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VIETNAM Communist government continue to SUPPRESS voices of patriotic people

                     cach mang hoa lai

            THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Out of religious persecution, the communist government continues to turn to harassment and intimidation of voices in the country. The ruling Communist Vietnam is now like wild animals can not change shape or anything anymore. Rather than wake up and recognize the wrong and its shortcomings, the party leaders and government frantically sought the increased repression against the peaceful voice of the people, regardless of its people public opinion and practical warning from the tragic consequences and bitter that they have seen after the Jasmine flower revolution in the Middle East, most recently was the rise due to a powerful thirst free and democratic people of Libya.

But to understand the implications of course suffered from the rule arbitrary and inhumane, but they have caused perhaps by too bogged down in muddy guilt and fear reprisals if they can come up with tomorrow This points to a Libya Vietnam Monday to the communist authorities of Vietnam is not only turned around after the suffering they have caused to people, to his fellow, whereas the ruling Communist apparatus also increased hostility by more aggressive opposition to all moderate voices in the country. It seems that the authoritarian leaders in the Politburo and central committee is trying to strive for the protection of corrupt government with the motto "Exits party - Exits us" all ears should have put out a warning device real people.

, A people's government was cursed, murmur, a dictatorship is slowly dying array that is what the patriotic Vietnam is witnessing. Signs recorded shows from the past days, there is a desperate confrontation between the government and people, between government and religion. Between authorities and upright with the officials, Party members, who each have a shared ideal of national liberation revolution. The former is always hoping for an image of Vietnam, independence and freedom and democracy. But after the robbery by the government of the true nature of the communists, the Party members who always exhorted each one of justice and truth may have revealed more than ever.

They cited the need to reason enjoyment, happiness and fortune to enjoy the sun gives to offset the hardship hardships date in the forest, in the war zone in the heart of the enemy and then ..... for days day long slide and immersed deep in the despicable desire and guilt. Corruption is rampant, people are hungry and lamenting. Ignore them! long as the bag of leaders with silver vibrate, children living in home wealth, wealthy car floor was enough. Who diffusion, need only put on them two words  "reactionary" and brought to justice is done you would not dare to speak again arbitrary. But they forgot one thing that this country, this Nation is not their own, not own family or their relatives, But it's the heart of hundreds of millions longing for justice, desire for self- free and democratic is the wrathful tsunami washed away all discrimination, all harassment, arrests or detention only to create a true national prosperity, peace, and bring rice  and warm clothes for all of us.


Police harassed the family writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan
Thanh Quang - RFA
Writers familie Ngoc Tuan Huynh in Tam Ky, Quang Nam, police harassment throughout yesterday (08/11), seized equipment and fixtures work.
Photo: Face Tram Tu
Writers families in Ngoc Tuan Huynh Tam Ky,
 Quang Nam, police harassment during the day
 11.8, seized machines

Confiscation of personal property

According to Huynh Ngoc Tuan, 10 years each in prison for fighting for freedom and democracy, he and two children and Huynh Thuc Vy Huynh Ngoc Hieu - two well-known writers and bloggers, asking to be subject to testing in the This latest crackdown.
Through discussions with  Thanh Quang, Huynh Ngoc Tuan said:
At 8 hours, about 200 police and 50 police stormed the very subject that they searched, the police closing in the first 50 lines, 50 police closing down the street, and behind my house is a small way they handle 50 more police, new strikes, people read a statement saying my articles is distributed across all on internet that against the party, against the cause of national unity, so they keep the confiscation of the means. They came into my house. My house is small but crowd of people have to go, then my sister is MsHuong to stop them, and says
"You should come in little. Who made the necessary only, You were crowd in house. I's people and people. At that time Hieu got home. Tuan agreed that my son took the camera out to shoot it, do not know how jerk that Hieu, between her hand and the police, I do not see the incident but I heard that they stop, they brushed a hand it fell out. Then to use mobile phones to the recording again.
Then there are two of my grandchildren is that Huynh Huynh Ngoc Le Phuong Thao and nearby, which is about 200 meters to run through, the new phone to take pictures, she's security of the province of Quang Nam, Nguyen Thi Thu Ba who prevented, not for them take pictures, then my sister objected, saying that "This is my home, I have the right to do that. If you do the right thing then he is not afraid of people shooting the story. " Argument then they finally let it capture two grandchildren.

