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FREEDOM HOUSE: " Freedom in the World in 2012 "


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Vietnam entered the time of early days in year with a series that, criticism of the human rights situation worse, including human rights, freedom of religion and freedom to express views peacefully....... FREEDOM HOUSE Organization, a prestigious international organizations based in the United States, specializing in monitoring the free world has just published a free report entitled Global: "Freedom in the world in 2012". According to this organization, Vietnam ranked the same name as some countries do not have the freedom to improve human rights and even setbacks as in China. According to Mrs. Sarah Cook, senior research fellow Asian organization Freedom House, Vietnam not only did not improve the achievement of freedom, human rights but on the contrary to increase repression of dissent, the Bloggers, priests and especially the freedom of religion is still facing many obstacles.

Trends in Globalization of democracy has really opened up the good path to  people, and the revolutions of the Arab spring called " Jasmine " in years have the cool breeze blowing to every communist nation, especially with the countries where still maintain authoritarian rule, inhumane. Vietnam is one of those countries understand this and therefore that the group leaders in authoritarian communist state is concerned more with the danger of a revolution "Jasmine Flowers" can likewise boom in some countries in Asia including Vietnam. World currently accrue many interest in the two countries in two different areas including Syria in the Middle East and Burma in Asia. Burma, a country once ruled the country with violence, prison, like Vietnam now has gradually become closer to their institutional freedom and democracy. Meanwhile, Syria a country with dictatorial rule was callous to use an iron fist killed thousands of lives of people unjustly to try to maintain their power and bloody rule.

Although some parts of the world there are positive steps to improve respect for human rights and democratic freedoms, while some other countries it has been day after day immersed deeper into sin, the trend direction of the Global Democracy is the only buoy that can help the countries who still seem strange for words "liberal democracy" or like Vietnam, China, North Korea still ...... are deliberately turned his back on the achievements over the past year that some authoritarian states have achieved such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt .....
Particularly, Vietnam, a country just to get out of poverty and toddlers also are taking steps to develop the country are needed to draw valuable lessons from Burma in the access and execute Democratic in their own right to avoid is not the same as North Korea was the country fell into poverty because of international isolation because of its human rights record of his worst. Please turn the words of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in support of an election free and fair with the participation of many parties to become a reality not only in Burma but also even for Vietnam , a peaceful country with rich culture for thousands of years in history.


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Freedom in the World in 2012
Hoa Ai, RFA reporter

Freedom House organization based in the United States has announced an annual global report on the latest political rights and democratic freedoms.

AFP photo
The members of the human rights organization
"International Release" join a protest outside the
North Korean embassy in London on January 20, 2012,
to require personal freedom and religion in North Korea.

According to the report, titled "Freedom in the World 2012: The uprising in the Arab and Global Impacts" was announced to receive the revolutionary Arab Spring is in the past year a major challenge for the political regime since the collapse of Soviet Communism. The impact of this revolution has spread to the Middle East as well as in China, the European and Asian countries and Africa. Trends free world in 2012 will be like? Ai Hoa has a short conversation with Mrs. Sarah Cook, senior research fellow Asian organization Freedom House.

The uprising in the Arab

Ai Hoa: Dear Ms. Sarah Cook, she can be summarized in a report this year there are major differences compared with the previous report year?

Mrs. Sarah Cook: This year, generally around the world have improved more than the year before, but all in the state stepped in people to freedom and its democracy. At the same time, this year has even improved since the change in the Middle East such as Egypt and Tunisia. In six consecutive years, the world situation seems worse. On the one hand, there are few national uprising in the Middle East is seen as having improved. On the other hand, there are still countries worse. Authorities such as Bahrain or Syria aggressive suppression of dissidents.
There are virtually no national improvement at all, such as Vietnam and China. Meanwhile, Tunisia is a country changed and improved complete freedom in the history of the world. The people of this country has shifted from being abused to being free and democratic elections. So Tunisia is a country without freedom has turned into complete freedom. A few other countries such as Egypt and Libia, people are released after the authoritarian rule collapsed. It is certainly not the openness and improved rapidly as in Tunisia, but I think generally it is the biggest difference in the past year.

Ai Hoa: According to recently published reports, many countries have been six years consecutive setbacks in the implementation of improved political rights and democratic freedoms. So the Spring uprising in the Arab influence how the movement of global democracy? "

Mrs. Sarah Cook: I think there are two aspects. Revolution in the Arab Spring showed a positive democratic movement. At a basic level, many people want to have transparency in government responsible for political freedom. The revolt was clearly affecting the globe, to countries and territories that wish to have more freedom. On the other hand, countries with totalitarian regimes are very anxious to see the opposition and rebel like that.
For example, China's increased crackdown on lawyers and bloggers as well as democrats. Even more they tighten the media because they fear that many people from around the information sent. I think there are two aspects of a story. A side impact to liberal democracy. On the other hand are the regimes as the best offensive actions and activities for more freedom and democracy. We have to wait to see what would happen to any more. "

The global impact

Ai Hoa: Ma'am, the Asia-Pacific region there are any special points?

Mrs. Sarah Cook: Generally this area has improved in the past 4.5 years. Such as Bangladesh, Pakistan in South Asia. But last year the countries in the Asia-Pacific situation setback. Even this year, China worse. Countries such as Burma, Thailand and Singapore, the positive improvement. But the situation can be said of democracy in Asia have improved.

Ai Hoa: Ma'am, follow you, Vietnam has improved the last year or what?

Mrs. Sarah Cook: Vietnam does not change anything. One thing to emphasize is the status of religious freedom is still stuck. In 2011, the authorities continue persecution of priests and some Protestant denominations, as well as bloggers and internet users. They started in 2007 and suppressed from continuing to the present. In particular, the government has tightened over the internet from the time of the 11th Party Congress in January. Many people believe that the reform of political system in Vietnam is very optimistic. But we see an increased repression on religious freedom in this country.

Ai Hoa: The final question: Would you identify anything about the improvement of global importance of this in 2012?

Mrs. Sarah Cook: This depends on the choice of leaders. If the Egyptian army more relaxed and allow civil society is more democratic, more open than before, or government willing to reform Libya, Syria similar to step back and stop the killing action harm people, there would be a real improvement there. Or, as the Burmese authorities have freed many political prisoners.
But governments sometimes open, then back to persecution, because the military regime of this country when people worry too are free. So free and democratic movement of the days to come to depend on the choice of the authorities in those countries.
Ai Hoa: Thank you Ms. Sarah Cook about this interview.

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