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Hanoi: Priests, religious and laity street demonstrations demanding justice



Hooray courage and indomitable resilience of priests, monks and nuns of the Redemptorists and parishioners of Thai Ha parish in Hanoi. The refused to bow to the violent repression from the authorities of Hanoi Redemptorists and Thai Ha parish has really made people tingle our country, and for anyone who loves freedom, justice and peace. No action on the incentives of people, especially to fellow Catholics who traditionally communist government is still listed in the "anti-communist" have suffered persecution and discrimination a heavily over the last few decades.

The unlawful appropriation of property by lawful Catholic Church and other religions since seizing power was a stain of their history of Vietnam. However, to implement the intent to isolate and destroy the influence of religion on the people, the communist government of Vietnam has not given any dirty tricks, and humble opinion that despite criticism domestic and international long to achieve their evil wishes only. Employment today's priests and religious Redemptorist lay in mobilizing the streets demanding justice is a real job and properly should be expanded to all communities of the diocese where government has been appropriating property in a land without mercy. The main work on the real meaning has responded to the expectations of all the Catholic faithful worthily.

The country council, please feel the pain of loss, anguish we have suffered over the last few decades. Feel the human rights are trampled communist Vietnam and how people are treated so as to speak out for freedom, democracy and human rights. Even the display of patriotism for their proper opposition intentions to invade the homeland territory of the enemy's invasion of China was also the right to prevent, assault, arrest and detention. In fact, Vietnam's communist government on whose behalf? for whom? probably not to say everyone has thorough thoroughly, especially after being exposed for selling the notes of his Prime Minister Pham Van Dong in 1958, the Communist government of Vietnam has not even deserve to college the people, as well as no longer eligible to rule the country.

The same courage to stand up to reclaim the freedom of our democracy is an essential job today. Let the government start paying for their wrongdoing over the last few decades. The people of Vietnam heroism and tenacity to not accept the end of the first live, live in live in oppression and human rights trampled. Let's speak up for truth, for justice. Out with the acts of courage and defiance of the parish of Thai Ha parishioners, priests and monks Redemptorists of Thai Ha, Hanoi people let's unite to show the strength and desire freedom everyone's home. Gathers his people to the streets to show many large scale throughout the country require the Vietnam Communist authorities to respect human rights and enforce the law properly and fairly. Immediately stop all acts of violent repression of the government to the people, for all religions and beliefs. Refunded immediately and unconditionally lawful property of the people of the religion that the government had seized an illegally for more than a few decades.


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Hanoi: Priests, religious and laity street demonstrations demanding justice
11/18/11 1:25 AM  Hà Nội: Linh mục, tu sĩ và giáo dân xuống đường biểu tình đòi Công lý

These illegal actions, the immorality of the Hanoi government trampling the law, on human rights, religious freedom has added more heavy and intense.

Especially the freedom of religion seriously compromised. These days in the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi authorities have used the political system, propaganda to quell the spirit to struggle for Justice - Truth in Thai Ha in many ways tamponade, threatening, terrible father and a terrible conspiracy to attack the religious community here.

Especially the Redemptorist monastery that had been the state "borrowed" from the long drive to put into that infectious diseases, abusive, insulting the sacred places of the Holy Catholic Church, but has acted with violence when parishioners reclaim. Construction actions to eliminate traces of this monastery were conducted on the night of 17/11/2011 was as to the laity, monks, priests in this disgust.

Today, lay people, monks took to the streets demanding justice.

This is the first time, the priests, monks took to the streets demanding justice, truth.

Tu viện của Dòng Chúa Cứu thế hình thành từ năm 1928 đã bị "mượn".
                       The Monastery of the Saviour formed in 1928 has been "borrowed".
Phòng Thánh, nhà nguyện bị biến thành nơi ăn chơi, nhảy múa trụy lạc
Division St., where the chapel was turned into snacks, dancing debauchery

Queen of Justice updated images from the field demonstrations:

8:30: Hundreds of parishioners from the parishes in the area beneath Hanoi focused Ly Thai To statue ...

Vườn hoa Lý Thái Tổ

The priests, monks and lay people started the journey for justice for the Redemptorist monastery, parish of Thai Ha ...

Rop sky banners "Do not infringe upon the land and assets of religion," "borrow, they must pay", "Against the Hanoi Television slander, false talk about Thai Ha '...

Before The Next People's headquarters Hanoi People's Committee:

A number of priests in the reception room, the others holding banners demanding justice for the Redemptorist Monastery - Thai Ha parish marched around Hoan Kiem Lake, then people come together on the Hanoi Cathedral.

Queen of Justice

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