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Diocese of Vinh: The government attacked the My Loc Parish

Church of My Loc parish, Diocese of Vinh 


Church of My Loc parish, Diocese of Vinh  was one of those parishes have the same fate with the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi to constant government repression during the past days. The difference and seriously is the government  provoked divisive hatred between Catholics and non Catholics led to strike action in violence targeting people of the parish My Loc and culminating the use of stone throwing mob attacked and beaten severely wounding several parishioners for the past day 22-11-2011 while Father is away during the retreat. In addition, the government also mobilized a large number of police force members, in conjunction with police of Loc Ha District and in many other areas such as police of Thu Loc commune, police of Loc An commune use tools such as rakes hoeing, .... draw your focus in the area surrounded the church shouting, cursing and threatening parishioners. The most serious is insulting the Holy action of government  when using ropes to pull down a statue of Christ but did not sucess.

On the one hand the police use, combined with thugs and those who are not Catholic to attack  parishe My Loc. The government also used the guise of faithless, lies the loudspeaker claims that priest and parishioners plot of land appropriated by the state. This is an extremely dangerous job and the wicked of the authorities to want to cause division and hatred between Catholics and non-Catholics to serve the dark intentions and bad government. Vietnam's communist government increasingly deep in sin no escape. Nearer to the best excuse, cover up and outright lie, the consequences that Vietnam's communist government and will have to suffer and pay even more severely and multiply part.

It's time the Church should have a voice appropriate to prevent any violent attack is the government added insult for the Eucharist which stirs in the hearts of Catholics throughout the country. This has seriously offended the Christian faith and the right to violate the religious freedom of the people which had been stipulated in the Constitution, national legislation and international law. And through the serious has happened to the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi and parishes of the diocese of Vinh Loc My hope is that those who are indifferent to major challenges that the Catholic Church, Vietnam is face will be aware of the serious nature of problems that share the same communion with the suffering, the hardships which his fellow parishioners have been incurred. Keep lit candles in the hearts of all people to pray peace for the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, parishes My Loc Vinh diocese and the Catholic Church in Vietnam today. Pray for truth and justice will be respected in the country of Vietnam.


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GP Vinh: The government attacked the My Loc Parish
23/11/11 11:47 AM  GP Vinh: Nhà cầm quyền tấn công Giáo xứ Mỹ Lộc

Recently, not only in Thai Ha but in Diocese of Vinh, continuity of the events show the government is brutal to suppress their parishioners. Many cases are emerging communication system of this state of constant slander Diocese, talk to impose up to smearing the image parishioners, Catholics split with the rest of the community.

The cases as Cau Ram, Ngoc Long, Con Cuong to the blatant arrests dozens of young Catholics ... happened a long time, but unfortunately that feedback on the service that the crackdown has not been made known to all Catholics to communion with each other. On the contrary, sometimes even deliberately strangled phenomenon of information even within the Church.

This result is more and more places, the authorities increasingly blatant blatantly and more intense in the repression of religious and beat parishioners, destruction of church buildings.

Queen of Justice will turn transparency and the phenomenon has occurred in Vinh Diocese in the past.

My Loc Parish, the Catholic of Van Hanh, Vinh Diocese located at Binh Loc commune, Loc Ha District, Ha Tinh province these days has been in very difficult conditions was attacked with violence by the authorities to organize .

The government has created a campaign to destroy with violence, causing serious conflicts within the people, split between those who are not Catholic and Catholics by taking advantage of the irrigation ditches were dug for the plant hook, accompanying police and militia cut trees lay in the neighborhood of 3. Many families have suffered a lot of people and, but still trying to accept the good things.

However, blatant than the authorities had to dig ditches adjacent to the new rectory building foundation, people can not accept the deliberate should have prevented a week.

Wednesday morning, on 22/11/2011 while the priests to retreat, the government has given the group hooligans attacked Catholics in many ways, they were stoned, beaten parishioners and the result is approximately 7-8 wounded to emergency and many others injured, including one who remains comatose.

Despite the rain, but the government has mobilized the entire non-Catholic people in Binh Loc commune to break the Church, mobilized forces including police staff, in conjunction with police Loc Ha District and all members of the police in the neighboring commune Thu Loc, An Loc ... rake hoe to bring nature to irrigation, but in fact the parish enclosure, they were cursing, yelling, threatening and combined to may draw to draw the ditch behind the church. These people have blatantly used rope to tie to Christ statue pulled down, many people focus pulled down but did not success, they turned to throw the stone attacks on the faithful, prevented the faithful to come to Market at District ...

Meanwhile police blockade Loc Ha District, surrounded all the way to Land of My Loc backing to lay the beat, beat legal attack Catholic churches and places of worship place.

Consequently, many were attacked with stones, was seriously injured, was now in hospital in the presence of the authorities of Binh Loc and Loc Ha District.

Meanwhile, speakers of the commune are claims that priest and lay parish plotting land appropriated by the state. This is the guise that authorities have used in many areas to internal divisions among the people, especially between Catholics and pagans.

What a corrupt conspiracy that the government always used to slander, take a hat and convicted for the peaceful innocent people.

Last night 11/22/2011 Binh Loc authorities continue to suppress the family parishioners in the market and on the road Dec. 22, by inducing pagans threw rocks at the catholic families make they are very frightened and insecure. Especially those kiosks in the market of the Catholics  being crushed not to trade

This afternoon, when the priest is absent, Pet priest jurisdictions. Nguyen Van Vinh had a meeting with provincial police and other organizations to request termination of the attack and lay church of My Loc parish, Van Hanh.

The government has promised not to repeat this phenomenon, however, the promise of the Communist government remains to be seen.
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