Thứ Năm, 17 tháng 11, 2011

U.S. Assistant Secretary expressed frustration about the human rights situation in Vietnam

                      Interview with U.S. Assistant Secretary Mr. Michael Posner
                      Especially responsible for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor 
                      on the human rights situation worse in Vietnam today.


While the leaders on Human rights of the United States proved extremely disappointed with poor human rights situation in Vietnam after the Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue - United States which took place last week in Washington will continue to be witness the violation of human rights abuses on a gross and flagrant way the communist government of Vietnam, when using the power to appropriate property, land that in the old government has appropriated a blatantly illegal by form of "borrowing" more than 60 hectares of land legally owned by the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha, Hanoi. Although priests and religious men and women of the Redemptorist repeatedly proposed government peacefully, requesting the return of land and property in order to serve the legitimate purpose of worship and religious life of the parish, but in response to the goodwill that is defiantly blatant government by violence unlawful peak of the use is a serious mob attacked the parish of Thai Ha, priests, monks and threaten the lives of parishioners on last November 03, 2011..

Not only that, last night Vietnam's communist government continues to act contrary to law when handling hundreds of police, mobile police with professional dogs, thugs forces, civil defense forces and supporting tools aims to carry out construction on lands owned by the monastery and Thai Ha parish church where the parish government's robbery then make use of such clinics Dong Da humanitarian legal cover. The purpose of construction to proceed overnight to remove traces of the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha is a shameless act despite the law that the Hanoi government has to apply in 2008 when accounting dispose of the land area nunciature and transformed into the park only overnight.

The world today is probably only the communist government of Vietnam is the government most brazen and cheeky. Instead of relying on people to develop the country, government to take action appropriate property land homes of their own people. The law, national constitutions and international law seems to indicate that the piece of paper upside when the government is increasingly a flagrant abuse. Petitioners everywhere in the country. The government is increasingly worried about possible explosion of protest where people, especially after a series of Orange revolution, revolution Hoa Lai in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Communist government increasingly insecure and expressed more concern before the major impact of religion on the people that the former communists were washed and used religion as an effective tool against the government of the Republic of South Vietnam freedom.

It is time for people to choose for yourself a specific direction. Courage to stand up together against the cruel persecution of the communist government of Vietnam. unanimously voiced struggle for democratic freedoms and human rights for the homeland, if not continue to accept life bowed under oppression, persecution by the atheist Communist government, and even accepted risk of becoming a slave to the invaders of China in Beijing tomorrow when Vietnam became a district, a city or a small town in China. The painful experience of his father we have experienced for generations and remind us that: "Do not listen to what the Communists say, but let's look at what communists do."


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Thursday, November 17, 2011
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 Wednesday, November 16, 2011

U.S. Assistant Secretary expressed frustration about the human rights situation in Vietnam

 Ông Michael Posner cho biết Hoa Kỳ 'đã chứng kiến một số bước thụt lùi từ phía chính quyền Việt Nam'
Picture: Eva Nenicka
Mr. Michael Posner said the United States 'has seen a number of steps back from the Vietnam government'

Leading human rights official of the U.S. government expressed frustration about the human rights situation in Vietnam after the Vietnam human rights dialogue took place in Washington-America last week.

In an interview with VOA, the Vietnamese language on Tuesday (November 15, 2011), Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary in charge of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, said the United States "has seen a number of steps back from the Vietnam government, such as new laws to restrict journalists and bloggers criticized the actions of the state, the arrests of journalists, bloggers, the arrest of those who work positive and the political opponents. "

Mr. Posner said, adding that "there are many areas where the United States felt really disappointed that these events occurred in 12 months."

Mr. Michael Posner said in a meeting last week, U.S. delegation raised a number of individual cases, including cases of Father Nguyen Van Ly, blogger Dieu Cay, and lawyers Le Cong Dinh, and Vietnam asked the government to release these people because they were unjustly convicted. He also said the response from Vietnam to the case not very positive.

Mr. Michael Posner said the two sides discussed the tightening of relations strategy, but he thought that human rights issues have hindered the relationship.

Mr. Posner said, adding that he presented to the Vietnam having an independent judicial system, an internet network expansion will help Vietnam to become a trading partner, diplomatic, and better strategy.

According to Amnesty International, Vietnam has said the jail term for some ten characters dissidents and those who fight for democracy and human rights since the start of the crackdown on freedom of expression in October 2009.

Authorities in Hanoi have long said that Vietnam did not arrest or prosecute anybody for reasons of political or religious, but only punish those who violate the law.

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