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There will be many cases similar to Doan Van Vuon in the future if .....

         The government officials should be punished severely for their abuse
         of power, repression and pillaging the land property of the people

               THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

The case of wrongful coercion land for family of Doan Van Vuon at Quang Vinh, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong be urgent where people now have the opportunity to warm up after a speech ambiguity of Mr. Do Trung Thoai, vice president of the People's Committee of Hai Phong city recently. What makes a top provincial official have dishonest attitude and his own self-contradictory when involved in trauma cases in the country above? following remarks irresponsible and slanderous nature of his people talk in the press briefing today that he says 17-01-2012 the 2 storey house of his family do not lie in the area were forced is destroyed by people burning and smashing it to say there is no involved work of authorities razed the house above.

The people of the country today have the opportunity to witness the deliberate cover up, and continue to strive to protect illegal land coercive acts of Tien Lang district government  from People's Committee of Hai Phong city in the speech of his own opposite Do Trung Thoai said recently as he has not yet to know who vandalized house of Mr. Vuon? Why a top official of the city government to take action inconsistent front and so? because of the irresponsible statements he faced opposition from a number of ministries and agencies concerned, from individuals in a number of former government officials including the opinion of former President Le Duc Anh, from criticism of the media and the press most of faced angry wave of people or have any other hidden side of Hai Phong city officials related to the above case?

In general, the leaders of the Communist Party and State Vietnam should quickly proceed to consider the case a fair way to return the legitimate rights and honor of the victims. To deal strictly with all government officials who have made mistakes in this case enforcement projects would be wrong can soothe and reassure the public. In particular government must stop the retaliation against himself Mr. Vuon and other victims through police detention for beating them in several days. In order to avoid the occurrence of more paragraphs Vuon similar in the future, governments at all levels must promptly and seriously draw lessons learned from this valuable. Respect for truth, respect for the law and respect the legitimate rights of the people is the only way and most effective government help regain faith in people. The regime wants to survive it is necessary to listen to the voice of the people, and fully respect all human rights which had been clearly stated in the state constitution and international law.


'There will be more paragraphs Vuon'?
Update: 14:44 GMT - Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bà Lê Hiền Đức
Ms. Le Duc Hien said many people have "white hands" and they will
 "rise up" if qualified

Citizens against corruption is an international award in Vietnam, told the BBC the action case against what she calls 'the land robbery' as Doan Van Vuon services will be even more if people understand and better educated.

Ms. Le Duc Hien, now 81, said she received 'a lot' claim on land, as well as pictures, video on enforcement cases bloody land.

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She told the BBC Monday 29/01/2012: "[The losing land] like Doan Van Vuon lot, but Mr. Vuon is an engineer, He qualified to be such a path.

"The farmers are too hard, much writhe , loss of land, home, your farm ... what they live by?"

"So now they have not qualified, but if they qualified as Mr. Vuon, would there are many more Doan Van Vuon not only a Doan Van Vuon.

Citizen who against corruption said she supported the action of Mr. Vuon and compare with the people intend to self-immolation to protest the land acquisition, the doing of Mr.Vuon is 'positive'.

"This is not against action but he was self-defense.

"As if the force to broke the house, but to protect the legitimate rights of the people I call this is just duty, and he Vuon against is wrong.

"But this is not to protect legitimate interests for the collective, the people that ... protect the interests of the word I used was 'robbed the land' rather than protection."


Ms. Duc said resolving delays in land claims is pushing people to step along the road:

"... Cold and wet like this that wander outside the park lawn. Living here, renting a home is approximately 15 m2, and seven-eight people in there are underground.

"So how they live to endure the inspection would suggest to the government to address.

"But ... it rocks it rocks up and down, it pushed it, pushed the other place.

"I called government inspectors [their] said This delivered the provinces'

"But I say that the 'guy' province 'guy' robbing the land, the 'guy' province 'guy' eat the land of people.

"Farmers are now empty-handed ... because people do not have the degree but also if there are qualified people will rise up."


The award-winning anti-corruption organization Transparency International - Transparency International - said:

"Sixty-three provinces in Vietnam, it is probably in my hand to go from 50 to 52 provinces and cities have people lose their land.

"Even in Bac Ninh province, 20 km from Hanoi, where people fear losing the field. People live by what? Living in the rice paddy, but now it's robbing rice of people, robbing people's land.

"There are government officials replied that citizens 'Now buy two plugs, boiler put in there and then go peddle ... Or buy a motorcycle for motorbike taxi driver.'

"People are living in the field, unable to bear the loss of land and I joked that people now live on rice land, now they lost land, they plant rice under the bed?"

Ông Đoàn Văn Vươn trên Truyền hình Hải Phòng
Ms. Duc said there may be many more cases like
 Doan Van Vuon

She also said she had brought up the case


 grave coercion land in Ward Duong Noi, Ha Dong district, 15 km from Hanoi.

"I shall lose sleep loss when I saw the grass-green rice paddies that the bulldozers come. Then the graveyard so many ancestors of the people there, talking about spirituality that is very depressing. It plowed lying around all over, police or even hundreds of soldiers standing on the shore, standing arms look. "

Ms. Le Duc Hien, told the BBC she has many photos showing people being "hit early bleeding, blood ear" when keep land.

"Farmers who losing ground to say they was hate, the hate to use here is just right," she said.

"Even people in my hand An Giang but also very much from this unit, it came to my people that if not addressed this trip we burn themselves right in Hoan Kiem Lake because of the now well nothing that should be ready to burn themselves alive.

"To force my heart to call him Minister of Public Security 'Brother, let hear your people, people will burn themselves in Hanoi, the country is nothing more."

" emotionless"

Citizens against corruption, said 81 of the application from which she has solved some far less than 10% while others have complaints over the lifetime president of various province and the number of complaints one could reach thousands.

She also said she saw a wild place to land clearance for two years while the people have no land of rice and she urged people to implant themselves in the land of their past.

The people of Vietnam, Ms. German said, willing to donate land for the construction of cemeteries, schools or roads, but more recent case of land revenue "is not the purpose of welfare of people" but "to divide each other" .

She told the BBC: "I have to take the An Giang province, but government inspectors were asked 'Do you relate to interests in An Giang not?'


"Then I say fun, 'Yes, is concerned, I would like to 2m, à only 1.8 m 1.5 m high for me, then I would just bury my 1.8 m is enough then.

"In my whole extended family eight lives in Hanoi. But I say to them to help them know that ' not only have related benefit just make voice, just join in?'

"Finally I said 'I'm not emotionless as you.'

"Then the Inspector General Tran Van Truyen said there is now the words for fun and fun is turn beach on"

Mrs. Duc said  60 years ago she joined the movement out and split barn Japanese food, land and made question for the "action of obtained land of people" today.

The famous anti-corruption in Vietnam also accused the leaders of Vietnam do not understand people's thinking.

"The senior sat in his office, in the office with walled [is] the guards,go by car, come back by car, do not knows that in market, how people like the police verbally.

"They told police as ' day robbers' as 'bandits'.

In the latest developments related to land disputes, a Bac Giang people are believed to have died after colliding with local police regarding land acquisition.

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