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Press Release of the Catholic Union Communications Vietnam speak on Thai Ha event



Representing the voice of Catholics around the world have called on Vietnam's communist government respects human rights and stop the repression and terrorism the wrong way for parishioners and the parish of Thai Ha . Propaganda  of the government of Vietnam in recent days is trying to slander and misrepresentation to the Thai Ha parish excuse for unscrupulous actions that the Hanoi government to want to use always appropriated assets Thai Ha parish of the government has borrowed over several decades. It is time the government needs to listen to the voice of the people and cease all acts of brazen trampling of human rights and a blatant way.

Vietnam's communist government can not cite any reason or anything about any of the constitution and laws of Vietnam to protect the lawful act of seizing private property of citizens. Those who have been pillaging the matter in any form is still  sophisticated robbery and had been let alone condemn the use of violence and human rights abuses on a flagrant as to what the situation rights have been doing for the laity and the Thai Ha parish today. The people of Vietnam but most are understanding and aware of the wrongdoings of the communist government of Vietnam but did not dare to speak out because everyone is afraid of affecting themselves and their families before the violent act and any observe the laws of Vietnam's communist government. But when pressed and suppressed for so long that they fear will be diminished instead of wrath is feared that the Vietnam government now should think.

The only way the right thing and the communist government of Vietnam has to choose the moment that is quick to accept the democratic process of the country. Adopting a holistic pluralism, diversity, respect for all fundamental legal rights of the people. Stop every provocation, violence, repression, arrests and detention of all moderate voices in the country. Especially terminated immediately and unconditionally all acts of confrontation unwise and reckless government to destroy all religion. The leaders of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam must know that the doctrine of atheistic communism and socialist polity was ended and at present did not exist in the heart of the people of Vietnam and with people who love peace, freedom and democracy around the world.


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Press Release of the Catholic Union Communications Vietnam
13/11/11 10:09 AM

We earnestly call your Congress, your government, Your Political Party of National Organisations Do Human Rights, Amnesty International, Your International Human Rights Committee, the organization is interested in to Freedom and Human Rights for Vietnam, with your World Communications Agency, accompany the struggle for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Vietnam.

Union Catholic Communications Vietnam   Thông cáo báo chí của Liên hiệp Truyền thông Công giáo Việt Nam

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Sydney November 10, 2011 - Union Catholic Communications Vietnam protest before the world community and severely condemned the communist government of Vietnam continue to use the system and hooligans by police authorities mobilized as a tool to suppress the will and forced for justice, peace, and truth of his faithful parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi.

At 14g45 November 3, 2011 with a team of about 100 people do not know where to rush into the courtyard of Thai Ha parish church held two hands cursing speaker monks, priests. They were thrust close to the priests, monks and lay people. John Luu Ngoc Quynh that people encounter this problem has been a team pushed and grabbed her neck aggression in the church yard. Deacon thrust Vinhson Vu Van Bang and Anthony Nguyen Van Tang also insulting and name calling. They were insulted and threatened many Catholics killed. This is the spontaneous group and no one stands out but is responsible for the adequate preparation of professional cameras, multiple cameras operational in-situ church. While the church has port table: Place site prohibit videographers Father Pham Xuan Loc should have responded. Then grab a group of people associated with incidents collar. The curse of the priests and lay people are the ones mouth smelled of alcohol. They like people who say aggressive blood curse and then used sledgehammers beating wings Thai Ha church gate. Mathematics who refused dialogue with the monks, priests. Parish had to pull the bell, church drummer. He faithful everywhere have flocked to large. After the brothers and sisters in the neighboring parish had to communion, then the other team was automatically withdrawn.

In recent days, following the terrorist Thai Ha parish, the Hanoi government continuously increased terrorist Thai Ha parishioners, dense, secret service, police, civil defense surrounded the church, monastery. The sophisticated electronic equipment to be mobilized around the church.

After the terrorist thugs are transparency, the Hanoi government decided last round of terrorist attacks against Thai Ha parish. The future of the parish of Thai Ha will happen to the blatant persecution of the communist government of Vietnam.
Indeed, the terrorist events of Thai Ha parish this time as well as terrorist events in 2008, also because the authorities Communist Vietnam wants to take over the land of Thai Ha parish. We know that, "property" and "public places" mentioned in the allegations of the State of Vietnam's land is actually part of the parish has been the Redemptorist father bought in 1928 for the construction of and the church. The line was inaugurated on 07.05.1929, and six years later the church was inaugurated in 1935. After the fall of the north, local authorities have gradually occupied the land and the parish line. Area of ​​the previous line of 61.455 square meters now only 2.700 square meters. The State of Vietnam always confirms the land is state property management. However, the authorities did not provide a legal justification for their actions due to take over all the land seizures occurred arbitrarily by local officials, and so is illegal solutions even for the laws of the government of Vietnam, something serious law violations of international conventions on private property.

Telecommunication Union, Vietnam strict Catholics condemned and denounced before international public opinion the terrorist act at the Thai Ha parish and ask the communist government of Vietnam:

1) Termination of the terrorist acts of Thai Ha parish.
2) Stop the persecution of the Catholic Church and other religions. Ensuring security for places of worship of all religions.
3) law-abiding strictly by the government of Vietnam issued and return all property seized by the Catholic Church of Vietnam and other religions.

4) Absolute respect for Human Rights and Religious Freedom under the Charter of the United Nations said.

The belief in God, we unite together in communion, sharing, and co-operating with the Thai Ha parish.

We earnestly call your Congress, your government, Your Political Party of National Organisations Do Human Rights, Amnesty International, Your International Human Rights Committee, the organization is interested in to Freedom and Human Rights for Vietnam, with your World Communications Agency, accompany the struggle for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Vietnam.

Monsignor Peter Nguyen Van Tai
Director of Radio VERITAS Asia
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Director of Catholic News Agency VietCatholic
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Lm. Joachim  Nguyen Duc Viet Chau
Chairman of the San People of God Resonance America
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LA 70053-5440, USA.

Lm. Anthony Nguyen Huu Quang
Chairman of the San People of God in Australia Moon
715 Sydney Rd. Brunswick Vic 3056

Lm. Stephen Bui Thuong Luu
Chairman of the European Nguyet San People of God
Magazine Catholique
Katholische Monatszeitschrift

Lm. Paul  Chu Van Chi
Vice President Vietcatholic Network, Sydney Australia
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