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Prayer for thousands of victims who were killed in the Mau Than event 1968

         Thousands of victims at Hue was Vietnam's communist brutal massacre in 

                                              1968 event


             THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


Vietnam and fellow people living everywhere in the world still shocked when referring to the genocide of Pol Pot group who has claimed the lives of millions of people around the country Cambodia in decade 1975 to 1979. And probably not many people can not forget a brutal massacre of the Vietnam Communist group in the Lunar New Year in 1968 called "1968 event" after the communist government of Vietnam at that time was called "the Democratic Republic of Vietnam" carried invaded South Vietnam under the legal name called "Front for the Liberation of the South". After nearly a month occupation in Thua Thien Hue, communist provisional government was quickly established and a brutal massacre was carried out by communists claimed thousands of lives of people and officials Working under the Republic of Vietnam at that time. Refer to understand the "1968 incident":

Developments and brutal nature of the massacre in "event 1968" above causes people to feel different, and the nature of the cases seem to have a similar association that can recognize be, especially in international treatment trial of genocide by the United Nations in December 2011, Mr. Nuon Chea, a former leader Pol Pot in the old government still insisted allegations that Vietnam's communist government and operating behind the massacre of millions of Khmer people. He alleged that Vietnam soldiers have infiltrated the government position in the Hanoi Khmer and administer the Cambodians murdered and then blame the Pol Pot government performance.

Although the aforementioned charges also have to examine and consider the truthfulness of the matter is unclear how, but there is a problem that we can confirm that many Vietnamese officers infiltrated into key positions in the executive authorities of Cambodia, even in this time is true. Back to "event 1968 massacre," we spend a moment and memorial prayer for the people of our victims. Also strongly condemns all crimes, all of which constitute a brutal murder that the communist state government of Vietnam has made in the past, as in the current crackdown by the Religious such events nunciature Thai Ha in 2008, Tam Toa 2009 event, the event Dong Chiem 2010, Con Dau event in 2010, and the most recent event was use mines to attack the Catholic missionaries of Con Cuong Vinh diocese in 2011.


Memorial 5,000 victims killed in Hue in 1968

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Tưởng niệm 5.000 nạn nhân bị thảm sát tại Huế năm 1968     VRNs (01/31/2012) - Paris, France - Collective Vietnamese, victims of property will hold the memorial ceremony of 5000 victims of communist massacres in 1968 - Mau Than, in the heart of Paris, France.

Memorial to be held from 15:30 am to 18:30 hours on Sunday, 05.02.2012

before Notre Dame Cathedral - Notre Dame De Paris (Métro Cité or Maubert Mutualité, Bus 47).

According to the organizers said in a screening program materials, light candles and pray and the other items.



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