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The mainstream newspapers in the country attacked simultaneously post the Thai Ha parish and cheer for the wrongful act of a government Hanoi brazenly prove unfounded as people see more clearly the nature of evil far by the authorities to make use of every trick and for breach of trust and power to take over the illegal assets of the Thai Ha parish. Action on some nothing more than the actions of a thief who first tail robbery Wanderer special power, force to illegally appropriating what they want but typical events today as the government borrowed land Thai Ha parish of the original purpose is humanitarian projects when used in the construction of hospitals for the poor led to the Bishops, priests and Catholic diocese issued and approved on the hearts of not a little thing measured thinking.

The idea of ​​borrowing on the Hanoi government comes in heart care to the poor parish of Thai Ha did not think about the more damage the longer proved to be happy and agreed with the proposal is full of people Hanoi authorities but did not expect that the kindness of the dignitaries and the Catholic parish of Thai Ha have been group leader of the Hanoi government abuse, followed by a series of intentions and actions have been always made to take over the assets borrowed from Thai Ha Parish wrong way. Even after the protest because people use the wrong purposes when the hospital turned into a place Da depraved playboy, the Hanoi government to take steps other attempts to take over the parish's land without people to project to proceed by a different humanitarian projects in the covers is called "construction project waste water treatment system of Dong Da Hospital ...???".

However, the nature of evil and darkness purpose of the authorities in Hanoi aims always to appropriate private property the government has borrowed from Thai Ha parish could not hide forever. And this time, the true nature of the government leaders have revealed covered again without deciding to use power, his strength in a blatant pillaging of assets on the parish Despite domestic and international public opinion even violations of the government's Religious orders and the national constitution ......
What might have caused the Hanoi government to fall into such a state? Benefits from the appropriation of property on land or in addition to any other major goal was to make Ha Noi authorities have attempted to day and even reputation is trampling human rights and especially the more a robber in the eyes of the people? Actually the main purpose of the appropriation of land assets the Thai Ha parish was part of the plan assets seized thousands of facilities under the Catholic Church in Vietnam to narrow the scope of activities of the Church and limited to the minimum major impact of this ancient Church for Catholic lay people, a religion which has been considered a communist state ideology Religion offers "Anti-Communist" since the days of communist regime seized power and carried out a bloody campaign denounced called "land reform" since 1949 and extended in 1956 to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who were condemnation, including strong opposition from the Catholic Church of Vietnam through the rescue people to evacuate them to freedom in South Vietnam in 1954.

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Press attacks in the parish of Thai Ha
Thanh Quang, RFA reporter
Religious situation in the country continues not clear and the Thai Ha parish is probably one of the most accidents in the parish.

Photo courtesy of nuvuongcongly

Parishioners of Thai Ha streets requires the
 authorities to return Monastery today 27/10/2011

Who slandered anyone?
Amid single leaf that lay along the Thai Ha parish priests, the Redemptorist priest submitted to the People's Committee of Dong Da district last Thursday and asked to return Monastery, Lake Ba Gian still in a state of "sinking into the forgotten waste ", the day Tuesday, November 1 th, the state media began to" simultaneously attack Thai Ha parish "- said in the words of a Redemptorist priest; or" state media slanders but people do what anyone falsely accused "- said Nguyen Huu Vinh said JB, who was elected to represent teachers in contact with People's Committee of Dong Da district last.

The Redemptorist priest has told the government that sent the Thai Ha parish administrative citation related electronic board placed on the roof of the monastery in Thai Ha Church, and continue to invite Father Nguyen Van Phuong, to the local People's Committee to work on so-called "order and security". According to the Reverends was the only problem is that the electronic board erected Church to voice their aspirations only. The parish has sent official letters to the government presented clear and true. But they impose the terms of the decree on advertising and security. Then press the state began simultaneously attack Thai Ha parish.

Such as network Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper on Monday has article entitled "To impose administrative violations Reverend Thai Ha parish church," said external opening of fines - former newspaper office, "said Nguyen Van Phuong also have subject to additional sanctions as confiscation of material evidences. "

In fact the Thai Ha Church is doing what slander anyone, but their hopes are required to return the Redemptorist monastery that the authorities "borrowed" to the hospital, as well as request the return of Ho Ba Gian , that's all!

JB Nguyen Huu Vinh

According to the article, "a reason to take the land and prevent the construction of wastewater treatment plants, Dong Da Hospital, ... Thai Ha Church by Father Nguyen Van Phuong as the country has voluntarily installed on the roof of buildings 7-storey monastery houses an electronic board ... with content violations in the p, about 3, Article 7 of Decree 73 of the Government ... (is) 'write, disseminate, circulate internal document capacity to distort, lie, slander affecting the credibility of organizations and individuals. " VNA quoted the article said electronic board "does not permit advertising and advertising advantage to offend the honor of the organization benefits "....

