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THAI HA Mass PRAY FOR young Catholics ARREST



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Priests, monks and nuns and lay people are looking Thai Ha parish hearts forward the children of the elite of the Catholic Church of Vietnam, the young and enthusiastic with the homeland, with the people but currently suffering  in the communist jail. Let their hearts for those who brave it. Let the same communion and prayer for their peace, where strong physically and mentally to continue identified with the people, the homeland of Vietnam on the strong will of their firm commitment to speak out for peace, for the Truth and justice are respected in Vietnam.

Aims to confuse the public especially with all attempts to break the will of the Catholic struggle, especially the high spirit of commitment, this determined young the young Catholics of Vietnam, the Communist authorities have repeatedly made the secret kidnapping dozens of young children in the Catholic Redemptorist Communications, despite the violation of law and public international law on human rights. Before democratization trend current Worldwide, the group leader and Vietnam's communist state increasingly worried a revolution similar to the spring bearing the name of "Jasmine Flowers" exploded in Vietnam.

The need to do first is government propaganda and tried to provoke divisions among religions together to create enmity between people separated by religion and those who do not follow religion to lead to the conflict create conditions for the authorities have reason to suppress parishes crackdown and any people who dare thinking opposing or criticizing the regime. after conducting such evil attempts unsuccessfully, authorities immediately apply immediately for the "shaking the tree monkey threatened" by evil secret kidnapping of dozens of young Catholic Media Information Redemptorists, the young Catholic children active for Peace and Justice which they see as the thorn in the government should have to be removed immediately.

The ceremony of communion and prayer today is not only indirectly exposed the ugly sin of Vietnam's communist government through which also implicitly reminded everyone to consensus and stronger in the struggle for freedom and democracy. Forced the authorities to resolutely communist Vietnam to respect the truth, justice and respect for proper implementation and full commitment to international human rights. Immediately stop all acts of religious persecution and arrest people indiscriminately and illegally. We all pray for the victims are suffering persecution in prison. Demand for the Church is united and strong. Especially pray for the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam are aware of their wrongdoing, but with a change of behavior consistent with the aspirations and desires democratic of the people in Vietnam today.


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    Communion with the Catholic youth was arrested, Thai Ha Mass and candlelight prayer

    6/01/12 6:03 PM  Hiệp thông với các thanh niên Công giáo bị bắt, Thái Hà dâng Thánh lễ và thắp nến cầu nguyện
    Besides the wives, mothers, and brothers of the victim is the laity, priests, monks and people outside the Thai Ha Catholics. The prayers offered touched all hearts, all minds today. All deposits under the night sky as Hanoi.

    The first day of the calendar year, last year preparing for a Lunar New Year with more traditional worries chaos of life increasingly difficult social Vietnam where another price increase test, life is strictly Poverty as opposite eye of the storm. Also last year, pretty harsh cold of northern Vietnam on this occasion people have stooped in warm blankets, mattress and closed their house.

    However, there are people, priests, monks and lay people in mind to place his brothers and sisters in prison.

    Tonight, along with relatives of the young Catholics were arrested recently, the Thai Ha parish Mass, light candles to pray for those who are behind bars. These young men were arrested by the type of terrorism in recent years.

    After the Mass concelebrated by the Thai Ha priests to God the prayer for those who are imprisoned in the prison with cold weather today, all relatives of the victims, lay people, religious artists, Thai Ha Parish priests have candlelight communion together.

    Under cold weather to 8 degrees C in Hanoi today, the flickering candlelight uplifting all the faithful toward his brothers who had commitment, sacrifice for the lay community, the church in protecting the life and works of charity supporting people unhappy.

    Besides the wives, the mothers, and the brothers of the victim is the laity, priests, monks and people outside the Thai Ha Catholics. The prayers offered touched all hearts, all minds today. All deposits under the night sky as Hanoi.

    You pray for young Catholics, the faithful of my brethren be strong, firm overcome the difficulties in the way of commitment to community service, serving the Church and country. Despite the cold winter sun, although many troubled society and decadence, but certain after the rain, the sky will light.

    Hà Nội, ngày 6/12/2012

    Nguyen Huu Vinh J.B

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