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Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 139 (15-01-2012)


Dear to You, Supporters, and semi-monthly magazine Readers Free Speech No. 139, issued on 15-01-2012, and editorials of the semi-monthly magazine. Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear fellow.
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               The unlawfulness - State
    Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 139 (15-01-2012)

            Nhan Dan newspaper issued on Saturday, 05-11-2011, Mrs. "Prof. Dr." Nguyen Thi Doan, Vice President, presented the nature of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as follows: "State is legitimate state socialism of the people, by the people and for the people, that inherits the essence of the democratic State of law in history and has, is developing a new height, different the nature and higher than ten thousand times more than bourgeois democracy. "
            Ms. Vice President to assert nature "law" of the "home country" to make people and the international belief that Vietnam is a country of law and Vietnam law is superior (than ten thousand times with the other capitalist exploitation that!). But human rights lawyer Tran Thanh Hiep had earlier warned: "To understand the contents of the word" law "can not be based only on its own means of two single word" legal "and" right "and make conclusions hurry and things - but very wrong - that the "law" means the right to the highest law. To put these words into the system of benchmark documents constituting the regime of the socialist parties, the new communist ideology reveal the true contents of it. If you do so you will see immediately that the "legal rights" does not denote kinds of laws that we know and accept - that is the law of the liberal democratic countries. Instead, it represents the first law of its own communist completely different to the extent not contrary to law communism "(Presentation at the Institute of Vietnamese Studies, Little Saigon, US, dated 8-5-2011)
            Consequently no wonder that recently, because noticed "some people have deliberately abusing democracy to cause trouble and division to adversely affect public order and social safety" by not "propaganda and education to understand the true democracy coupled with discipline "(also she said Doan), the rule of law that has made a dramatic move, and have to say that" logic "with the concept of" legal rights "of them! 27-11-2011 demonstrations in Hanoi light that says "Support the Prime Minister and Parliament legislated protest" was quickly picked up by police violently suppressed. Dozens of people were arrested down the street to the bus, later escorted the "center accommodation Loc Ha" ("Camp restoration of human dignity") in Dong Anh district, Hanoi. This is a disguised custody under the control of the capital police. Meanwhile, in Saigon, a famous rally-sister Bui Thi Minh Hang-just because holding banners saying "Oppose suppression Congress supporters protest the law," which has been an "ask health health "and then escorted to Hanoi. Then she was sent to Vinh Phuc province, was detained for a period of 24 months at an institution Thanh Ha (also a prison in disguise) by decision of the Hanoi People's Committee. It is play that coverd the dissidents of Vietnam Communist rule of law, according to a recent review of the Wall Street Journal (12-01-2012): "She is a constant concern in the case of coping strategies Hanoi for dissidents in the country. Instead of going through the usual process is show trial and appeal, Ms. Hang was convicted in a hasty rush through an administrative procedure often used for drug offenders or other criminal offenses. Although do not know the exact reason of the change of procedure, it is anticipated that Hanoi constant fear of her trial became a spectacle ... So she had been quietly Hang incarcerated in labor camps where family did not know ... What matters now is Hanoi will apply the form they were applied to Hang with other dissidents. The world needs to pay attention to covering attempt to conceal the violation of human rights of Hanoi. "
            Just as the name of "the rule of law"-style communism like that before, on 08-11-011, writers family Huynh Ngoc Tuan has suddenly been struck by dozens of CA's building all kinds of search warrant read, take away a lot of machinery and furniture. Reports that nearly 40 policemen of many kinds, in conjunction with officials of Quang Nam Info broke into the home, ransacked dismissive of allegations he and his two children and Vy Huynh Thuc Trong Hieu Huynh has "violated information ", although all three just presented the facts straight, a task necessary to protect the truth. Then, on Dec. 2, police stormed into the family of bloggers again to beat and plunder more money and machines, and then blatantly ridiculous issue decisions to sanction administrative violations 260 million VND
            Khang, a young Vietnamese musicians (whose real name is Vo Minh Tri) is the next victim of the rule of law there. On 23-12-2011, Tien Giang police had surrounded his house in Ward 8, the city of My Tho, Tien Giang, and ordered him to custody or where no one knows. This is because long ago he had composed many songs heavily ethnic homeland in the concern that social injustice and graphics so anxious before the invasion of alien China. In particular two articles "Where is my Vietnam?" And "Who are you?" (By his own performance on video clip) has more soul-stirring to people in and out of country.
