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U.S. lawmakers criticized the poor human rights in Vietnam


Two congressman Ed Royce (center) and Loretta Sanchez (3rd left) during a press conference. And many other senior elected officials in both parties, these two congressmen sent a letter to the State Department requires more attention to the specific case that Vietnam's human rights violations of people.

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The U.S. government continues to have a more positive move concerns on human rights in worsened in Vietnam through a letter from U.S. senators sent to U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton with wanting Obama government to have more tough action against serious human rights violations by the communist government of Vietnam. At the same time, some U.S. Senators also ask direct U.S. Ambassador Mr. David Shear in Vietnam to focus on recent allegations of human rights monitoring organization (HRW) said that the members Vietnam government officials at the rehab facility was not appropriate to use the humanitarian assistance from the United States and International including large funds made under President Bush in preventing and treating for victims of HIV disease in Vietnam.

The report by Human Rights Watch based in New York alleging that the government of Vietnam has adopted measures of labor exploitation, coercion and violence against the inmates of the rehab facility above, these people instead inherits the service through the said humanitarian assistance. Letter of the United States Senate and requested the Ambassador to publicly speak to the authorities of Vietnam and ensure that U.S. aid officials in Vietnam will in any way clear and complete reports enough for all the forced labor with the United States Embassy and the Government of Vietnam. In Washington, professor Nguyen Ngoc Bich and Dr Nguyen Dinh Thang director of Boat People SOS and a member of the co-founder CAMSSA Union Organization, an organization of anti-trafficking activities in Taiwan effectively identified as follows: The Government of Vietnam had used the wrong amount of humanitarian aid the United States, and contrary to the international commitment to the rights recognized by the United Nations.

We hope that under increasing pressure from the U.S. government and international community, Vietnam's communist government will abide by and fully implement their commitments on human rights and the International Covenant on Civil Rights and the Studies that Vietnam has participated since 1982. Along with the opposition on a spread in the society of individuals, the Democratic Organisation, unions, union and all religions will create enough pressure, strong enough can Public pressure on the government of Vietnam to end all oppression, abuse and respect people's human rights thoroughly. The only option for the communist government now is to implement the democratic process of the country, meets all legal rights and legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam in the trend of Globalization Democracy in the world today.

U.S. lawmakers criticized the poor human rights in Vietnam
13 January 2012 Last updated at 08:59 GMT

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U.S. lawmakers critical of human rights in Vietnam

Update: 05:27 GMT - Friday, January 13, 2012

HRW's report criticized the rehabilitation center
 in Vietnam

Many members of the U.S. House calls upon the Obama government tougher before the alleged human rights violations in Vietnam.

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The Việtnam - U.S.

Foreign affairs committee chairman of the House, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congressman same year another four-page letter written to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

They want the U.S. State Department added more details on the annual human rights report about Vietnam forthcoming.

In a separate incident the same day 01.12, down four senators wrote a personal letter to U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam, David Shear.

'Insufficient progress'

Letter to Secretary Clinton said the government of Vietnam "and continues to punish and make silent to opposition voices" while still looking for strategic partnership agreement with U.S. and multilateral free trade (TPP).

The authors, including Senator Howard Berman, Christopher Smith, Zoe Lofgren, Edward Royce and Loretta Sanchez, accused VN officials continue to "monitor, systematically harassed and sometimes violent purge" with religious groups.

They said "the brutality of the police, such as the detention and torture to deaths of people while arrest, is a major problem in years."

They took the information that in 2011, "at least 21 people died while in police custody."

The letter condemning drug addicts were going re-education, the detention of accused "did not follow proper procedures does, nor the courts to monitor and lasts sometimes up to four years."

On the issue of minorities, including the Montagnards in the Central Highlands, the letter criticized last year's report the U.S. State Department is "spend more time talking about self-government is receiving care, the Supreme , rather than discuss the human rights violations. "

Six Representatives want Mrs. Clinton "report on the violations against the Hmong in the northwest province ... [and] the Khmer Krom".

Send to ambassador

On 01.12 the same day, four Representative - Zoe Lofgren, Frank Wolf, Loretta Sanchez, Gerry Connolly - it sent a letter to Ambassador David Shear in Vietnam.

Ambassador David Shear is offered publicly
 on rehab

The letter focused on a problem, a September 2011 report by Human Rights Watch (HRW), titled Detoxification Islands.

The report condemned the system of probation and forced labor in the rehabilitation centers in Vietnam.

Four U.S. Congressman said they were "concerned about the allegations."

They asked the U.S. ambassador "to focus the allegations in the HRW report", and ensure the U.S. aid officials tried their best to report on forced labor.

Letter reveals U.S. ambassador was "chatting with Vietnam, and officials urged the closure of the camp."

But four ambassadors to Congressman David Shear called "public" about the closure.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam has been called the HRW report was "unfounded, distorted the actual rehabilitation work in Vietnam with bad intentions."

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