Electronic board on the roof of the monastery
 in Thai Ha parish.Photo: JB Nguyen Huu Vinh

JB Nguyen Huu Vinh, Thai Ha parishioners who are appointed to represent exposure to Dong Da District People's Committee confirmed that the Thai Ha line has received a penalty decision of the People's Committee of Dong Da district, with fines of 1 million 500 thousand and to dismantle the electronic board within 10 days. JB Nguyen Huu Vinh reaction:
"But when we read that their content is based on a set up on 25 minutes about violating cultural sector is slanderous, affecting individuals and organizations. It's out there doing the Thai Ha Church Where slander anyone, but what their expectations are required to return the Redemptorist monastery that the authorities "on loan" to the hospital, and requested the return of Ho Ba Gian, that's all. There is no content what slander anyone. That's the truth about the will of the line and lay people.

And this requirement has been written in the application and send it. Then by this application is not answered, is not met, then the environmental electronic board to voice their wishes. No but slandering anyone, no prejudice to anyone's reputation. What about the reputation of being quite different. Each of his reputation or not, by the people it has been determined. Investors have a table that they discredit or disrepute. What they bring to the sanctioning decisions is because they have power in the hands that do every thing they want. "

Authorities perplexed
On the issue of unlicensed advertising and content "insulting the honor of organizing the benefit," said JB Nguyen Huu Vinh:

Electronic board to reclaim land lay
 monastery of the Thai Ha.Photo: JB Nguyen Huu Vinh

"The fact that the line has a written response to what it is right to have any billboards? Is the one ad promoting a product or any of their interests but here is a table over the laity and the Thai Ha priests ask their state return to their monastery, that's all. There is no advertising at all.

So I think the decision of the authorities is not true. Funny story with a table so that they are 2 times 2 times to have the meeting minutes on 2 different issues.

This demonstrates the government's embarrassment as well as the laws they act arbitrarily: Decree 75 on the issue of sanctioning violations of ordinances on advertising while 73 Decree sanctioning breaches of security . Only one day, the matter would be different! "

Tran Vu Hai LS based in Hanoi by the way speaking on the issue known as "advertising", according to his professional look:

"People say that advertising, in my opinion, it is not improbable. In the words on the board because he does not have text ads. And if they apply to the other terms do not specify. But if they only rely the ordinance is in my ad text that is not advertising. Under U.S. law, the ad is an ad for a certain service, possibly because of trade. Say na is a buy, sell, tien.vv. income. So I think there are not words to text ads. Do they apply decrees and ordinances related advertising is not accurate. "

On the authorities that said electronic board that says "write, disseminate, and distribute documents with contents distorting, fabricating slander affecting the prestige of organizations and individuals", JB Nguyen Huu Vinh stressed:

Panel requires the monastery of the Thai Ha parishioners origin. Photo: JB Nguyen Huu Vinh
"Where the Church is nothing written that disseminate? Just say the request of parishioners and monks. Nothing could be called that, it will not disseminate what documents contain slander, distort anything. whose content clearly true of the laity, the Church is asking the authorities to return Hanoi monastery of the Redemptorists that they "borrowed" as Dong Da Hospital, as well as the return of Ho Ba Gian the Thai Ha parish. It's very clear way. The do have something called slander and misrepresentation? "
Referring to the press about the state began "simultaneous attacks", JB Nguyen Huu Vinh said:
"The problem is all the talk in the U.S. state today, including TTX or other written notice of its report this problem, do not dare bring up the article content is falsely accused of Churches, the content is distort content to discredit organizations or individuals. While the article does not have dared to ask the full text of the laity, the Church is "required to return the Redemptorist Monastery lent to Dong Da Hospital, "and" Ho Ba Gian return. "

75 Decree on the issue of sanctioning violations of ordinances on advertising during the 73 decree sanctioning the violation of security. Only one day only, the matter is different!

JB Nguyen Huu Vinh
Also do not dare to report the source said there is the Monastery of the Redemptorists not? They just say here it is Dong Da Hospital, the only other, but they dared not speak to the source. They deny reality. That last is the falsely accused. Now they sharply mouth is "both breasts fill you mouth." State media slander people but do what anyone falsely accused? "

According to JB Nguyen Huu Vinh then lay still calm and follow the case, although the media focus for the state to destroy them. And Catholics still insist the return of the monastery, because - JB Nguyen Huu Vinh stressed - this is their Holy Land, where the Holy Spirit, be perverted into place, bringing the disease into the regular tens of thousands of faithful, why call upon the justice of speech.

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