            Starting in 2012, the rule of law to hand out a "gift to the people last year." At noon on 02-01-2012, Hoang Khuong journalists, a youth reporter, was got prosecution and detention on charges of alleged "bribe" by HCMC police. At the same time, his own home in Phu Nhuan also be searched and seized several documents relating to acts of harassment of the "friends of people on the streets." The arrested have been predicted in advance, as an act of HCMC police after the series against a strong negative of this fully fledged journalist. So beginning in 2012, police have set up achievements celebrate the Spring Welcome Party with prosecution victory detention pen against negative press hall of fame Vietnam. Since there it will no longer sure journalists would dare touch the police (the number one tool of the rule of law) and so the Police on forever assured that requires on bribe to highway, and the police will secure the recovery and protection for the party!
            A few days later, the morning of 5-1-2012, Vinh Quang Commune, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong, the district authorities have dispatched a convoy of about 100 people, including officials, police, soldiers, army Border Guard and representatives of functional departments, engaged in "coercive" withdraw than 50 ha of pond land that aquaculture, fruit of Mr. Doan Van Vuon, at the drain Roc, Vinh Quang. Forces 'coercion' (= forced oppression ") has met resistance from his family. A self-made landmines, improvement and 6 of shots made people of the state slightly injured. Crazy up, the  jurisdiction state has made the prestigious action by the way to level the house of the opposition, beaten women and children in the family, Mr. Vuon was imprisonment (arrested at the Procuracy to that city when he filed the complaint) with the brothers, and they quickly prosecuted on charges of "murder and anti-duty". But everyone knows " the talented of thisTien Lang land ", former person who has ever made "breakwater, reclamation, preventing storms, forest, open pond," no less than ancestor Nguyen Cong Tru, Tien Hai early time, reacted strongly just being put on the same path by the evil hands of bullies in particular is brothers of commune and district chairman Le Van Hien and Le Thanh Liem. In the name of "the rule of law" applied "strict law" (Le Van Hien replied press), they want to rob labor force and destructive life of these good farmers. Those who, like Professor Ha Van Thinh, have trust and hope they will be just got punishment "Destroying public property but why still be carefree? It turns out that no law, could do any thing they want, is it real costs of the society now? Why is so wicked but without being demoted, fired immediately? ". But the professor must have been disappointed.
            Like last time yesterday, on 13-01-2012, almost everyone was indignant at the court too light for homicide lieutenant colonel named Nguyen Van Ninh, who break the neck of innocent citizens Trinh Xuan Tung because he just did not wear helmets when on the phone. However, from this killer-front of the court, he still says did the right thing, and he never regretted that the victim's family to apologize. Even from the Judge and competent assistants, they all think that they are relaxed enforcement and protection of the laws of the state socialist rule of law!
            What is the rule of law (but only the dictatorship and communism are included) totally opposed to the rule of law state. According to lawyer Tran Thanh Hiep, the State is a state rule of law is born to fight tyranny, starting with the anti-theocracy, military power. It is the express desire of man to conquer the dignity, the power for people, victims of the gods, kings, nature, and fellow human, etc. ... It is the state of all the people in a country , and thus is regarded as the national state of the nation, not to own an individual, a flood of them, a religion, a class, a party, a group that ruling. It sets an upper and religious social order based on law and legal order; in the legal system of legal order, the rules are clear on the bottom level (constitution, laws, culture -laws, etc. ...) no one can arbitrarily overturn or remove. Therefore, the rule of law state Transparency division of power (legislative, executive and judiciary) and exercise these rights in accordance with discipline and control are strictly confidential to avoid misuse of power, ensuring that the " human rights ", as written or unwritten, is really respectful to people, people, have the opportunity to exercise his freedom, so that a pluralism of ideas, the organization. And as history has shown, state the rule of law so far as the state of liberal democracy.
            So please ask the communist rule of law respecting the legitimate law, protect democratic legitimacy, promote genuine justice is an illusion. Want these things done on the country of Vietnam, the only way is just wiped the regime has created a totalitarian state ruled by law, and non-party rule of law.

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