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VN Prime Minister spoke about the Tien Lang


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Information of the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked the People's Committee Chairman of Hai Phong city to investigate and report directly for land acquisition for the enforcement of Tien Lang district administration to household Doan Van Vuon that have ever been controversial and pressing in people over the past several days have been disappointing in many people. People already indignant at the irresponsible statements of a district chairman who look the sky like the lid  at 12-01-2012 press conference was held with participation of representatives of government agencies and relevant ministries including Mr. Pham Huu Thu chief and cum spokesman for the People's Committee (PPC) Haiphong, chair with Chairman Tien Lang district, Le Van Hien, director of environmental resources, vice-president of City People's Court, the police investigation. See data:

During the press conference when answering questions about the two-story house was leveled by authorities of Doan Van Quy, his brother with Doan Van Vuon, is not within the land area subject to enforcement, Mr. Hien, has explained as follows: "because this is where the subjects to hold firm and attack entrenched coercive force, should adopt measures ....". This was indirectly confirmed the press and the authorities of the action level the house smashed on his family's relatives by Tien Lang district under the witness of administration made in the presence of media communication media and senior representatives of government agencies, relevant ministries and agencies including representatives of the People's Committee Haiphong authorities where have supreme power in a press conference at the time.

But just five days later at a press conference was held on 17-01-2012, Vice Chairman of the city. Mr. Do Trung Hai Phong Voice has said in stark contrast to the indirect confirmation of Tien Lang district chairman Le Van Hien in the press conference declaring 12-01-2012 denies the force energy to break two-story house his family said Doan Van Vuon and that house was leveled because of discontent by the people who did !!!...??? What made the authorities have powerful on their own behavior conflicts with the statement on the wrong words shameful? And why the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung before the shocking case of national public opinion does not send a delegation of government inspectors for research but made the requirements to the Chairman of Hai Phong city where there are just full of negative statements, irresponsible, and distrust the people to report cases ???!!!

Is this just a move by the government to reassure and placate public opinion and then the case will sink into oblivion or the outcome will either laugh out tears like the anti-corruption journalist positive Thanh Nien's Nguyen Hoang Khuong, who instead of having service to detect and help break the negative case, taking bribes to then be the body that he helped and supported (criminal police) to  arrest. Overall the outcome of the case in which the employee functions authorized law violations are Vietnam's communist government to cover up and then the people who have made contributions to the public interest copper, social benefits or for help detect corruption in public office involving the senior officials of the communist party and the state is the final outcome is a disadvantage, are suffering belong to the people.


VN Prime Minister spoke about the Tien Lang

Update: 04:16 GMT - Tuesday, 17 months 1, 2012

Lực lượng cảnh sát tham gia vụ cưỡng chế thu hồi đất
Hundreds of police and soldiers were mobilized
 to participate in coercion.

The leaders of Hai Phong People's Committee said the coercion forces 'not level Mr. Doan Van Vuon home', while Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked to investigate and report about the controversial land acquisition.
The site said the Government of Vietnam Vietnam's Prime Minister asked the Chairman of Hai Phong city "check clarify right and wrong and responsibility of individuals and organizations involved in land allocation, land use, land acquisition, enforcement organization to familie of Doan Van Vuon. "

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Hai Phong city leaders are required to report to Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung.
Meanwhile, Hai Phong City People's Committee has to have a press conference on Tuesday 17 / 1 to talk about the coercive recovery of land in Tien Lang district.

Vice Chairman Do Trung Thoai heard read to reporters willing to write a report.
Dialogues He said the city is directing handling subordinate about the Doan Van Vuon, as well as review the process for delivery, recovery and enforcement of land held by Tien Lang district.
He was vice president vnExpress quoted saying: "Between this week the review will be completed, Hai Phong will be officially reported."

Disgruntled people?

Mr. Do Trung Thoai denied that there are functionality forces working to break the   two-story house of family Doan Van Vuon, whether home is not located in an area of ​​land withdrawn.

"Comrades reports that not order flattened home, but do grievances of people  should... ."

He also insisted that: "The longer coercive force of the district, the police force not leveled this house."

His two-storey house Van Quy Doan his brother Doan Van Vuon, has been destroyed today 5 / 1 for the reason that Tien Lang district People's Committee Chairman Le Van Hien previously explained to reporters that this is "the place that the crime hide".

In related developments, the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment announced are "research" case occurred on 5 / 1 at Vinh Quang Commune, Tien Lang district.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang said he would "direct the specific management role" of the Department in Haiphong.
Reportedly, the General Department of Land Management has asked the Department of Natural Resources - Environment Customs Office reported on the case.

Also in the Ministry of Police, Lieutenant General Phan Van Vinh, General Director of Police Crime Prevention, says it will meet to "research and enforcement services to fight to functional forces by gun."

Case concerning the family Doan Van Vuon has created waves of public opinion strongly urge the central government has the answer.

Former President Le Duc Anh said the returned fire to function force is "wrong" but "to continue the investigation to clarify and respond to public opinion clearly understood."

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