Thanh Quang: As you just told, the police was read to the search warrant that you distributed across all on internet against the party, against the state, so he react?

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers: Then I told them all I say what the play of my personal opinion, it's true spirit of the Constitution Article 69, that is his right to free speech and freedom of thought. I do not do anything wrong-doings of my constitution as well as full compliance with the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights. And the work that he came to my house to confiscate vehicles that study, my work is the one thing that is unconstitutional and illegal, but that they did then of course they take.
They collected two gantry my desktop computer, a Canon laser printer, a tiny little speakers for music listening, a USB, three book.
Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers

Thanh Quang: What are your two children Huynh  thuc Vy and Huynh Trong Hieu - the blogger cause more attention on the network ?

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers: Vy, They forced to sign a confirmation about posts of Thuc Vy, and forced Hieu to confirm some of Hieu's article. Vy and Hieu confirm that, but she said that Vy "Lessons are all good content and not abusive. I object to this conclusion about abusive. "Then they remove all items. They collected two gantry my desktop computer, a Canon laser printer, a tiny little speakers for music listening, a USB, three book.
Thanh Quang: Yes. Thus the time they searched your house and make a record, such action within how long?

Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: Yes. It lasted until 10 o'clock noon, ie from 8 hours to 10 hours or 10 hours and a half.

Thanh Quang : In about 2 ½ hours that they are heavy-handed action, or how not rude, sir you?
Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: Yes. They eat much twaddle, the first is a friend Quang Thai, ie, he led police in Quang Nam for this examination. He said very indiscriminate. He speaks very very portable edge culture. My daughter said "You shut up. He said not to eat the edge portable, do not mix pride speaking. "
Thanh Quang: What, they asked you and relatives to police?

Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: Yes. This time they are not required. When they are numerous at 8 hours to 10 hours and a half they have no requests to the police station. They confiscated finished, they handed us the record, then they go on. After they go through the house my brother informed me to my friends for people to see things is from his house they cut the Internet. Inside my house, they also cut off the internet. I carry on my test machine is not. Home phone is damaged always, always cut.
Terrorism spirit

Thanh Quang: How is your family situation in the afternoon?
The writer's family was Huynh Ngoc Tuan
 CA home search. Photo: Facebook Meditate

Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: At 2 pm, I and  Hieu were in Tam Ky internet service, I covered raincoat closed meeting, I think no one saw . I was so in internet service, I just sent a letter to Dan Chim Viet by her, Mac Thi Hong tell your friends. There are very few written lines are sketchy, police stormed the multitude. Police then stormed numerous grandchildren Hieu exit this screen. Police stormed and  request to reopen that email. I object.
I said, "The legal regime has not played or the type of law of the jungle? Correspondence is what freedom is protected by law. The expression I opened his email for him as I do? I object. "
I got up to leave, they stopped, not to go. They say "You is not going anywhere, to stand here."
I said "You want to arrest me, then he should be allowed instead of, rather than orders. What this society, the legal regime is no longer needed you? "
He said: "I do not need to say much to him. I just stood there silent. "
I looked around, I saw two police cars closing the two ends, it's down to about 200 police more.
Thanh Quang: That was in front of the internet service?

Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: Yes. It was in the internet services in Phan Chau Trinh, Tam Ky. The people at the jam to one, three and four hundred people, traffic congestion.

Thanh Quang: What time is it at that time?

Writer Ngoc Tuan Huynh: In the afternoon, it is true that at two-thirty. Then they asked me follow to the police station to work.
I said "I have nothing to do with you. You want to kidnap me is up to you, but wants to get me lawful arrest let brought to me the order , I will follow you. "
They said "We did not arrest. We invite you to go. "
I said " if invite, I do not go. Go or not is right for me. I do not have anything to work with you. "

Thanh Quang: Yes. So then they release you or not?

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers: Then they will not let me go. They just stopped my car there.

Thanh Quang: You said that the presence of hundreds of people in that time they have any intervention?

