligations, and the remaining area in principle have to rent land. In the future, if the Land Law is abolished limits for that area of ​​land back to the State.

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