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The CERTIFIED MAIL of Hanoi Archbishop about legal rights of Thai Ha Redemptorist


                  THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


In the event to take over the assets of the nunciature, Thai Ha in previous years, Vietnam's communist government to find all the tricks and ways to promote Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet from the position of pastor Hanoi archdiocese and still see it as a trophy of their glory in the persecution of the Thai Ha parish and the illegal appropriation of private property of the nunciature in Hanoi. "To wind break bamboo shoot" and " go ahead by win" is to think of the current party leaders and the Hanoi government to use the old methods are to take over the property that the government's borrowing Thai Ha parish in decades past.

Events nunciature in past years ago made the leaders of Vietnam's communist government believes that their power was completely dominated by the Religion, or at least bring confusion or afraid to lay people and monks especially for new pastor Archbishop Peter Nguyen Van Nhon, a gentle elderly and can meet all the needs and demands of them. So after using thugs and henchmen powerful component of the government as some of people in other population groups, Veterans v. ... V. .. attack Thai Ha Church, threatening the community of priests and lay people, the government continued to use them under the guise of honest people burning before the occurrence and they sent a petition to the Archbishop Hanoi slander that the priest and the Thai Ha Church prevents a government to conduct humanitarian projects for people's rights.

In a petition sent to the Court the Archbishop, the status of the elderly population and the Veterans Affairs also asked the Ha Noi Archbishop reorganize the priest Thai Ha Church, a nasty job and that in the old authoritarian People's Committee of Hanoi City failed to proceed in the case nunciature. The government thought that this could manipulate and control all activities of the Catholic Church, especially after the concession of the Vatican in the diplomatic process with the Government of Vietnam should be confident that all recommendations and their requirements on the handling of priests Thai Ha Church as well as meet their requirements in conducting wastewater treatment project aims permanently to appropriate the land of the Redemptorist Monastery Thai Ha. But, truth and justice had won all the fear. The Hanoi government had to accept the humiliating defeat when they receiving a response from the eloquently Archbishop of Hanoi through the affirmation and respect the ownership of Thai Ha Redemptorist on the land 61.455 m2 area at 180 Nguyen Luong Bang, including facilities and land that the state agencies are using today.

Besides, the Archbishop of Hanoi also communion with Thai Ha parish and strongly protested the cultural insufficient behavior and no respect for the law of the group who entered the premises of churches and religious Institute of Thai Ha to harass and destroyed. Strong message, correct and timely issuance of the Archbishop made heart tingle all those who love freedom and justice. This is the desire of most people is not the Catholic diocese of Thai Ha, Hanoi but also the will of the whole Catholic people everywhere in the country and abroad. Those who love freedom, truth and justice, courage and strong to stand up for protection the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Protection Redemptorist monastery and Thai Ha Church. Request the communist Vietnam government to respect human rights and stop the religious persecution that the Hanoi government is imposed Redemptorist monastery and Thai Ha church in Hanoi.



The original letter in Vietnamese

The letter be translated into English

Archbishop of Hanoi
40 Hanoi city apartment
                          November 4, 2011

Dear Father Joseph Nguyen Van Phuong, Redemptorist
                     Thai Ha parish.

Dear Father Joseph and brothers and sisters and all the Thai Ha parish.

Bishop Phero Nguyen Van Nhon thank Father sent a letter dated
03-11-2011 to let him know about 14: 15pm at the same day "a problem
... about 100 people who rushed into the courtyard of Thai Ha parish church held speakers
hand cursing the priest, Fr. They clashed with the priests, religious and lay
people "(quoted letter.) Archbishop should be sent to your father and siblings
Thai Ha parish following sentiments:

1. Ha Noi archdiocese is claiming ownership and respect of
Redemptorist on 61.455m2 land of the monastery at 180 Nguyen luong Bang, Dong Da, Hanoi, including the land base and that the State agencies are using this area.

2. Hanoi archdiocese does not accept the lack of culture and behavior
  violations of the law of the group who entered the premises of churches and religious
Institute of Thai Ha with offensive words, aggression and violence.

Archdiocese of Hanoi has always united the prayer with the monastic state and parish
  galaxy to have words of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Alphongso intercession, please
God is merciful Father gave monasteries and parishes have peace, all rights
legitimate respect, the land property issue is resolved soon
in justice, truth and love.

In Christ,
Rev. Alphongso  Pham Hung

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