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers
Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: At that time the people to be able to focus in six hundred. I cried, I said "I was Huynh Ngoc Tuan. The reason police Quang Nam today that terrorism is because I write my article on Dan Chim Viet. I talk about the weakness of Vietnam's communist regime for China to take Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, the cowardly attitude of the chips and sell the communist regime in Vietnam. And this is why it made me stop it. But that started me which command I agree, but not order, I start to disagree. So I ask people to help me stay. "
Then the people there who say "It is ridiculous! Arrest without a warrant is unreasonable. Not going anywhere. You just there. "
At that time, the two cars at each end filled with police. Police on the way down. Traffic congestion. They found that they could not escort me to be too crowded for the people. People who oppose us. The situation so that they begin to withdraw. But I know where they draw, but not far, I waited about 15 minutes and then I see them withdraw. The people they say: "Now all I worry about going for us it to us it caught him halfway there."


Thanh Quang: The last way  is  smooth? Or are you again ambushed by police?
Police stand outside the review within
 the next writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan Tuesday
 08/11. Photo courtesy of danlambao

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers: Then I run down to about 200 meters to the deserted road, the traffic police  hamlet to a row. Six police traffic struck. They told me the test papers. I opened the paper, put all sorts of paper by driving off, he said it was the car owned by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quang, is grandmother Huynh Trong Hieu, she's my family there. This is the motor bike of her, she understood it to go.
They said that this motor bike is not clear so ask us to the police station to deal with. I told him that I object to this. Driving license, identity card may, insurance, motor bike ownership paper, if you said no, let you keeps calling to Nui Thanh police to verify the number of vehicles, this person is right or not. Within five minutes they will make you, do not have to need to take me to the police station.
I said this scenario that you could not arrest me now turn back to arrest me again. Your making is so brazenly.
Stigma argument gathered people began to make more traffic congestion. Now there are about two to three hundred people and it's a narrow bridge. People gathered to the east so I was afraid to fall again. Then people protest. People say it fully documents why his arrest demanding? Wisdom of the soul so why did not caught the  big car?
Police found the people react so in the end, they just  agreed us to arrive home.

Thanh Quang: So then how is in the coming days whether your family can get stuck or are not responding to the victimization of the government?

Writers Huynh Ngoc Tuan: Yes. Certainly now, I do not fear because I was willing to talk to them, I'm willing to deal with them, wherever he was, in the streets or in the wild jungle also. But I worry about first is with  Huynh Thuc Vy and Huynh Trong Hieu. Certainly when the road is surrounded me afraid at all. Do not go out, come out as it started to block it.

Thanh Quang: do you have a comment about how the police action, a ruling of the government?

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers: They are bitter because of my articles online. They frustrated me about the participants signed numerous claims of prisoners of conscience released. And they are threatening my sister Huynh Thi Huong. They say "There's again Ms Huong. She also participated in the claim numerous sign it. I have not yet spoken to her then. "Then my sister mad up for it a short tune and then it's about. The second is the article by Huynh Thuc Vy are the people in foreign countries, they love her so much for making it (government) offensive. It bothered her beloved Thuc Vy. I know that is why they targeted terrorist Thuc Vy.

Thanh Quang: here you admitted on behalf of the family what you want to speak with foreign and domestic public opinion or not?

Huynh Ngoc Tuan Writers: First of all I would like to thank Radio Free Asia has given me the opportunity to present situations that are harassed, tortured, persecuted blatant, cruel by the communist authorities Vietnam's current products for my family. I ask them to pay back that means for my children to study, as well as the means to let me use. They returned in cash. I declare to them what is out of my map that I will never get back because I do not know what they put into it.
I hope that through Radio Free Asia struck the attention of the public, the protection of human rights organizations, the attention of the U.S. government, the attention of the European Union, to which help their My family, especially children Huynh Thuc Vy Huynh Trong Hieu, so that risks to prevent accidents or retaliation against two grandchildren. As for myself, I do not worry. I have absolutely no worries with me at all. I just hope the international community to help protect Huynh Thuc Vy and Huynh Trong Hieu.

Thanh Quang: Yes. Thank you.

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