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                     Hut ruins, current residence of his family Doan Van Vuon
                     covered temporary storage on the brick ruins left from the 
                     two-storey house  after Tien Lang district authorities to equalize
                     in the forced unlawful processing on last Jan - 05 -2012.

                THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Speaking of members of the Board of Vietnam Fatherland Front ( MTTQVN ) on the case said Doan Van Vuon on the official newspapers of Vietnam eventually help clarify enforcement cases of illegal land in Vinh Quang, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, a case be urgent in the public opinion throughout the country and overseas. Through review of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee members after the direct encounter people in the area above the wrongdoings of government at all levels including Tien Lang district People's Committee and Hai Phong city government is clear. The remaining problem to handle the case thoroughly how to reach reasonable and consistent with the aspirations of the majority of people in country of the responsibilities and powers of central government in consultation with and direction of the party leaders and the government, as well as feedback objectively by representatives of relevant ministries.

For years, a growing number of people protested and complaints about negligence and abuse of power in enforcement cases of serious violations of law and human morality regardless of local government all levels. What makes people extremely discontent is the violation of law is a system of government authority under the hand, cover and tolerate from the higher authorities is the main cause generate more cases of people wrongfully push come to confront the government and law violations as in the case shocked the country in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city in those days. Rather than see how wrong their brave and necessary corrective action, the local government at all levels to set themselves up as rulers of a region using the available power to bend public opinion, and changing the black and white suppressed by force to people without mercy.

Bad use of force coercive land appropriating property of the people indiscriminately has really caused many tragic plight of the people and increasingly lost the confidence of the people for the law, and the government. The result has created a chain reaction and strongly from the rural population who are gentle substances found year round work hard struggle to get the rice pieces of clothing, now suddenly filled with a group claiming to be government blatantly appropriating everything and cut off their way of life they forced people to resist. Do not know the tragic case in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, the leaders of local governments at all levels have to be drawn to something or not or inherent evil nature will push them further away all violations to other violations as recent public opinion continue pressing the victims include Mr. Doan Van Vuon after arrested have been revenged, brutally beaten in prison during the recent days.


Do not "put people into opposition"
Update: 16:30 GMT - Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ông Lê Đức Tiết (giữa)
Mr. Le Duc Tiet (middle) contact with witnesses in
 Quang Vinh commune, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong.

A member of the team monitoring the VFF Central Committee in the case of Mr. Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang, Hai Phong said that enforcement preferred way as in the case Doan Van Vuon, rather than convincing people of the authorities could "push people into opposition"

Talking to local media Thursday 28/01, lawyer Le Duc Tiet, Vice President of the Advisory Council on Democratic and laws of the VFF Central VN confirmed that in cases of coercive family Mr. Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong, the district authorities had "disobeyed the law."

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Youth Online on Saturday, lawyer Tiet who recently visit to Quang Vinh commune, where the shooting occurred against forcible land acquisition earlier this year, asking whether "the government does not understand the law or intentionally do not understand. "

Counsel also criticized the response of Hai Phong city leaders concerning the incident, when told that the City Vice Chairman, Mr. Do Trung Thoai as "insensitive" and "does not reflect the role of the authorities. "

The vice president's advisory council also said that the Front should have a "carefully selected," "supervision" for the officials are "holding weight level rise" in the course of their "performance public affairs and law. "

He told the Youth Advanced: "Through the materials that we have and find out about the incident take place, we believe that local authorities in this work not based on law. As well as law policies of the Party and state are consistent is encouraging people to reclamation, land use efficiency, as the public beneficial. "

Lawyer Tiet says he and supervisor delegation contact "no appointment" with eleven people to learn in case Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang :

"They include senior party members, is the former secretary of Party Committee of Vinh Quang, a person whose land is recovered, there are those who do not have to do ... They all do not agree with the as the government here.

"People think the government has left the moral process, contrary to law."

Assessment of how the government, supposedly popular nature which is not limited to private land in Tien Lang enforcement officials said Front:

"Also through this incident, I see government in relations with people still favor coercive, less convincing. This is a serious concern.

"Only two households that use hundreds of people with police, army, border enforcement and then to see it as a victory of the battle is not true.

"Central Government is necessary to correct this trend, have experiences, not to happen the government pushed people into opposition."

'Invited lawyers'

Luật sư Nguyễn Duy Minh (phải) và GS Đặng Hùng Võ
Lawyer Nguyen Duy Minh (right) for or have contact
with Professor Dang Hung Vo, former deputy minister
 of Natural Resources - Environment.

In related developments, the BBC is known relatives of Mr. Doan Van park and those who are being prosecuted in his family had been invited to join defense lawyers of their legal rights.

On Saturday, 28/01, lawyers Nguyen Duy Minh, the District Attorney's office in Ho Chi Minh Duy. Ho Chi Minh for the BBC, or he has to Hanoi and while waiting for replies from the authorities allowed him to formally defend clients, he plans to direct contact with the family of Mr. Doan Van Vuon .

He also said the same day he had "visited New Year's greetings to the" Maj. Gen. Nguyen Tan Vinh, former Vietnam ambassador in China and Professor Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

"The visit Vinh Trong is specific to New Year visit, also met Professor Dang Hung Vo is to discuss some issues related to technical matters of policy and land law in general," said Minh told the BBC, while he is still waiting for or obtain further information sources around the case.

On 26/01, wife and children and relatives of Mr. Doan Van Vuon, Doan Van Quy went to Hanoi and met with

Mrs Le Hien Duc , an independent anti-corruption been much help "petitioners" in the process of seeking justice in the country.

There is also news on Thursday, Thai Ha parish from Ha Noi sent a delegation to visit his family Vuon who is laity with full Christian name Peter Doan Van Vuon.

Before, according to this parish website, his family Vuon also received these gifts from representatives of the head people

Suy Neo parish  (or Neo Thuy) in localities, as well as receive gifts and visits from a number of artists, intellectuals and other people in the country.

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